Luminous Trees and Outdoor Lighting Schemes

Are you thinking about inviting some close friends and colleagues over for a dinner party or maybe a few drinks and barbecue on your patio? Having gone through the past winters icy grip, perhaps your front and back yards arent looking so hot. This is probably the best time to do a full overhaul of your homes exteriors.However, every great looking front lawn and patio takes a lot of careful and detailed planning. Its not just about laying out the finest type of grass, planting a few shrubs, or adding some new outdoor furniture. You have to add all the essential elements to create the perfect overall look that can reflect your personal style.For instance, choosing the right kind of trees can make or break the entire look of a landscape. When nighttime comes, for instance, they could just look like some ominous shadows in the peripherals of your home. Theres a great solution brewing that some might think to be strange a team of California biologists who engineered glowing plants are now working on glow-in-the-dark trees as House Logic online reports:Glow-in-the-dark trees are more than a glimmer now that a California biologist, Antony Evans, and his colleagues have inserted genes from bioluminescent bacteria into plants. Theyve found that the bioengineered flora grows and glows. Its the first step to growing glowing trees that can light streets and your front yard, and save energy.Backers loved the idea of glow-in-the-dark plants. Evans had hoped to raise $65,000 through a Kickstarter campaign. But the Kickstarters pledged over $484,000.What does this mean to homeowners who want to substitute a glowing tree or rosebush for their porch light? Nothing, yet. Trees take a long time to grow and to demonstrate which bioengineering techniques work and which fizzle. So dont expect a glowing elm anytime soon.But since this is still in development, what you can do is to install outdoor lighting fixtures. This will illuminate and highlight trees, plants, your patio, and the other features of your home, adding a dramatic and welcoming appeal to your exteriors. Aside from its aesthetic value, strategically positioned lighting can also deter burglars, serving as an added security feature.There are probably hundreds of landscape lighting companies all over the US but you just have to do some research over the Internet to know more about them and choose the one with the four Es in outdoor lighting: Experience, Expertise, Efficiency, and Elegance.Along the east coast, the most trusted is Vernon Daniel Associates. Our landscape lighting company takes pride in our outstanding service, as they know that enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends isnt something people take for granted


How do you hand Outdoor party lights on a Brick Wall?

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