Is Mexico Spying on the US Or Helping the Cartel Mexican Government Drone Crashes in El Paso?

It's the cartels! relax. Mexico is working with us to try and curb the cartels. ROFLMFAO! Yet! he has no proof........bogus!!!!!

1. Well it's another weekend, and I'm home alone, nothing going on but a television drone?

geez, you might want to move from there. start over where the climate is nice. good luck

2. THe ACLU has filed a lawsuit to reveal the locations of drone aircraft, & to stop the assault on terrorists?

The American Communist Lawyers Association. No surprise

3. if a person has a privacy fence around their property is it legal to fly a drone over it to spy on you?

Commercial aircraft and private planes fly overhead all the time. There's nothing illegal about looking out a window at what is below their flight paths. The same goes for law enforcement, military & national security overflights too. A person's property rights only extend to the edges of the property they own or rent. Their air rights above the property are not literally sky high either. They only extend upwards around 150 meters. Everyone could fly around over your house all damn day and night and there's nothing you can do. But unless there's some reason for someone to spy on you, why would they? Unless you are a criminal or enemy of some sort, they are not going to waste their time on you.

4. Would you rather willingly work for a capitalist or be a drone for the government?

Capitalist every time. I Would have the opportunity to better myself. With the Government I would be set permanently in whatever station in life the Government deemed appropriate for me

5. Smartlink on drone mounted weapons

SR5, p. 433 in Smart firing platform chapter : You can use an implanted smartlink with the smartgun if you are in VR.I think it's the same for a rigger jumped in a drone, it's VR.

6. Will Seattle residents feel much safer knowing they are being watched by the unblinking eye of a new drone?

it my be needed with that football team and the way they act at those g 8 summit meetings lol

7. Drone Controller, PID Is Enough, or ODE Modeling Required?

You can certainly use a PID based design and tune it from there. This design is simple enough that if you just have XYZ PID controllers and proper output mixing it should work just fine.I would recommend doing something similar to his design where the motors are far from the center of mass which will increase the torque generated by tilting the motors. Good luck!.

8. Are USA drone attacks in Pakistan justified after seeing following statistics?

The quantity of civilian deaths has been extensively exaggerated via the Pakistani Government. Drone moves had been strangely correct and feature taken out the management of Al Qaeda and lots of different militant agencies. Pakistan has been sheltering them and gambling a double recreation with the US.

9. Is Assainating USA citizens by Drone any better than the Laws of the old wild west?

You really expect war to be a clear cut fight between good and evil, at the end of the day its about doing the right thing overall, yes atrocities are been carried out by Libyan rebels (formerly rebels) on black Africans and the NTC should do all they can to push for war crimes against those who committed such acts as well as preventing any further such acts from taking place. However when the majority of those on the side you are backing are pursuing greater freedom and democracy for their country by trying to displace an oppressive, totalitarian leader who has orchestrated attacks against the west the idea that you can sum those people up as parasites is frankly quite disgusting

10. so why is the boston bombing a terrorist attack but us drone strikes are not?

One is a senseless tragic event, and the other is make believe. There's one difference right there

11. Drone training, how to train without training data?

Training is not possible without training data, but it is not necessary to have a data set before the project begins. One can be generated.That initial training when no data is available is tenuous at best is why parents run alongside the bicycle when their children are first learning to ride and why the training wheels are elevated so the parents can know when balance has been achieved and they can be removed.One approach is to use a joystick and fly around in the simulation, leaving an audit trail. The collision, crash, and successful flight data will be valuable as labels. The other more sophisticated approach is to use a flight evaluation model attached to the flight model. How you rate the flights in the evaluation will determine the results of training. Metrics such as jostle, fuel consumption, time of flight, and near collisions are common in evaluation.Even if you use continuous learning such as reinforcement learning algorithms and libraries, you will need a flight model to train if you want anything close to optimal flight. The benefit of continuous learning in a real business context is that passengers can be paying customers as the safety and thrift of the flight business continues to improve. Reinforcement is only one kind of system that does that.For instance, pilots do not actually use Markov chains and evaluate advantage of one option over another when piloting. It is a much more continuous type of control and there are attention mechanisms involving field of view and instrumentation that changes the control function under certain risk conditions. If you are interested in field-usable drone automation, these other aspects of flight control will need to be understood and included in your experimentation eventually. Better sooner than later if you are serious about the field

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