My Mountain Bike Has No Derailleurs?

If you want to go fast on the roads buy a road bike. Mountain bikes suck on the road they were not designed for that. Edit: Road bikes are very comfortable if you get the correct size frame and it is set up properly. Once to get to around 15 mph wind resistance slows you down more then anything else. Second choice would be a flat bar fitness bike. Everyone that gets a flat bar bike for speed finds out real fast that wind resistance prevents you from going any faster. Road bike handle bars allow you to sit straight up like a flat bar hybrid, use the hoods to reduce wind resistance and the drop bars give you another 2 mph for the same effort.

1. Hockey off ice drills for SPEED?

Wind sprints. stationary bicycle spinning

2. How To increase speed?

Speed is different than quickness. Speed is delivering a punch, quickness is not being there when your opponents punch gets to you. Either way for the most part quickness is a gift from God, either you are blessed with quick reflexes or you are not. You can condition yourself so that your legs are strong and it is possible to rely on leg work to keep you out of reach of your opponent, or give you the stamina to attack quickly and get in and out without taking too much punishment, but in spite of the best efforts of a work out plan, the best conditioning coach in the world cannot give you superior reflexes. Roy Jones Jr. is the perfect example of a fighter who built a hall of fame career on Speed and quickness. Roy in his prime was most likely the quickest fighter in the history of boxing. So fast in fact that he never really needed to "learn how to box", he just relied on his incredible reflexes and speed, and at his peak everyone he stepped into the ring with appeared to him to be moving in slow motion. As age took the edge off Roy's God given gifts, he slowed to the level of a normal professional fighter, and Tarver landed a text book left hook that instantly made boxing's pound for pound best into an ordinary fighter. Once it's gone, it's not coming back, and you can not learn such speed, it's something only a few are blessed with, and it is fleeting. Great question, if there was a way to truly increase hand speed and we knew it, we would be rich. As it is, you increase your hand/eye coordination with exercise and condition your body in the traditional manner to use the tools God has given you to the best of your ability. You can train for positioning and circumstance, that way your opponents chin will be where it's supposed to be when you throw your left hook, much like Tarver did, but I know of no real way safely increase your speed, what you have is what you have. You can train to learn technique, but it's all but impossible to significantly change your bodies reflexes. Always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself, so do the best you can with what you have.

3. God and the Speed of Light?

Uhh? How about this. According to Einstein, as you approach the speed of light the energy required becomes infinite, and time as we understand it ceases to exist within our reality. So the speed of light contains infinite energy, and light is a metaphor for God, then it follows that God is infinite, and exists beyond time, so He can exist at all places at all times.

4. Speed of air through valve

The valve will, if not to big, not let cold air in, but will let warm air out, which will be replenished by cold air from the bottom (I am assuming that the balloon is open at the bottom). If the valve would be very big, then cold air would also flow in through the valve, but I do not know how you could calculate this.For the flow rate you could use Bernoulli's principle: $$ p_1frac12






hov^2 $$ with $K$ a loss factor due to fittings, such as the valve. I am not entirely sure if you could use this formula, since the density, $

ho$, is not constant, which would also add buoyancy to the system. Or if this only affects the pressure difference at the valve: $Deltap=left(



ight)gh$, with $h$ the height of the balloon.However your question gets even more complicated since you would have to solve a partial differential equation, since the cold air from below will cool the air in the balloon and therefore change its density. However this will happen both due to convection and conduction (thermal radiation will be neglected).I think you will be better of to do some experiments, since this model will give you some insight into the physics involved, but you would have to make to much assumptions to be able to make an accurate calculation.

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