Jon Boat and Trailer Price?

14 Foot Jon Boat Trailer

1. Is it legal to make your own boat trailer?

Yeah, nothing wrong with it, but there would be a lot of work. I would just buy a used one. Saves time and patience

2. Q.I bought a boat trailer and want to exchange it with the one my boats on without going to the lake any ideas

Depends on the size of the boat. If it is not very heavy you can tie the back to a tree and simply ease the trailer out from under it on the grass, then back your new one up to it and crank it up on it with a couple of people to help lift and push

3. How to determine why boat trailer lights are not working?

Do you have the vehicle running lights on ? On mine the trailer running lights only work if the vehicle lights are on. You may need to use a continuity tester to check that there is not a beak in the wiring.

4. boat trailer lights wont work?

The most common trailer towing problem is with the ground. Especially if brakes and running lights are both not working. Do not count on the hitch ball to provide a good ground even though in theory it should -- strip an inch of insulation off that white wire & wrap it around a bolt, make sure it's got a good connection to a rust-free unpainted part of the trailer. Get a test light or multimeter and test the socket on the vehicle before going any further.

5. I am having trouble with my boat trailer turn signal?

Sounds like either a short or crossed wire. Go over the wires with a wire tester and have someone apply the brakes and turn signal and see when you get power to which wires. That's really the only way to test electricity.

6. Do you think this boat and trailer are worth $250?

I dont know about the boat but that trailer is worth more

7. rewiring boat trailer w/ standard 4wire color code brown.white ,green, and yellow.?

Doug K has you covered.Trailer is wired wrong from the get go,rewire it properly.The brown wire will be common to both running lights

8. do i have to have license tags on a john boat trailer?

A license is required for any type of trailer used on any public road in any state. The trailer must have tail lights (running, brake, and turning)

9. what is the average weight of a 29 foot fiberglass boat and trailer and can I tow it with my Tahoe?

My boat is a 30 ft inboard with a ten foot six inch beam. Twin inboards and it weighs over 10000 lbs. My last boat was a 28 with twin inboards and it weighed 7500 lbs so I would think you will be in that range.

10. How can i get a boat and trailer transferred in my name in Texas after purchasing both in Iowa?

Trailer ownership and registration is handled at the local sub county courthouse -- same place you do car titles and tags. Boat is handled by Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife -- they also do motor ownership

11. I want to work on my boat with my friends. will all our weight damage the boat on the trailer?

Everything should be just fine if you have the full bunkers supporting the hull. The hull/chine thickness is 3/4" of reinforced fiberglass. A full tank of fuel with accessories weighs much more than 750 pounds. Most people have full bunkers to support their boats. I only use "E-Z Loader" trailers in the past. Since I no longer own towable boats I do not have to worry. I agree with Richard that a "Roller" style trailer could cause some minor damage to the gel coating though, but not the entire hull structure

12. How do I make a single axle boat trailer road legal?

Hi I also live in Michigan , and have single axle trailer. I also use to design camping trailers. I have never had any proplem getting my trailer licenced. I did have to have the trailer weighed and take a weight slip to the license branch. If your worried about the capicity of the trailer, as long as you do not exceed the wt rating on your tires you should be fine.

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