Is There a Point to Paying Off Collection Debts Since My Score Is Already Impacted?

Impacting your score does not get them any money, May slow you down from getting money/credit from others.Collection debt agency "Buy" your debt at a discount, If you owe $1,000 they 1st debt collector might pay $500 for it, The who gave you the loan/service gets $500. If the 1st Collector collects they make $500, If they don't they sell it to someone else for (say) $100, (They still attempt to collect the $1000), If they can't they sell it for $10 ... $5 ...If you have paid the debt and your report does not show it satisfied file a report with the credit reporting agency, with your documentation, they will require the Debt holder to update the status within 30? days. If they don't respond, the Credit reporting agency will mark it satisfied/closed

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Is being psychopathic just a collection of personality traits or a disorder, or both?

A2AYes, it is a specific collection of personality traits, as well as some underlying neurological differences to the norm. However, confusion arises when you start to examine the various definitions of psychopathy, favoured by various groups of research psychologists. These definitions are still being argued about, so anyone who states psychopathy is this or that is not being honest as to the lack of consensus about its definition.

Somewhat simplified: the less impulsive and hostile, and the more conscientious and self-disciplined someone with those personality traits is, the less probability there is that they will have disordered behaviours - just behaviours atypical to the norms of the majority, but which are normal for their innate psychopathic personality traits.So you can have a very functional psychopathic person, (maybe in the SAS or a lawyer), or a very disordered psychopathic one (probably in prison)


How often do fashion brands release collections yearly?

Basically, the fashion brand launches new products twice a year. S / S and F / W.Recently, however, we are launching new products more often. Because the design flows faster.ZARA replaced this with a new idea to make fast fashion growing. Replace the product in the shop or region. For example, they exchange products between California and Texas and display them. This has the effect of releasing new products.

Fast fashion brands are launching new product lines about once every two months. But this can not be said precisely because it is fluid. New products are released once a month in some seasons and sometimes only once in all seasons.

Some brands have their own designs, but they also offer designs from the manufacturing factories they deal with. So they can release new designs more often.This question is simple but not easy to answer. This is because it is different for each brand and the brand is also different depending on the season


What is a topical stamp collection?

A "topical" stamp collection for example, might show trains or locomotives on stamps. A "thematic" collection for example would be along the lines of "the development of railroads"...While "traditional" collecting (such as stamps from a particular country, or just a particular stamp even) is fine, I personally have a lot more fun with collecting stamps "topically"... One of my favorite collecting topics is, well... "me", so I collect stamps that depict places, people and events that I have been at. We all "illustrate" our lives with photographs, why not through stamps? In the monthly stamp club newsletter that I edit, I encourage our members to write "been there - done that" articles whereby they can talk about a place they've been to (or perhaps an event or met a person) that is illustrated on a stamp.


Would India be better off as a collection of princely states with independent administrations?

Since you say 'princely states' instead of 'sovereign nations', I'm thinking you're suggesting monarchies. Irrespective of whether it's dozens of sovereign nations or just one nation, monarchies are definitely not to be considered. The world has spent the last several centuries trying to get rid of them, and going back to them is one of the worst things that can happen to humanity.

Monarchies aside, it is not a good idea to have highly populated sovereign states very close to each other. The following link is to my answer to a question asking if some of the southern and western states of India should separate from the rest of the country, but it applies even to the case where all of the country is broken down into sovereign states:Sabarish Vadarevu's answer to Why shouldn't Gujarat, Maharashtra and the five southern states demand a separate nation, as they are more developed than the rest of India?


What would you do if the government charged you $100 tax every time you had sex (at the end of every month a sex tax auditor visits your home and makes the collection)?

Well, at the time of this writing, he'd have made 18 straight unnecessary trips, add if have no tax to pay. And yes, I'm married.My wife just didn't care at it, or about the the lack of it affects me. So it's been 18 months since our last tryst. And that was after a 1213 month wait!So I get some of the side, anonymously, in a secret place, a few times a month. I figure since my wife doesn't know about it, the government won't either.I'd be no worse off.Besides, this would never happen. People who do get sex on a regular basis would riot at the mere mention of a bill or executive order doing this. Everyone would claim zero sex this month, and only those newly pregnant couples would have to shell out the money. They'd literally have to put cameras in every room of everyone's house in order to catch people doing it


What can you tell about someone with a large book collection?

on the occasion you come across a rare intellect you should ask them what books they read.I have a knack for observing and profiling. There is obviously other factors besides the book collection that will need to observed to complete profile but on a basic and general standpoint only judging by the book collectionThey are either:Horder, intellect, collector, Introvert, hobbyist, and many other possibilities. to narrow this more you need to ask yourself the following questions:What genre are the books, boxes shelves or stacked in piles everywhere, fiction or nonfiction, organized or disorganized,How many is this collection, old or new books? etc etcThe question is too broad. Its like asking what can you tell about someone with a home? well is it a mansion, cardboard box, barn, or prison? We need more information other than the fact they have a home or they have a book collection in order to be able to tell anything about a person


Why do parking tickets go to collection if you do not pay?

