OK, so now, What Do I DO with All These CFL Bulbs the Yamster Gave Me?

I would be curious as to how you got 8. I got one, and even that one I can not use as I had already converted all fixtures that I could. Now they have 3-way, dimmer and halogen friendly CFL's, which I have yet to find. (I saw maybe 1 halogen left hanging in a grocery store of all places, but it looked too big for any halogen fixtures I have). I am esp. interested in the dimmer ones as I have one fixture I could replace 3 bulbs in. Home Depot did not have them. Just a brochure that said they existed. And now all these bulbs can be found with the spiral shape inside a round bulb-like cover... looks a little more "normal". I have several of those. As to what to do with all those extras you were lucky enough to acquire, I would suggest donating them. Pick a place that maybe you can relate to. Has someone in your family been in a nursing home? Maybe a local facility of that nature could use them. Or maybe a senior housing complex. I am sure there are some folks who would be happy to lower their electric bills. A nursery school? Good luck with that!

1. where is dimmer switch on 68 VW bug?

loose floor or means twine on the battery or starter charge the hot battery it is accessible the ignition twine did not get attached the alternator/generator would have a foul voltage regulator......that would drain a battery Do the lights activate? if so, it truly is a foul ignition swap or blown fuse

2. How hard is it to install a light dimmer switch?

Buy the dimmer, read the instructions carefully and follow them. It's not rocket science

3. I have 2 outlets that are hooked up to a dimmer switch and i wanna switch them so they work with out dimmer?

1) Turn off the power at the fuse or circuit breaker. 2) Remove switch's cover plate. 3) Remove the dimmer. 4) Tie the two wires (that originally went to the switch) together and put a wire-nut on them. DO NOT FIDDLE WITH ANY OTHER WIRES! 5) Push this one joint into the box, so that it ai not pinched anywhere. 6) Install the blank cover plate that you bought before you started this project. (oopps) 7) Restore power.

4. 40 bulb chandelier wiring project - Does dimmer affect amps?

Since you would certainly never run all these bulbs at full power, consider using an autotransformer to step down the voltage. Because incandescent bulbs act like resistors when lit, the current will fall in proportion. Since watts = volts * amps, power will fall in proportion squared. Reducing the power would make the bulbs last much longer. The beauty of the autotransformer is it is very efficient at power conversion. i. e. squared. This quickly gets you inside the legal limits for circuits. For instance: suppose you use an autotransformer to step down 120V** to 100V. Current will drop in proportion, from 13. 7A to 11. Power will drop to 1140 watts, quite a drop! The autotransformer will fix it so you are drawing at 120V, and 1140W is only 9.5 amps. That's well within the 80% limit on a 15A circuit. Since the autotransformer is built-in and can not be overridden, you would only have to provision power for the 9. 5 amps. You could also use a variac, a variable autotransformer, for wide range dimming. You could limit the travel of the variac so it can not go to 100%. **Electrical power is actually 120V. "110" is a slang term for power, which reflects what the voltage was in the 1920s when mains power was first widely marketed to common citizens. They've given it a few bumps since then

5. What happens with voltage and current when we are changing the dimmer of fan?

You cannot use a dimmer switch on a fan motor, but you can find fan speed controllers. A regular dimmer switchsimply reduces the voltage. That works with lights, but will burn out a motor (and maybe burn down the house). Jan 11, 2002.

6. When you use a dimmer

You can for sure use the suggested verb to turn on -off... but note that this is a verb related with an interpretation to a on-off state no middle(discrete) values allowed... you can use that and for sure Andy will get what you mind :)But based on the context you could use better dim as verb..like Donna Summer and her song - Dim All the Lights :) and according to the FreeDictionary dim up is a valid verbthe opposite is Dim Down examples:Why do not you dim the lights down and put on some music?Let me dim down the lights and put on some music.

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