Is the Cato Classic Living Quarters Horse Trailer Built to Last?

Most horse trailers do not last when you put them in the water. Try posting the question in a different section...somewhere besides boats/boating

1. Where should I look to learn about and buy a new horse trailer?

Many times you can check on Ebay for good deals, they also have some new trailers as well as used. Also, if you have a name brand in mind, like feather weight, you could try adding a www. before the name and . com after the name . Google is always a good option, but its easier to figure out what sort of trailer you are looking for before dong any searches. For example do you want a bumper pull or a goose neck, how many horses do you intend on hauling? what general distance will you be hauling them? What do you plan on doing with your horses? If your trail riding you might want a sleeping compartment, if showing you might want a tack compartment only.Also you need to consider the type of loading you or your horse prefers, slant, in line or straight. the type of door is also a consideration, side opening or ramp. I trail ride but i do not travel to far so i use a nice heavy made stock trailer with one wide door that opens to the side.Its a tall stock trailer so its comfy for my horses and there is plenty of space for tieing them or storing tack.

2. how old you were you when you learned to pull a horse trailer? is 16 to young?

When I was 16, I pulled my trailer on my own, but I also learned to drive pulling a trailer. I think it depends on the person maturity level, more than there actual age. I have a nephew that by the time he was 12, he could back a gooseneck stock trailer better than his father could. SO needless to say when he was 16, they did not have a problem with him pulling the trailer where ever he wanted to go

3. Fixing up a horse trailer?

You might want to be sure that big'ol horse is going to fit on just one side. Those type of trailers are not very long. We used to have one similar to the photo you posted. He may need to stand at an angle in it to be comfortable and not all squished up. Which will lead to rub places on him, and might cause him to not want to load. Most trailers like that have the tack storage under the feed part, where there head will be when in the trailer. Accessible from a door on the outside. The floor and the hitch are probably the most important. Also, the latch on the back that will keep him from coming out. Those all need to be in like new working condition.

4. Horse trailer tack room....organizing tips!?

Put a name tag above every bridal / saddle rack and all ways put the correct saddle / bridal on the correct rack. Give the trailer a good wash before it goes into the room. If you store feed in their then keep it in seperate metal feed bins.

5. Could my vehicle tow a 2 horse trailer?

The trailer dealer is right - no way. It's not strong enough, does not have the transmission for it, and the wheelbase is way to small

6. What is the best suv for hauling a two horse trailer?

Do you already have the trailer? Down here in horse country most everyone uses a one ton crew cab pick-up with a goose neck trailer.

7. is my horse a trailer danger?

WOW thats a big horse!!! LOL I am not quite sure how you can train him, I have a 4-horse slant load 5th wheel trailer so I do not have that problem. the only thing I can think of is add an additional butt bar or if you trailer tie him in you can shorten up his lead as short as you can so he can not step back and "sit" on the door and give him hay in a hay net in front of him to keep him from stepping back

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