My Car's Headlights Won't Light Up!! HELP PLEASE?

significant lighting fixtures furniture which you have on each and every of the time - Dipped Headlights in case you turn the swap 0.5 way on indicator stalk, or knob, the 'Sidelights' will come on. those are meant for parking, to make the automobile visable, or for use at the same time as raining. --------------------------------------. .. "significant Beam" or "comprehensive Beam" is the place each and every of the lighting fixtures furniture are on. those are used whilst there is poor visability, yet you may turn the off whilst drawing near different autos, to verify you do no longer dazzle the driving force. --------------------------------------... front fog lighting fixtures furniture - Seperate swap - for use for the period of fog Rear fog lighting fixtures furniture - Seperate swap - for use for the period of fog --------------------------------------. .. it is going to variety from motor vehicle to motor vehicle, i am confident this is the superb suggestion, yet no assure

1. Are there fog statistics for San Francisco neighborhoods?

AJ above is correct; the Richmond and Sunset are usually socked in (with commensurate lower rents); closer to the ocean means more fog. Also, Twin Peaks can get foggy.

2. When a strange smelling fog...?

.The strange smell coming from your a/c vents is the stale mildewy moist air trapped in the evaporator coil under your dash inside your car. When you turn on the a/c the evaporator coil becomes cold and condenses the warm air in the a/c ducts and creates a fog that you see coming from the vents when the blower starts up. (like the fog coming from your breath on a cold day and if you ate garlick or did not brush your teeth the fog would also smell). Perhaps the drain at the evaporator plenum is blocked and allowing moisture to accumulate creating a breeding place for mold. This is a common problem with older cars aspecially if the a/c is run on recirculate all the time. If the smell is really bad bring the car to an a/c shop (get a quote first) and they can clean or unblock the vent and spray in a deodorizer. Good luck... Norm...

3. Heart sensitivity, brain fog, constipation, fatigue, weakness, and ringing in the ears.?

You smoke. You do not exercise. And you do not eat healthy. All your symtpoms are caused by your deplorable physical condition. And your deplorable physical condition had been cause by all your bad habits. Start exercising now. Everyday. Eat healthy. Do not go back to smoking. Get up early to exercise. Go to sleep early, too. Eventually you will develop more stamina and the fast heart rate will go away.

4. 4x4 mudding practical use fog lights vs. driving lights on trails?

I would go with the Hella 4000 Euro beam. I run 6 of them on my Baja chase truck and they work great. When mudding, you will need to stop every once in a while and wipe them off. Fog lights are ok, but they do not project far enough ahead. HID is the best way to go if you have the money.

5. my gfs car has fog on windshield that wont go away and smells like antifreeze bad when heat is on.?

Sounds like a heater core to me

6. How do I get started with fog type effects in a first person game?

One tip for choosing the color of your fog. Assuming you are using a skybox, make the fog color be the average color of your skybox on the horizon. If you do this, then as items slowly "fog out" as they become farther away, they will blend nicely into the skybox until they fade away. If you just set your fog color to white and the skybox is not white, you will end up with white silhouettes of objects, which looks wrong

7. What can I use instead of vanilla syrup in a London Fog?

You can make the vanilla syrup yourself - Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup 1 1/2 cups sugar 3/4 cup water 1/2 vanilla bean In a medium saucepan, combine sugar and water. Slice vanilla bean lengthwise and drop it into the saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring once the mixture comes to a simmer, until all sugar has been dissolved. Remove from heat and scrape vanilla seeds out of the vanilla bean and into the syrup. Cool completely, then store in the refrigerator to use as needed. If you do not have vanilla bean, just make a syrup using vanilla extract. If you are using vanilla extract do not add it until you are ready to remove the syrup from the heat, and try with about 3 tsp since one inch of vanilla bean is supposed to be equivalent to 1 tsp of vanilla extract.

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