Is It Possible to Install a Starter Motor on a Pullcord Engine?

Theoretical physics in the automotive repair section? Hmm. There are a couple of assumptions built in to this question, and a lot of irrelevant material. Assumption 1: a single electron follows the complete wire path from the battery through to ground. You can not answer that in meters because you do not know the length of the windings. Electrons moving at the speed of light have plenty of time to make the complete circuit. Assumption 2: A single electron follows the complete wire path from the battery through the windings and back to the neg terminal on the battery. Again, you can not answer that, you do not know the length of the windings or the return path (ground is through the engine block and ground strap). Assumption 3: No single electron makes the complete circuit. Rather, each electron moves a very short (microns) distance, and displaces an electron in the molecules it encounters there. You probably have the info to answer this in a textbook, I do not

1. how to install starter motor on 99' Harley Springer?

My answer to an almost identical quesion...... You must remove the outer primary cover and then remove the clutch assembly and compensator assembly to gain access to the starter jackshaft. Before doing this, you will want to check out the compensator spring pack assembly, during the early-mid 2000's, these assemblies were known for weakening and needed to be replaced. To check it, before removal, lift the rear wheel and put the bike in 5th gear. Using the rear wheel to "rock" the engine back and forth, you look at the compensator and alternator rotor, while rocking the engine, if you see the rotor turning BEFORE the compensator, the compensator is bad and needs replaced. On to the starter again, after the clutch and compensator assemblies are removed, unbolt and remove the jackshaft. Then the two 1/4" allen bolts that hold the starter to the inner primary must be removed from the exhaust side, sometimes oil tnak removal is neccessary to gain access to these bolts. Once they are removed, undo the wiring to the starter, swap it out, and put it back together. Take remove the compensator nut and clutch hub nut, you will need an impact gun with a 1 1/2" socket for the compensator and 1 1/8" socket (if I remember correctly) for the clutch hub nut (REVERSE THREAD). When reassambling these, ALL threads MUST be COMPLETELY oil free by cleaning with brake cleaner. RED loctite must be used and these nuts must be torqued....comp nut 175 ft/lbs, clutch nut 100 ft/lbs. The clutch must be fully readjusted at the pushrod and cable (LUBE THE CABLE BEFORE REASSAMBLY) Like I said, if you have to ask this, you are better off letting a pro do it. A pro can do this in about 3 hours, it will take an average person at home all day to do this, and the average person does not have the tools or specs to do it.

2. where is the starter motor relay on a 92 ford taurus?

the starter has the -solenoid mounted on it

3. Failing starter motor - why does whacking it help?

It can actually be the solenoid or the brushes which are at fault and take to getting a beating ... those masochistic machines! They just like it for some reason, lol.Most solenoids are built with a large copper washer in the end of them. This allows current to flow to the starter motor itself, which spins the armature. Since the brushes ride on the commutator, they wear out over time. Here are a couple of images of what they look like: Usually in the its the commutator which will have a "bad spot" on it. This will cause the starter motor not to turn, because electricity cannot flow correctly. In this application, banging on the starter did not work. I took the start apart to find that brushes, which were held onto swing arms with screws, had worn down to the screws (a couple of the screws were riding on the commutator). I replaced the brushes for about $4 and the starter worked like new again.

4. What is the terminal voltage when this is first connected the starter motor circuit whose resistance is 0.800?

a million) for the battery terminal voltage V = E - i r , the place ''r' is the indoors resistance for this reason, 6 = 12 - 33 r from which we get r = 0.18 ohm (almost ) 2) on the grounds that still V = i R , the place R is the resitance of the starter, R = V / i = 6 / 33 = 0.18 ohm ( almost ) ( right here the exterior resitance is comparable to the indoors resitance of the source so as that the motor vehicle engine attracts optimum ability from the battery).

