Is My House Haunted Please Help?

its questionable and understandable why you would think your house could be haunted. first of all just because it has never happened does not mean its never been there. there have been situations where the paranormal have been drawn out because of construction or any changes in the environment they have always been used to. so far it seems like everything your experiencing could be debunked, so it does not necessarily mean your house is haunted. if that does not reassure you, and you do believe your house is haunted its important to figure out if its a dangerous entity or a passive one. you should take action depending on which. if you believe your in danger i think it would be best to consult someone and figure out a way to cleanse your house

1. noisy floorboards in new home construction?

Subfloor failure. Real pain to fix after everything is done (finished construction). Yeah, carpet is coming up, but it can be re-installed and re-stretched. I doubt you will notice it after they are done, but it will be a real hassle while they are doing it. Sorry, hun.

2. How can I accept that I'm not a kid any more because I feel really sad?

Being an adult means being able to handle more responsibility. It does not mean giving up your toys. This is a myth. Look at the multitude of adult toy collectors in the world. I have had them for over 6three decades. I have been a published poet. I had been a success in Construction for over fifteen years. I had taught myself about computer. The fact that I had toys never diminished my ability to succeed. If toys keep you from being a responsible adult, then give them up.

3. Is there a formula for determining the amount of energy produced via a windmill?

Hey TK, good question. Actually, it is not that difficult to get into. There are basically four things that figure into the power output of a wind turbine. 1. Swept area of the blades 2. Density of the air 3. Efficiency of the turbine design 4. Velocity of the wind P = .5 X rho X Cp X A X V3 P is power in watts, .5 is a constant, rho is the air density, Cp is the efficiency of the turbine and V3 is the velocity of the wind cubed. This is why airspeed is such a determining factor in wind turbine design. The .5 constant is constant by design, the efficiency is whatever the manufacturer can pull off in design and construction, the area of the blade sweep is fixed at construction, so only the airspeed varies, and since you cube the value of the speed, if the wind speed increases from 10 to 30 miles an hour for example, the turbine now has to convert 27 times as much energy. We have a small turbine at our place that's been running for almost 10 years now. It is a 3 blade model, designed for higher winds. A two blade unit is more efficient, but if you live in a higher wind area like we do, efficiency is not so important. Even with our small unit, a 25 mile per hour day allows our little 7 foot diameter unit to run the entire home and add a small charge to the batteries at the same time. If you want to learn more, skip wikipedia and go to the experts. The American Wind Energy Association is a non profit group that works only with wind power issues. The two gurus in the business are probably Paul Gipe, who has written a book, "Wind Power for Home and Business," and Mick Sagrillo who has been running his own business in wind power for 30 years and has authored several papers and articles. To get straight to the source, google, "Wind Turbine Power Equation," and look for a link to an AWEA website for an explanation of the formula. I will list a few other sources below as well. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

4. what are some job titles in construction?

i love construction workers, they remind me of architects sort of. plus their usually pretty strong. lol. perhaps you have carpentry experience. I've read construction workers get around $35,000, proabably more for government or reputable companies.Self employed construction workers get good money too. take it easy-

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