Need Help with Main Line to a Water Heater?

Is it leaking from the connection?... If so try tightening it... If that does not work try replacing the teflon tape or you might need to replace the tube or fitting

1. Can I install a hot water heater myself?

Changing the hot water heater is not to hard, first make sure the power is off to the unit before you do anything. Turn the water off to the unit, drain it (open the bleeder valve) cut the pipes, put the new one in, solder the pipes back and fill the tank. You can also buy compression fittings if you are fearful of soldering the pipes back together. Please remember there is some weight which you handle and some unit are heavy

2. Finishing my basement - what type of heat should I put in? ?

Tapping into the water heater will by far be cheaper than the electric baseboards. Water heater is always heating the water. You might as well take advantage of it. Adding electric baseboards is simply adding to the electric usage.

3. How to fix a water heater in my house?

If its electric, the bottom element or thermostat is defective

4. How much does a tankless water heater cost?

Idk how much it costs. My hus said it would be wonderful to have, but we can not invest that kind of money now. He also said that once we had one installed, we would save lots of money for the rest of our lives. So Sam thinks you ought to do it if you can. :) TX Mom

5. Why is my electricity bill so high this month? Any ideas on how to lower it???

As far as your heat, turn it down a bit say 65 if you are going to be gone most of the day and then kick it up to 68 to 72 when your home, it takes a lot more energy to re-heat a space than to maintain a constant temp, when you let it cool, everything cools including the walls, furniture, floors etc and not just the air. Have you checked or replaced any furnace filters lately? Check your water heater temp...could be set to high and be sure it is insulated and has an insulation wrap on the outside as well. Are you having colder than normal temperatures? Do you need to heat the entire house...if not shut down areas you do not require until the weather warms up again. Since it all seems to have started suddenly, I would focus on whatever appliance heat or water heater you may be using differently.

6. What size water heater do I need?

Plumber is looking at it from different angle then the store. 40 is good for two of you but you need to get more capacity just in case every thing has to run all at once for convenient(also if you have guest and if all go for long showers one after the other), it must also fit in the space allocated, so be careful about what you buy, if you are buying and some one else is installing it. Think of the future usage also. Both are correct, you need to make your choice. If you have two bath rooms and take showers in each at same time then go for bigger. I went for quick recovery, but I am not sure you can buy that kind in electric heater. In your case if you can afford it then go for the biggest capacity, if it can fit in the allocated location, without additional plumbing or devouring other space. Bigger is batter but biggest is the best solution. *************** What is the driver? Was old one Ok as far as life style and the capacity? If it is a new condo go for the biggest that will fit with good, well insulated largest reserved water tank.

7. Removing Seized Anode Rod From Water Heater

You have certainly given it the effort to remove that stubborn anode rod. More intensive effort could very well damage the unit.With a water heater that sounds like it is over 20 years old it might make sense to simply replace it. You have gone to all the trouble to remove it from its hiding place now would be a good time to place a new one with higher efficiency ratings in place instead of the old one. Another thing to consider is that if the anode rod is that corroded there may well be other parts that are similarly corroded. There could even be corrosion pitting of the tank itself that may soon penetrate the tank and create a leak.

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