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Is This Bad Starter Motor?
Sounds more like a connection problem or bad battery. Even if the starter was bad and the connections and battery were in good shape the voltage would not drop below 8 volts. Check for poor connection at the battery (both the positive and negative cables) The battery when charged up should show a static charge of 12.7 volts Hope this helps1. how does an induction motor work?The simplest of all electric motors is the squirrel-cage type of induction motor used with a three-phase supply. The armature of the squirrel-cage motor consists of three fixed coils similar to the armature of the synchronous motor. The rotating member consists of a core in which are imbedded a series of heavy conductors arranged in a circle around the shaft and parallel to it. With the core removed, the rotor conductors resemble in form the cylindrical cages once used to exercise pet squirrels. The three-phase current flowing in the stationary armature windings generates a rotating magnetic field, and this field induces a current in the conductors of the cage. The magnetic reaction between the rotating field and the current-carrying conductors of the rotor makes the rotor turn. If the rotor is revolving at exactly the same speed as the magnetic field, no currents will be induced in it, and hence the rotor should not turn at a synchronous speed. In operation the speeds of rotation of the rotor and the field differ by about 2 to 5 percent. This speed difference is known as slip. Motors with squirrel-cage rotors can be used on single-phase alternating current by means of various arrangements of inductance and capacitance that alter the characteristics of the single-phase voltage and make it resemble a two-phase voltage. Such motors are called split-phase motors or condenser motors (or capacitor motors), depending on the arrangement used. Single-phase squirrel-cage motors do not have a large starting torque, and for applications where such torque is required, repulsion-induction motors are used. A repulsion-induction motor may be of the split-phase or condenser type, but has a manual or automatic switch that allows current to flow between brushes on the commutator when the motor is starting, and short-circuits all commutator segments after the motor reaches a critical speed. Repulsion-induction motors are so named because their starting torque depends on the repulsion between the rotor and the stator, and their torque while running depends on induction. Series-wound motors with commutators, which will operate on direct or alternating current, are called universal motors. They are usually made only in small sizes and are commonly used in household appliances.2. is it bad to have a car with a lot of miles but new motor?well you got the tranny. that can go at any time. but if it is good then you will only have the odds and ends3. How does an AC motor work?Basically, an AC motor is a type of motor that is operated by an alternating current. It has two basic parts. First is a stationary stator and another is rotor.The above diagram shows the configuration of stator winding. I am giving an example for 3 phase motor. Hence, in above diagram A, B and C are the three phases. When the current is supplied to the windings, all the three windings become electromagnets. When the current reverses polarity of the winding also reverses.The stator windings are 120 degrees apart. Now, when the supply is given to the windings, only 2 phases of the supply are active and the remaining one phase is non-active or has no current flowing through it. Hence, the one phase which has no current flowing through it will have no magnetic field.Let us assume that at the start phase A has no current and no magnetic field produced. Phase B has current in negative direction and phase C has current in positive direction. Now, at some time 1, phase A has current in positive direction and phase B has in negative direction. While phase C has no current and no magnetic field. The resultant magnetic field vector has rotated 60 in the clockwise direction. Now at some time 2, phase A has current in positive direction and phase C has in negative direction while phase B has no current and magnetic field. The resultant magnetic field vector has rotated another 60.Now, after the end of 6 such cycles, the resultant magnetic filed vector would have rotated 360 or one full rotation. This is known as the Rotating Magnetic Field.Now, According to Faraday's law of induction,An emf induced in any circuit is due to the rate of change of magnetic flux linkage through the circuit.As the rotor winding in an induction motor or AC motor are either closed through an external resistance or directly shorted by end ring, and cut the stator rotating magnetic field, an emf is induced in the rotor copper bar and due to this emf a current flows through the rotor conductor. Here the relative speed between the rotating flux and static rotor conductor is the cause of current generation.As per Lenz's law,The rotor will rotate in the same direction to reduce the cause i.e. the relative velocity.The rotor speed should not reach the synchronous speed produced by the stator. If the speeds equals, there would be no such relative speed, so no emf induced in the rotor, and no current would be flowing, and therefore no torque would be generated. Consequently the rotor can not reach the synchronous speed. The difference between the stator (synchronous speed) and rotor speeds is called the slip. The rotation of the magnetic field in an induction motor has the advantage that no electrical connections need to be made to the rotor.where Ns is the Synchronous speed and Nr is the Rotor speed.THANK YOU FOR READING.Ashutosh Sharma ( )How does an AC motor work?.
How Do I Remove the Starter Motor From a 1956 Y-block 292 V8 Engine?
