Is There a Fast Tractor That Is Powerful Enough to Go on a Hill?

Sorry, no. There is not a lawn tractor that will do what you want. Many of them have the power capability to go up a 35 degree hill, which is a 70 percent slope, but about the only machines that have the traction for that much slope are track mounted machines such as bulldozers excavators, or chained up log skidders-not lawn mowers

1. How do I get a tractor trailer driving job with little experiance in the Syracuse area?

Try FedEX Freight they will train you, but you need Hazmat, and Air Breaks so get those first before you go to fill out an application

2. Have a Case JX1095C Tractor - 82 code & no power to MFD switch?

Well I am certified in most New Holland tractors which is basically the same exact tractors except color and a few options, and I can tell you this, a wiring schematic will not help you, in fact it would most likely just confuse you even more than you already are, I've been to school on these things and I do not even like looking at them, plus CNH (Case New Holland) does not put there service manuals on line, there for dealer eyes only, you can buy one from a dealer but there around $800 bucks for that model. your best and cheapest bet would be call the dealer and have them send out a service tech, which will plug in an electronic service tool and find the fault in your electronic system. let the smoke out of your ECM and shot yourself in the foot.

3. lawn tractor won't start, battery is not old?

Most mower batteries do not last because they are corroded at the terminals, left in the mower out all winter, and wo not hold a charge suitable to crank the motor. Get a new one. Next fall, store the battery in a warmer location off of the floor

4. Where can you buy old tractor tires in El Paso, Texas?

Have you tried the yellow pages under farm equipment?

5. I have a question about my craftsman lawn tractor.?

Check the switch under the seat that controls your safety..if you get off with it in gear, or the mower engaged it will kill the engine. maybe its bad or got unplugged

6. What's the smallest general-use tractor I can get?

The problem is, there are infinitely many jobs that a tractor can fill, if you look creatively at how to use that tractor. A small tractor can do some of those jobs. At some point, you will find that only a larger tractor can solve some more complex job. Of course, a larger tractor will take up more space to store. It will maneuver less easily in tight spaces. A heavier tractor may compact your soil more in your lawn. There are always tradeoffs to make. It depends on what you are looking for. Large manufacturers of tractors, Kubota, for example, or John Deere, offer a huge line of tractors at all levels of size. Both of these standard lines of tractors offer many good choices. The more money that you spend, the more capability achieved. For example, I can move stone and gravel with the bucket on my tractor, but only a few cubic feet of it at a time. Over the last few years, I've moved about 30 yards of stone and gravel. However, there is one rock I want to move, but it is about 200 pounds too heavy to budge. The hydraulics on my tractor simply wo not lift it, but a tractor with the capability to move that rock simply wo not fit behind my car into the back of my garage.As an alternative to the great tractors offered by the mainstream vendors, consider something somewhat less conventional. There are small tractors that can agilely fulfill many purposes, capable of mowing a lawn of any size, yet move dirt, gravel, large stone, dig a ditch, run a trench, move a boat trailer around, pick up a pallet, grind out a stump, pick up a pile of brush with a grapple, etc. , and do all of these things with only a few seconds in between tasks.First, I will point out Ventrac. These tractors are small enough to mow a lawn, but they offer something that can mow your lawn, but in about a minute's time can swap the mower deck for a bucket that can move dirt, stone mulch, etc.Similar to Ventrac, there are Steiner tractors, another interesting, very capable line of small tractors for the homewoner. Next, you might look at Powertrac. Powertrac is even more capable in some respects, with dozens of implements you can attach in a matter of seconds. Look here for some examples of a PT in action.And, there are even relatively small walk behind (two wheel) tractors. Take a look at BCS. A very neat line of tractors are the various Magnatrac models. For the grown up kid who wants to move some serious dirt, this is the trick

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