No Heater From My Van!!?

Only one thermostat in the van, but you may have installed a summer weight, instead of the winter weight one. Is the radiator full? Any kinks in your heater hoses? The clutch fan could be stuck, you are in a better position to judge that. Too bad you did not notice this problem in the summer. Next year, and in the future, you should check it earlier.

1. Electricity not 'rated' for small space heater?

Hi Cindy S, I am Blake from The Home Depot. I hope that I can shed some light on the situation. Hold on because it's going to get math'ey in here. These space heaters are designed to pull as much current as possible out of a standard 15A circuit, which is capable of a safe working load equal to 80% of its maximum output. A 15A circuit at 120V will break at 1800W draw; the safe working load is 1440W. Most "1500W" heaters actually pull 12A which at 120V = 1440W. These heaters are safe and conform to standards when they are the ONLY load on the circuit. So your landlord is correct in the sense that if the outlet you plug the heater into has any other outlets or devices (including lights) on it, you would be over the safe working load. Most wall air conditioners also require a dedicated 15A circuit, so you may be able to use the same plug that the air conditioner runs on when it is not in use (provided that it only has a single outlet so that the A/C and heater cannot be plugged in at the same time). It is important to remember that just because it works, does not mean that it is safe. I hope this helps Cindy! -BlakeTheDiyGuy

2. how to fix Holmes heater?

Holmes Heating

3. whats wrong with my car heater?

Before you change the heater core, you need to have somebody check out the controls. It is possible that they are not opening properly. My Escort had a similar problem when I decided to buy it, and it was fixed pretty quickly and easily by the dealer. Also check the hoses to the heater core, there could be a problem there. If the hoses are fine, and the controls are fine, you have a heater core problem. Note I assume the engine is getting to operating temperatyre. If the temperature gauge is not showing the engine warming up, you have a thermostat problem, not a heater problem.

4. 1996 Honda civic heater core?

Yes, and it will be a PITA. Try searching for a helms on Honda-Tech, Honda-Swap, etc. Free Registration and Adobe Reader are needed

5. Central ac/heater vs Wall heater/coolers?

You are probably talking about Mini-Split systems which have an outdoor unit connected to indoor units with copper tubing. Some small homes have PTAC units, which are package units similar to a window a/c without a window. Many hotels and apartments use them. In cold climates and especially with large homes (1500 sq. ft.) Forced air furnaces, or hot water boilers are almost a necessity. This is because heat pumps do not do well below 30 degrees, and large homes require too many small units to be practical. These units are quite efficient if new, or properly maintained, as most losses in a HVAC system are in leaking or improperly insulated duct work. Some studies have shown that duct losses are over 15% in areas where installations are not properly inspected. Ducts that are poorly insulated or sealed are huge energy eaters, and, very common.

6. is it cheaper to use electricty to have my wall heater on or to plug in a portable heater?

your wall heater should be more efficient than a plug in heater. The wall heater is most likely hooked to 240 volts which will use less energy to heat up a room than a plug in 120 volt heater. having insulated walls and attic and "newer" windows will keep the heat in. Check with your power company for windows or insulation, Most areas will pay for some of the work, depending on if your on low income or not. Good luck

7. Gas heater and no central heating?

Have you considered moving your bed into the living room just for the winter time? I know thats a little crazy but it will keep you so much more comfortable and perhaps an electric blanket will help too

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