Is There a Mechanical Engineering Analogue to "Hello World"? (or: What's a Good Starter Project?)

The "Hello World" of manufacturing technology:Use a bandsaw (handheld or powered) to cut a square (between 40-100 mm a side) from a flat steel bar (10mm thick), support it on a workbench with a vise and use a straight file to make the roughly cut edges precisely smooth, flat and orthogonal. Try to give the square precise dimensions (to 0.1mm) at the same time. Use a machinist's rule, a square edge and a caliper to measure your progress.Time to completion: 30 min if you know what you 're doing and the workpiece isn't too crooked to begin with. Or, until your arms fall off from the filing, if you have an unsteady hand and don't know how to measure correctly.This exercise introduces to the students the fundamental concepts of manufacturing:

judging the efficacy of a manufacturing processbeing able to assess the quality of the product by measurement of dimensions, surface quality and geometrical tolerancesdevising the process for bringing the workpiece to conform to specifications

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Why do we write "Hello World" at the beginning of everything for testing purpose?

Welcome to the world of programming.when ever you write your first program it is a start like a baby is newly born. You feel the joy after you see the desired output on screen similar to the new born.And then you wish "Hello World" to your new world. Computer Programmer can learn all the life lessons which the world can teach him/her. Some of them are:A winner fails more times then a looser who never tries.nThere are times where you do not what to commit a mistake, but you end up making it.

n A lot depends on your environment.

nThere is always someone (compiler) searching for your smallest mistakes.n1000's of perfect stuff is never noticed, one mistake is pointed out.nTeam work is always better than the individual workn"Patience is a virtue", I never felt this sentence before like I did in programming contests. The first step towards losing everything in a contest is when you start rushing.nPractice makes the man perfect


Which dance songs are kid friendly (songs similar to Baby Shark by Pinkfong and Hello Anthem by Angelcreatives)?

Thanks for the A2A. There are three parts here. (I had barely even heard of Baby Shark until recently. In my head, I still the songs I sang when my children were super little.)Songs that you want to sing. Thats hard. Its what works for you, and what you can memorize. If you can sing it, kids can sing with you. Think about the repetition in the song, and how much it matters if you can change the order of the verses. If youre happy and you know it, clap your handsSongs that kids will dance do. Thats easy. Just play something and watch their little bodies move.Songs that you you want that you can create hand / body movements to. That really just takes a bit of thinking. Ive created actions that go with many songs - but it would really be only the actions in my classroom. Its just about consistency and key words. Thats what helps children learn them


Is there a rule in English that requires putting a comma before a direct address (e.g. "Hello, John...")? I often see many people not use a comma in e-mails after "hi" or "hello" like "Hi colleagues" or "Hello John". Is it a mistake?

Dear Anonymous:You are correct that a comma should separate the vocative from the rest of the sentence (the vocative indicates someone is being addressed). Many email writers write in a casual manner, but this is not where you should find your role models.Here's an answer I wrote to a similar question: Sarah Madden's answer to Is it proper to use a comma after writing "thank you"?The following sentences will demonstrate how a simple comma can transform the meaning into something not intended.

Boys, come to dinner. ("Boys" is in the vocative, and the sentence is a command, an imperative. The implied subject is "you.")Boys come to dinner. ("Boys" is the subject, and the sentence is a statement.)-Sarah M. 2/21/2018ORIGINAL QUESTION: "Is there a rule in English that requires putting a comma before a direct address (e.

g. 'Hello, John...')? I often see many people not use a comma in e-mails after 'hi' or 'hello' like 'Hi colleagues' or 'Hello John'f. Is it a mistake?


How do I get ideas out of the "Hello World!" and calculator phase? How do I get ideas on what to make?

Heh, I can relate. In fact, I went through a similar phase at about the same age.

I recommend you try doing algorithms. Complicated things. Start simple though.

Try doing the fibonnaci sequence, maybe all primes up to a thousand! If you need more puzzles, go to Project Euler.After you find yourself getting bored of these, look into making graphical stuff. Look into coding actual programs: I myself have been coding games.I cannot speak for other languages, but I've been working on c and I recommend you look into libraries like Libtcod. It basically allows you to make games or programs in ASCII graphics. If you desire something more pretty look up libraries like SFML, which give you enough freedom to make basically anything.By this point, I believe you should already know more than enough to figure out what to do for yourself, but keep in mind: these are just suggestions. Maybe you don't want to figure out how to make games, in which case I recommend you look up libraries for making GUI's for example.


In America, do the men in your family kiss when saying hello and goodbye?

