Is the 2010 Fit TRL 1 Bike a Good Bike?

Fit Bike Trl 1

1. My next bike: a tri bike or a road bike [closed]

Big personal opinion factor in this question, but I think subjectively it can be said that a road bike is the better choice when coming from a mountain bike.I do not think training on a tri bike with an aggressive aero position and a mountain bike with a more upright position is a good idea. You want to be training in the position on the bike that you will be racing in so that you muscles develop to accommodate and produce power that position. On a road bike you can train using the regular bars because that puts you much closer to the aero position

2. what is faster ? A fixed gear bike or a Road bike?

There no question a Road Bike is better and more efficient

3. best bike for the money?

see the link you can get a 250 new for $3500, a 650 for 5kish if you look for last years models

4. Beginner Bike?

Buy something cheap, and wear lots of pads. a 250 is to big for some beginers and sports bikes arent for beginers either.

5. Question about Road bike and Hybrid Bike?

"Basically wondered if anyone had any useful insights on hybrid/road mainly handle-bar configurations. I guess road bike has more learning over handlebars (something I guess am not comfortable with) for increased aerodynamics???" A drop down style handlebar (on a road bike) will actually give you more hand positions than a hybrid. On a road bike, you can place your hands towards the center of the bar for a more upright position, on the brake hoods for the safest position (because your fingertips are right on the brake handles) or on the drops for the most aerodynamic position.

6. Stationary bike question?

Mike I am fond of the fluid trainers. They seem to give the most realistic ride feel in terms of resistance of all trainers. I use the model by Kurt Kinetics. There are other popular models available such as models by Cycle-Ops or Blackburn. I attach my road or mountain bike to the trainer and that way I ride the bike(s) that I normally train on.

7. Before I buy a used bike, what questions should I ask about the bike?

Well first you want to ask to see the bike but I am pretty sure you got that covered. Then ask them if there has been any crashes on the bike and what they may have damaged. Also ask if all the bikes gears work properly (if the bike has gears.) You can also ask if anything on the bike is missing. Good Luck with that! Have fun and take a risk

8. Mountain bike or Road Bike?

Get a racing bike, or a Road bike

9. Is a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R600 a good bike for a beginner, or does the bike not matter?

There can be different answers depending on the context of this question.If the person raising question is in say America or any EU country, then I would suggest starting from 250-400 cc class (e.g. Honda CBR300R, Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300 or KTM Duke 390/RC390 - each has its merits/demerits. )But I would definitely suggest that one should buy any motorcycle with ABS as a feature no matter which part of the world you are in.600cc class such as GSX-R600 is a much higher performance machine and would require more riding skills. There are always exceptional people who might have directly started with 1000cc class also and might be doing well. But in general it is not my recommendation. Please start with smaller easier to ride bikes which wo not overwhelm your natural reflexes.GSX-R 600 is a very good bike but I think older versions are Non ABS and it will take more effort to master it. Safer to start a segment smaller. In the Indian context, even 250-400 cc class would be a bit too much to start with and I will strictly recommend starting with 100-125-150 cc class of bikes. Choices like Pulsar 160NS, Suzuki Gixxer 150 or Yamaha FZ16 V2 would be good choices - unfortunately these do not come with ABS but these are not aggressive bikes and wo not mostly overwhelm you. If you like sport oriented bikes then Gixxer SF with ABS is getting launched. There is also Apache RTR 180 ABS and Pulsar RS200 with ABS but those are a bit more aggressive bikes.Indian or American or European - Whoever it is - please surely wear helmet properly and as much riding gear as possible - it saves you in difficult situations

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