Muffler Thoughts on 71 Chevy Truck?

I had a pair of Dynomax turbos on a truck and it was decent. You could keep it quiet if you were careful and did not get too deep into the gas. That was with a 350 though, do not know what the extra cubes will do to the sound.

1. can i put a cherry bomb extreme muffler in a 1985 toyota pick up?

Yes you can change the muffler on your Toyota truck. I would recommend going to a muffler shop for them to install the muffler for you though

2. difference between muffler and exhaust system?

This Site Might Help You. RE: difference between muffler and exhaust system? ok so im looking for a flowmaster for my durango so while i was looking i found that you could by a flow master 40 muffler for 87 bucks but then theres the flowmaster 40 exhaust system which costs 330 its alot more expensive what does it include that the muffler doesnt? thanks.

3. Muffler thoughts on 71 Chevy truck?

Get 2 Magna-Flow glass packs. They come in different diameters, different lengths, and are inexpensive. Put 2 on a 2013 Dodge Ram hemi 5.7 and they sound great. Great deep throaty sound but not to loud and minimum noise in cab. Good luck with your decision

4. can i take the muffler off my chevy silverado and add straight exhaust pipe to replace it.. will it be louder?

yes...and yes.......and no it wo not b legal

5. Does anyone know which muffler is best to get for a ford probe 16v 1995 2.0?

Problem is Ford Probe's are not worth investing money in. The DOHC 16V 2.0 I4 Neon is lighter and has more customizations available, if you have to go the 4-banger route (yuck, once you go V8 you never go back). Just get a cheap soda can muffler from Autozone and you will fit right in with the ricers. Glaspacks are cheap too, plenty loud.

6. Will welding a 4" N1 style muffler onto my 2001 Toyota Celica GT-S hurt my car in any way?

It's not legal to remove the catalytic converter. Not a good idea for street use, it's probably not going to pass smog test, because it changes the signal going to the O2 sensor. Its going to run more lean, and might produce a "Check Engine Light".

7. why muffler exploded on pontiac bonneville?

I had a 2001 Bonneville and that i had to get rid of it because when I replaced one element, different stuff occurred. It became fantastically a lot paid for, yet became falling aside. i ought to no longer have the funds for to proceed to interchange issues that would favor to be lasting a lengthy time period. a minimum of previous the 4 twelve months factor. Have your window vehicles gone undesirable yet? maximum individuals i comprehend who've one theirs did and so did the muffler

8. 5 yr old burnt by muffler?

As long as you certain an infection is not going to occur, I would ask the pharmacist to recommend a good over the counter ointment to minimize scaring. It does exist

9. Cherry Bomb Turbo Muffler on a Subaru?

i have a 94 ford probe SE and i put a charry bomb exuast on mine.It would pass inspection just aslong as you dont touch the o2 senser and the Catalytic converter.cherry bomb is known for its noise that wouldnt be a reson to fail inspection so enjoy it!.

10. How to spice up my 93 dodge Dakota?

had a 94 with 318 great truck cheap way to make louder drill hole in muffler do not drill in header pipe or tailpipe just in case you get stopped by cops and they send your car for a inspection as for paint chips color match as best you can do not spray paint on use a q-tip small brush

11. i have been told that glass packs and cherry bombs are the same thing but i have also been told that you get a

Glasspacks are a type of muffler, and Cherry Bombs are a brand name that distributes glasspack style mufflers. Cherry Bombs are built slightly different from a typical glasspack, and that may cause a slight (nearly unnoticeable) difference in the sound. The largest factors that can change the sound of your exhaust as far as glasspacks go are the length and the pipe diameter. I run 42" long ones on my 69 F100, and it has dual 2.5" pipes. It is nice and mellow until you hit the throttle. I also have a 12" one on my 2" single exhaust 4cyl Mustang. It has a tone that makes it sound reminiscent of an old WWII Jeep

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