Because you didn't pay them. Duh!It costs money to continually send reminders and demand letters, so after some time you must be assessed interest to avoid misuse of our tax payer dollars.This is one reason taxes increase. Individual irresponsibility. We gripe about taxes and then we take advantage of tax funded processes/programs. The money tax payers "save" or get "from the govt" is actually their own and others monies. So when a ticket goes unpaid it is you and your brother and your best friend and your parents as well as the struggling single mom you've never met footing that bill...not Trump...not your Mayor. There is no big building full of money from heaven. There is just debt on OUR tax dollars that grows everyday because of irresponsibility and greed!.


What is the current value of the oldest collection?

One of the oldest collections humanity has is held by the Vatican in Rome. Since there is no published inventory, one cannot gauge its (incalculable) worth. It contains examples of both the most heathen and deeply religious art imaginable. Just its document archives represent one of the most important historical assemblages on Earth.I was fortunate enough to escort my maternal grandmother through the, "Treasures of the Vatican", exhibit that toured America during the early 1980's. Since my grandmother's eyesight and hearing were failing, I would step up close to the title plaque and loudly read off the text for her.

In a little while, it became apparent that complete strangers were following around our tiny, three-person entourage because they enjoyed my narratives about the assorted pieces. The various examples of non-Catholic artifacts were stunning. The Vatican contains an embarrassment of riches which would put any of the kings in old Europe to complete shame.


Collection agency keeps reporting the same debt every month. Can they do this?

Do you mean they are reporting the same debt on their own books or are they reporting to a debtor that their debt is due every month?The first one - maybe.The second one - yes.Collection agencies can keep a 3rd party debt on their books as long as they want. Although factoring in location, debt amount and nature of the debt, anything over 6 months old is a recommended write off.

As a debtor (i.

e. someone who is claimed to have owed the debt) the collections can follow up an outstanding debt for as long as they like as per the Ts & Cs in the original lending agreement and/or the guidelines around debt collection in your country/state/city/etc.Collections agency keeps reporting the same debt every month. Can they do this?


What is an English collection name for restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc.?

There really isn't a collective name for the places you mentioned. The closest would be either "clubs" or just "restaurants."The problem is they are all distinctly different.

A restaurant is a place to get food.

A pub may offer food, but is primarily a place to drink.A nightclub offers drinks, usually entertainment of some sort, and is primarily a place to socialize.While they share certain attributes, they are different enough they can't be put into a "bucket" with the same collective name. Restaurants are restaurants, pubs are pubs, and nightclubs are nightclubs. At best I guess you could lump them all into "places to drink," except that label usually implies alcoholic beverages, and not all restaurants serve alcohol.Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. The above information should not be construed as legal advice. I am not qualified to dispense legal advice


Can you post something inspiring to study hard?

learning process always has made us inevitable for change. I'm here studying and learning for seeking the job, that job which can make the change and serve our society.The below image is my schools front entry gate, there is something written on the wall in bold come to learn, Go out to serve. When I was in school never ever had meant about these written lines, after had to spend 7 years in this school, when I had passed out. it is a lot than a great forever inspiration for me.It is an inspiration for me, not just to live a dignified life but to extend my compassion for society and have changed in society.

By changing nothing, nothing changes. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.Be the change, that wishes you to see the change


How can you get an honest valuation on a stamp collection?

You won't. Stamp collectors have been conned for years into believing that "catalog price" is the real stamp market - it isn't. Dealers normally sell single stamps or sets at 50% of Scott and remainder lots and bulk material at 20-25%. This is really full retail,Over the years, you build a nice collection and think you've gotten a good deal, then reality sets in when you try to sell. Dealers offering to buy either blow you off and don't contact you or offer you a lot price of 3-10% Scott with a "take it or leave it" attitude.I built a beautiful pre 1950 Germany specialized collection with many better stamps at less than retail (10-15% Scott) but the only offer I got was about 3% of catalog so I just donated the whole thing to the Germany Philatelic Society rather than let this guy rip me off

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