Is the Bible Unverified and Collected by Unknown Anonymous Authors?

How could it be verified?Those who wrote it did not see Jesus at all.The earliest Gospel (Mark) we have dates to 66-70 AD. By that time, not only Jesus was crucified, but also almost all (if not all) the apostles were dead as well. Paul had written earlier than that, but Paul never saw Jesus (apart from his visions). Some of his letters are believed to be authentic. Even then, they date around the year 50 AD. So, yes, the Bible is written by anonymous authors. They probably did their best to collect what was being said about Jesus and His doings, but there were no scientific way to verify the collected information. Furthermore, each author had his interpretation of the religion, thus, collecting/filtering the evidence accordingly. After several decades of work, historians did an excellent job, deciphering what probably had happened. Most scholars of NT believe that the bible was written by anonymous authors for the most part. Strictly speaking this does not necessarily mean that it is inaccurate. If you believe that those anonymous authors were inspired by the God, then you should not have any problem at all. However, from a historical point of view, they were written in Greek by anonymous authors who collected available information at the time of their writing, which was much later. There were also many different books that did not make it to the Canon. Some became apocrypha, others were lost.

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What is Dangal 1st day box office collection?

Dangal 1st Day Collection 2nd Highest Of 2016Dangal 1st day collection 2nd highest of 2016 and also it is 2nd highest grosser of Aamir Khan after Dhoom 3. The first day collection of Dangal is 29 crore nett as per early estimates.Dangal 1st Day Collection | Dangal 1st Day Box Office CollectionFirst day collection of Dangal is second highest non holiday opening ever. Dangal is 2nd highest grosser of Aamir Khan after Dhoom 3 (32.48 crore), 3rd highest is the PK (25.45 crore). Dangal (Hindi) is the 7th highest opening of all time and the second highest non holiday of all time behind Dhoom 3.Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted Dangal set box officce on fire, the first day box office of Dangal is,"#Dangal wrestles demonetisation... Sets the BO on fire... Ends the lull phase... Fri ₹ 29.

78 cr incl ₹ 59 lacs from Tamil and Telugu." . "#Dangal Sat and Sun biz will be higher... Word of mouth is terrific... Expected to cross ₹ 100 cr mark in first 3 days... India biz."Day 1 Collection : 29.78 croresBudget : 125 croresThe best collection of a movie is from East Punjab, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. The dubbed version of movie did poor business, collected around 59 lacs in Tamil and Telugu version.Total screen out of Dangal in India and overseas is 5300, as per tweet of Taran Adarsh" #Dangal screen count... India: over 4,300 screens Overseas: close to 1000 screens Widest release in North America, UAE-GCC, UK, Australia."For More Details Check Here :Dangal 1st Day Collection 2nd Highest Of 2016.


Is philosophy a collection of facts?

A collection of facts, presented in a narrative style is called history, not philosophy. However, philosophy is a collection of thoughts regarding the meaning of the facts: what do those facts mean?Here is an example of fact and its meaning.1 Fact: the whole planet had a human population at its bottleneck size of about 25000 individuals for about 180,000 years just because the planet could not naturally support any larger population.

2. Humans are natural hunters who are naturally predisposed to capture kill and eat the prey soon after capture. It is absolutely unnatural for any hunting animal to feed and protect the prey animal, and yet humans did just that: they invented animal husbandry, perhaps about 20,000 years before present. With unnaturally increased (produced) supply of protein-rich meat and milk and egg, the humans were able to move out of the woodlands into the grasslands, breed large herds, live longer, eat better and increase their population. That is, the human population could increase only after they became more productive: they could produce more food per person than before.Now, the philosopher knows how to think and interpret, and the others do not know. Go out and do an opinion survey with this question: do you believe that as the number of people increased, their average real income increased, their average life expectancy increased, and their standard of living improved? You will be stunned by how ignorant people are about facts and how illogical their interpretation is.


Is there a website to download MP3 songs as a zip file containing the whole collection?