Men kissing each other as a greeting or goodbye is jut not part of our culture. Americans as a whole are culturally a lot less touchy than other cultures. In other cultures its normal for men to kiss on the cheek, to try and do that here could end in a very awkward situation, to say the least. In the middle east it is normal for heterosexual men to walk down the street holding hands while talking and even kissing on the lips when saying goodbye. Here are some pictures of our ex president George W Bush, whom no one would consider effeminate during a meeting the the king of Saudi Arabia:Seeing any man in the US behaving in such a manner, we would automatically assume they were homosexuals. I dont think anyone would ever call George W Bush gay at all. But in the middle east no one would bat an eyelash at two men walking and holding hands or kissing on the lips when departing. Its just part of their culture. This behavior between two straight men would be considered socially awkward and unacceptable here in the US


What is the definition of the word "hello"?

This is actually a kinda cool topic. One way to look at this is that "Hello" is one of the few words in English that lacks a definition. The definition of a word is the same as it's meaning, that is, it is defined by what I'm trying to communicate to another person. However, not everything in English is intended to communicate per se.

When I say "Hello" to my friend, I'm not communicating any idea to my friend. If I were to say "You look great" in the same context, I'd be communicating the idea that my friend looks great on that particular occasion, but when I simply say "Hello", I'm not trying to communicate any idea to my friend - I'm simply acknowledging my friend's presence, so my friend knows that I knows that they're there.However, you could say going off of that last statement that "hello" actually does have a meaning - "I see you" (insert pointless reference to James Cameron's Avatar here).


Is it possible for a third year student to develop a "Hello World operating system"?

An OS actually does not need to do very much at all, so yes. Early personal computer operating systems were even simpler than DOS, and ran in a few KB of RAM, sometimes as extensions to similarly small BIOS-like firmware in ROM.n nThey did not support multi-tasking or complex disk formats, and they had very primitive graphics capability (if any). Generally they provided the means to load a program from a floppy disk, and such programs, if you were lucky, might include a file management utility, a text editor, and so on.n nAs for the firmware, often that included a BASIC interpreter, with disk-handling extensions thereto provided by extra code loaded into RAM. There were plenty of languages besides BASIC, such as UCSD Pascal, and of course assembler.

n nIn the 1980s I wrote parts of a primitive OS, it wasn't hard in principle, it was just that the tools were themselves primitive, but today they are not, so you could rattle off a simple OS quite quickly today with modern tools


You walk into a public restroom, and someone in a stall yells out "Hello? Who's there?" What would you do?

i'd initially ignore them. and if they kept on, i would shout back "sorry, but can you not shout in here please."i once had what i think were two teenage girls kick the door to my stall really hard as i was in the toilet, as a prank, and i shouted out "what the " and I pulled my jeans back on, and tried to go after whoever had done it, but they had already cleared off. but someone else told me they saw too teenage girls do it, and run off.

or where someone tries to open the door when it's obviously locked, and i'm in there, I will say "THE DOOR IS LOCKED, AND THAT IS BECAUSE SOMEONE IS IN HERE. CAN YOU PLEASE BE PATIENT AND STOP MESSING WITH THE DOOR"ing idiots. mind you, i once opened a door on some older woman, and immediately shut it and said sorry, but that's because the silly old bat didn't lock the door.


Why is hello world the first program in a programming language?

When writing your first program with a new language / platform you want to do two things.a) establish that you have successfully compiled and executed itb) establish that you can get your program to do something (make contact with the outside world)a) is something you need to do before you can even start programming in a new language / environment. If you can do b) you can start to send diagnostic messages back to yourself about how the rest of the program is doing, which will help with debugging everything else.

The simplest program that can fulfil both requirements is the simplest one that produces some kind of recognizable visible output. In 99.9% of systems that means printing a text string either to the screen or printout. And "hello world" is the convention. (I tend to use the variation "Hello Teenage America".

)One exception which proves the rule is on the Arduino, where the first program is "blink" : a program that regularly flashes an LED on and off. It fulfils the criteria of the simplest program to produce a recognizable output


What does this Greek expression mean, "Say hello to the plane tree"?

There are two versions. One is based on one plane tree outside a horrible prison, in Athens, 18th century. Prisoners who know who was going to be released, used this phrase to the soon free man, to express their jealousy and fondness of his freedom, since he would be able to see this tree OUTSIDE the prison. The other version is based on the fact that almost ALL villages in Greece, in the center of the village, have a plane tree under which villagers used to spend their spare time (in fact most villages today have these same plane trees). So villagers from the same village when they migrated to other countries, used to say to each other this phrase meaning I hope you will be able to see our village again. Usually this did not happen so the other meaning was that of something that will never happen regardless how much one wants. This LAST meaning, that something nice will not happen ever, is the one, most used today.

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