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Anca Ramsden is a Sydney based clinical psychologist notable for dealing with children and adults with emotional, behavioural, social, learning and performance problems.

She has also been quoted for training psychologists and mental health professionals in Australia in Affect Regulation Therapy.

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Early influential books of three phase motor

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Professional development of three phase motor

Anca Ramsden was trained in Guy Berards Auditory Integration Training in 1999 by Rosalie Seymore, speech and language therapist. She integrated A.I.T., a form of sound therapy used to treat Auditory Processing Disorder, into her psychology and psychotherapy practice.

Anca received tuition in sensorimotor development concepts and interventions from colleagues who formed part of the multi disciplinary team in child mental health care centers.

In 1991 she worked in conjunction with Rita Edwards, occupational therapist and Sensory Integration therapist and was educated regarding paediatric sensorimotor development interventions.

In order to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the role of vision in psychotherapy she trained with Dr Elle MacDonald, psychologist, in sensorimotor and psychotherapy interventions in 1992. This was augmented by private tuition with Leonard Fine, behavioral optometrist, through education in behavioral vision training in 2005. Anca further developed these interventions as psychotherapy tools.

In 2008 Anca sought training from Petra Rubacek in applying sensorimotor development interventions based on the work of Peter Blythe and Sally Goddard in neurophysiological psychology, which enabled her to understand and incorporate early childhood movement development into a psychotherapy modality.

Anca currently runs her private practice in Sydney as a Full-time Clinical Psychologist (1993Present), counselling adults, children and families, and specializing in treating children with developmental, emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.


Influence of Jean Ayers of three phase motor

In 1987, Anca studied Jean Ayers' book, Sensory Integration and Learning Disorders, prescribed for occupational therapists. Jean Ayers describes the direct formative relationship between sensorimotor development ( for example, motor coordination) and cognitive development (language and abstract reasoning) and psycho-social development (self esteem and self-control).

Based on this foundation Anca gains new insight into child development psychological theory, describing the first seven years of the childs life as the sensorimotor phase. She understands the importance of the balance (vestibular) system in nervous system development and function.

Anca later utilized the concepts from Jean Ayers within her psychology practice, integrating techniques relating to the vestibular system.

In order to understand the way the sensorimotor phase impacts emotional and cognitive development in children, Anca studied research and theory of sensory systems for vision, hearing, balance and movement.


Further reading of three phase motor

Saul McLeod twitter icon published 2009, updated 2015

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Dr. C. George Boeree

Dagmar Pescitelli, An Analysis of Carl Rogers' Theory of Personality


Education of three phase motor

Anca got her Diploma in Teaching Higher Education from Stellenbosch University, South Africa in 1977, did her Psychology Honours in 1978 from University of Pretoria and completed a degree in MA Clinical Psychology 1979-1980 with her thesis titled, 'The effects of play therapy on the family system'.

Her formative influences, including the child development theories of Jean Piaget, Erik Erikson, John Bowlby, Karen Horney and family systems theories of Nathan Ackerman and others, furthered her understanding of developmental delays, attachment and psychodynamic growth processes, such as regressive behavior in play. Carl Rogers(5) humanistic approach formed the basis for her training in non directive play therapy.


Further influential books and works of three phase motor

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Career of three phase motor

At Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa, Anca started her career as an Intern Psychologist in 1980 working on assessments, management and treatment of patients in the Child & Family Unit. Training included family therapy, children's play therapy, developmental and psychometric assessments, working with the multi disciplinary team and using one way mirror observation.

Anca worked on the growth processes triggered by play therapy, including regression. For example, child speaking in baby voice, sitting on moms lap, then maturing and becoming more independent. The supervisor was Associate Professor Deon van Zyl. She then joined Strekfontien Psychiatric Hospital, Krugersdorp, South Africa as a Clinical Psychologist in 1981 with most of her work focusing on Management of Community Child Psychiatry Services.

From June 1986 March 1992 she worked at Lentegeur Psychiatric Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa as a Clinical Psychologist at the Child & Family Unit and Adult Outpatients in the areas of, clinical, psychometric and child developmental assessments, case presentations, staff supervision, psychotherapy, family counselling and play therapy. Through her experience within the multidisciplinary team and her work with occupational therapists, she gained insight into the correlation between psychological health and sensorimotor development.

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