I would not recommend downloading mp3 files directly from the Internet. Most of them offer pirated content. It's okay that long. But the ads they display on such websites are often malicious. They damage your devices.I can suggest an alternative. Create a playlist on YouTube for songs you want. One playlist shouldn't contain more than 10 videos because that is the limit most free YouTube to MP3 converter use. You can download each playlist using Youtube to MP3 converter from World's #1 Freeware for Windows and Mac or Any Video Converter (just search on CNET; AVC allows both downloading and conversion). There are plenty others. But check their ratings on CNET or DIGIT. That way you'll be sure you are not downloading malware in addition to songs.Google Play Music has a wide range of songs available from as low as ₹4. You can also download entire albums from there. Amazon too sells albums that can be directly downloaded onto your devices but Amazon is costlier compared to Google Play Music Store. You can get an entire 10 song album for ₹60 on Google Play Music Store. That is, if you wish to purchase, otherwise, download from YouTube and convert to MP3. The dvdvideosoft software does it automatically. You just have to create a playlist of max 10 songs and copy paste its URL into the software. Remember it too amounts to piracy but nobody really cares as of now.

Websites offering pirated mp3 content are mostly harmful for devices. Always avoid them


What is your dream guitar collection?

Well, I am destined to be frustrated in my quest for my dream guitars. But here is the list: 1) the most astounding thing I ever heard in my life was the Ric 12 string electric on Mr. Tambourine Man. Afterwards, I started to notice that distinctive sound on recordings by the Beatles and many other British Invasion bands. I couldnt afford one as a teenager ( or an adult, for that matter). Recently,when I felt that I could afford one, I discovered that I was unable to play one.!i have large hands and Ric necks feel like they too a 6 string guitar neck and crammed 6 more strings on it. I tried to play several and they always sounded like it was the first time I ever tried to play a guitar.Now Im retired and dont have the discretionary income to buy one. 2)!a Mosrite Ventures model, but I would want a real one, not a reproduction, a licensed reissue, an Eastwood or Danelectro that looks like one, and certainly not an imported counterfeit. And again, Im retired so thats b never gonna happen. 3) a nice ES335 - I have an ES333 that I picked up cheap a couple of years ago, but its just ok, its certainly not the same. 4) a Gretsch double cutaway Country Gentleman, because George Harrison on the Ed Sullivan show.

I have a couple of Les Pauls, a Strat, and a PRS. They are all wonderful.So maybe I need a Tele, just so that most major guitars are represented


Which is the best coin to collect?

I love most all of the coins from the US Mint. I usually get their yearly silver proof set. They also have excellent commemorative cons in silver, gold and platinum. Depending on the metal, you can acquire some really nice coins to collect and pass forward.Also, not so much now, but still watch your pocket change. From time to time I will get a silver quarter (1964 and before), wheat tail pennies, buffalo nickels and recently a Indianhead penny. The conditions of these coins vary from good to poor, but again, an excellent way to get into the collecting scene.I normally stray away from foreign coins but have found some very nice Canadian coins I really enjoy. They are the Silver Maple Leafs and they are 1 ounce silver commemorative cons. I got started when an amateur collector sold them to me for the price of silver. Over time, the price has really soared. They are certainty quality struck coins.The cons I avoid are the coins that are minted by non government mints. I only have 1 example where he coin is actually worth more than the weight of silver. The rest, although pretty, have very little collectability.However, when it boils down. What do you like? How much are you willing to spend? Realize that prices will fluctuate and some prices will drop. As long as you seek reputable coins from reputable sources, the best coin is the coin you like.


What is your most "dream to collect" Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

At the beginning of this game, I saw the number of Magikarp candies that was needed to catch a Gyarados and I thought for sure that would be the rarest Pokemon. However, after spending a day at the pier and evolving a Gyarados myself, that is no longer the case.My most dream to collect Pokemon would have to be Alakazam or Gengar.

As a child, I remember there were two Pokemon that I loved to death: Alakazam and Gengar. One was psychic type and one was ghost type. And you had to trade to get both of them which made them seem that much more exclusive. On top of that, they were some of the most powerful Pokemon in the entire game so when this game was released, my goal was to get an Alakazam or a Gengar. I will admit that Im still pretty far from either (I have a Kadabra, but only have 10 Ghastly candies), but thats okay because itll keep me playing the game for a while.Also, just as a side note, when I was a child, I was also blown away by the fact that the evolutions of Abra were Abra Kadabra Alakazam. I was super into magic so this one fact astounded me when I found out (yes, more than when I found out Ekans was snake backwards and Arbok was kobra or cobra backwards). So theres also that little nostalgic bit.Plus, just look at how badass they look:

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