Is It True That Women in General Prefer Shopping More Than Men?

I am not sure, but I've noticed that some women tend to shop in groups when buying clothing in order to get the opinions of their female friends, while men are less likely to do this. So shopping for clothes or fashionable things seems to be a more social thing for women (on the average, YMMV.)

1. Does this mean men are very dirty and women are clean ?

women should shave because it makes them more attractive. That's why I shave my beard.

2. Why do feminists think that anti-feminists aren't real women?

I do not i believe they do not think of themselves as women so it is inpolite to call them women around them

3. Why do men think that women are difficult to understand?

bcoz they are women

4. Are Earrings Considered Classy (in women)?

get some 2$ pearls from wal mart! they are really cute and exspensive looking! pearls are known to be very classy on women!

5. Ive though about possibly breastfeeding! *women only*?

Bra size does not matter. Women of all breast sizes produce milk for their babies. The difference in cup size is caused by differing amounts of muscle and fat in and under the breast, which has nothing to do with lactation. I was about a C34 prior to having kids, and I have successfully breastfed all 3 of my kids - not a drop of formula in our house.

6. I don't understand why some women wear hijab if....?

If they are wearing tight clothing, then they are not wearing proper hijab. First and foremost, hijab is supposed to cover most of the body with loose clothing. The headscarf is only an extension of the body covering. Women who are really concerned with modesty will typically do the loose clothing first, and then put on the headscarf when they are ready. After all, covering the body is more important from a modesty standpoint. I think the girls who wear the headscarf with tight clothing are typically only wearing the khimar as a sort of Muslim pride thing. They want to say "Hey, look at me, I am a Muslim," so they put on a khimar, without otherwise changing their appearance. I do not think I need to tell you that this is a wrong reason for wearing a headscarf. As far as make-up goes, that one is more tricky. Many women, myself included, do not think that make-up is immodest. I think you can be attractive without being attracting. A man can look at a woman and think "She is beautiful." without wanting to bed her. You can be modest without being ugly. I think the problem with your line of thinking is that perhaps in your mind beautiful is equal to sexy, when in fact, those are two different things. Please forgive me if that offends you. I am not attacking you. This is a mindset that is pervasive throughout American culture. (Assuming you are American.) By the way, it's not just Muslim women who wear headscarves. There are many women of other religions that do. I, for one, am a Christian who wears hijab. One question - what did you mean by "I even saw a hijabi girl wear a skirt"? Hijabis usually wear skirts/dresses. At least, the ones who wear proper hijab do. Or did you mean that it was a short skirt?

7. Why do women complain about the "Glass Ceiling" so much ?

The glass ceiling does not exist. Many studies have been carried out that show women are simply far less aggressive in pursuing pay raises and promotions. Women just do not argue as much about pay. An employer will generally pay every employee as little as they can get away with, women generally settle for less. It definitely sucks that we have to fight for fair pay but that never the less is the way things are. The very dangerous jobs you mention are generally extremely physically demanding. Women can not do those jobs by reason of biology. Men have and always been more expendable is any society but there are biological and evolutionary reasons for that too.

8. What happened in the history of art, and in the history of the way men look at women.?

It used to be that paintings and murals were art and the women in them were considered beautiful. As time went on, fashion magazines and porn became "art" and so now women are judged by the images is magazines and videos

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