Most Suitable and Tasty Ride Food?

I've become addicted to Tanka Bars as savory alternative to the usual round of sweet energy bars, etc. They are pemmican (Bison meat pounded with cranberries, salt and spices) made by the Lakota Sioux, and since my wife and I started getting them, our boxes of Builder Bars have been gathering dust. You can get them in mild and "Spicy Pepper Blend". They wo not give you a jolt of quick energy, but man, the protein really sticks with you and keeps you going! The one gotcha is they are only 70 calories apiece

1. Was my boyfriend being a jerk to me by not offering me his coat when he knew I was freezing?

Wow, some people answering this are real pieces of work.#1 - If you did not have a coat, I do not understand why you guys went for a midnight walk on the beach in the first place. Was it his idea? If he had the bright idea to walk on a cold beach, then he should have also had the bright idea to share his warmth with you. If not, then why did not you suggest walking someplace warmer (like back to your house)?#2 - Utter hint-picking-up fail on his part, which is not a crime, but is certainly irritating if you are (like me) the more sensitive type. People who must have everything spelled out for them tire me and embarrass me. Perhaps you are the same, in which case this type of non-hint-taking incident is probably a pretty big deal. Go with that feeling.#2b - In response to some of the respondents below: I am pretttttty over men saying that "men do not get hints." First of all, that's sexist. Second of all, it's not true. Third of all, it's code for "men prefer not to have to do any kind of social work if they do not have to, and so will avoid exercising any kind of emotional intelligence unless it's absolutely unavoidable" -- which is both sexist and lazy, the worst kind of combo disaster.On taking hints: Learn to take them. It's not hard. I feel that this extends beyond coat offerings and into other realms, as well -- when you ask me if you can walk me home, and I turn away while gathering my things and say "oh, please, I would not want to make you go out of your way," pick up that hint. I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO YOU ANY LONGER. I WANT TO WALK HOME UNBOTHERED. YOU ARE ANNOYING ME." This is what forthrightness looks like. Men do not want forthrightness. I do not like it, either -- it hurts feelings and makes me out to be the bad guy. So please, let us maintain the thin veneer of civility that we all possess. Let me speak gently to you. Let me preserve your dignity. Let me drop you a freaking hint.#3 - It seems like you are looking for the kind of man who will be sensitive, protective, caretaking, etc. toward you. This man is not that man. Which is fine -- he can be whatever kind of man he wants to be, and you can not get mad at him. You can dump him, though, and find a guy whose idea of a fun date is not him watching you suffer.#4 - Oh, come on, people. We can go on all we want about everyone being grown ups and needing to bring their own coats, but let's be realistic/honest about at least one thing here: in modern Western society, women are (in almost all weather except the extreme cold or sporting situations) expected to be wearing far fewer clothes than men. This is reinforced in so many situations -- from business dress codes (I've looked on with envy at many a male colleague in a three-piece wool suit while I shiver in my tights dress) to black tie events to nightclub door standards. It's also reinforced both literally (i.e. dress codes) and subtly/unspokenly/socially/whatever (i.e. by positive attention/favoritism from men). So if we are going out to dinner, and you expected me to place a premium on my beauty (i.e. by wearing something other than a Snuggie and Ugg boots), I expected you to place a premium on my comfort (i.e. by offering to go park the car when i am wearing stilettos so I do not have to walk as far, or by offering me your jacket when I am cold). That's the trade, bub, and if you do not like it, feel free to walk away and look for a better deal.#4b - Women undergo a lot of discomfort to suit men; it's just that our discomfort is buried discomfort -- you do not see it. It happens while we are getting ready before we leave the house, while we are tottering along in those heels you like so much (and so help me, if you lie and say you do not ), and while we are NOT eating the entire buffet because we are wearing this gorgeous, tight dress you can not wait to unzip. But God forbid we ask for one freaking jacket!

2. God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, does that trump every incorrect thought about Him anyway?

Yes, and yet....there is freewill. It is comforting to me, to know that God has all eternity to tweek and adjust to make everything come out just right. As long as He is, it will. Can you imagine what it must be like to experience every wave caressing the shore, every blossom responding to sunshine, to feel the love and admiration of those who are His? Sometimes I imagine He is weaving the threads of life into a grand tapestry that we may be privileged to gaze upon someday. Or as your name suggests Gods canvas. But then....His masterpiece is finished, its only His family that still needs work. How can anything we say or do make a difference? Down through the ages, what has God done without the participation of man? We are His favorite tool for just about everything.

3. How does weed being a plant make it harmless?

Pot is non-addictive and there has never been a single overdose. You might argue that someone was in a car accident that they would not have been if they had not been high. That may or may not be true. Purely speculative. You really should not drive or operate machinery while high on weed, but other than that it's one of the most harmless drugs known to man. Before you argue with me, smoke some. At least produce a peer-reviewed scientific paper that says that marijuana does what you say. You wo not find such a paper and you have no clue what you are talking about. You have no personal experience on the matter, nor any scientific knowledge.

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