Disconnet the idler arm and it will give you more of an angle1. Is it bad for my car (perhaps starter motor?) to turn it off, doing something for one minute or less, then get back in and start it up again?you cars manual does suggest you leave your car running to run clock in your mechanic is running on the therory things are made to work so many times before it breaks he's explaining odds not your cars performance its true to a point but your starting motor should operate everytime you turn the key time has no bering2. Does the starter motor have a fuse on an Acura RSX?Take off starter and take it to a auto parts store they will test it for free, charge the battery or have some one jump you when you try to start it again. Also bleed your clutch. watch a youtube video of how to bleed a clutch for that model. Check the owners manual to see if and where the fuse is if necessary.3. what are the probable reasons for a burn out of a self starter motor in a car?Defective starter. Sounds like the starter solenoid froze up meaning that the starter was engaged while you were driving. That could be what you smelled4. i crank the key twice when the engine already started does it will damage the starter motor?Yeah, do not do that. It can not help any. Some engines run so quietly, they need a little light on the panel that lights when the engine is running5. new wiring in boat no power to starter motor any thoughts, there is power to the selinod?That would be the battery feed U need power from the Key switch to activate the solenoid.That should be the red/ Yellow wire if they used the correct wire.If a inboard6. I have to hit my starter motor with a wrench in order to start the car, what could be wrong in the starter???Not enough information. Does the starter motor not spin, or not engage? If it does nothing, the starter relay may be at fault7. 97 ranger with new starter, battery and solenoid only makes a clicking hoise. Will start easily by pushing.?I think Steven got it right- Clicking is the symptom of a bad connection somewhere between the battery, solenoid, and starter motor. Something in that chain is not doing its job, or the connection between them is interrupted somewhere. The last Ford I had, the solenoid was located on the firewall just behind the battery. I used to have to start the car with a screwdriver by shorting out the connection on 2 posts of the solenoid switch. Those were the days ('79)! :(8. how do i remove a starter motor that is stuck on?Either the starter motor is broken or there may be a problem with either the battery or the connections between the battery and the starter motor. First thing to do is turn on your head lights with the engine turned off, then try starting the engine. If the head lights go very dim then probably the battery is flat. Check the connections between the battery and the starter motor, make sure that all connections are clean and tight. Ja9. Using thermistor vs. soft starter for motorA VFD is a complex soft starter for Motors that limits acceleration and current and thus RPM rate of change with source frequency with constant V/F with high efficiency . A huge NTC must get hot to operate and thus start at reduced current. The amount of power determines the best method. There are many more examples.10. how to remove and install a starter motor on a grand marquis 93?you undo the electrical wires going into the starter but make sure you dosconnect the battery first and then should be two bolts that hold it up you take those out and the starter should come right out. and the starter is located at the rear of the engine near the tranny11. Starter motor clicks and wont turn when engageed on flywheel?Try to roll start it. It may be seized12. Can putting the car into "park" while it is still moving break the starter motor or do any other damage?Hi mate, No this has nothing to do with you putting it into park while moving as starter motors pack it in all the time. But you should not be putting it in park while moving as you can damage your transmission witch can leave you stranded! Cheers Matt
I Have a 12V Starter Motor That Needs Extra Help at Times.
To me it seems like the battery can not deliver enough current to the starter motor. I would not try to raise the voltage since the starter motor is rated at 12V. When the battery is connected to the charger the charger helps the battery to supply enough current. To be sure I would look at the starter motor specification. Look for the wattage or current specification. Also look at how much current the battery is specified for. The battery must be able to deliver as much or more current than what the starter motor needs.Two solutions to the problem if my suspicion is true:1. How much will it cost to put in a new boat starter motor?You can call, but most marinas will not use third party parts.(warranty/liability issues). Marinas on my side of the lake(ON) are charging $90-$130 per hr. A starter re&re on a bayliner should be between . 6 and 1. 5 hrs. Hope you got a marine starter, there is a difference!2. How do I remove the starter motor from a 1956 Y-block 292 V8 engine?very good answer cookin Boy it's been a long time sense I have done that.3. how do you remove a starter motor from a car?Make sure the solenoid wires are not hanging up on anything. Also, do what Steven P. suggested - look at the new one and try to determine which bolts attach the motor to the block. Those two suggestions will solve the problem 95% of the time.4. I recently acquired a ScottAir A/C unit from a 1984 International school bus. It has a Nissan I-4 engine......?The difference in "reverse rotation" engines (and boats use them a lot) is in the camshaft and starter motor. There are TONS of those Nissan motors in service, the bulk being used in forklift trucks and power generators. Which ever way it turns, it does not run backwards it just runs as designed! Really no need to have made a counter rotating engine for that application. If it has a starter attached, fire it off and see which way it rotates.5. Why does the starter motor not start on my 2003 Nissan Primera?The fault was with the earth strap.I called the AA who came and fitted a new (temporary) earth strap from the battery to the engine and the engine now starts up okay again first time, every time6. Could a fault with the starter motor/solenoid prevent a car from rolling in 5th gear?have you even tried turning it over, check da oil, charge da battery and give her a try, see what she does7. Why do modern cars switch off and start at traffic lights? Isn't this bad for the starter motor?I have owned 2 cars with normal gasoline engines that have this feature.This is not "bad" for the starter motor. That device is made to start the engine... it is doing it's job. Yes, it is doing it more frequently, so it might wear out a bit more quickly, but if the car is engineered well, the part should be up to the task. As long as you were not stopped at the traffic light for 30 minutes, the engine is still warm and oil is well distributed through it, so starting the engine is much easier (and less wearing on the starter motor) than starting a cold engine.The car's engine is programmed to shut off at traffic lights as a car that is idling at a traffic light is using gas and not providing you with any benefit for that fuel. The engine goes off, saving fuel, and is turned back on when you take your foot off of the brake and go to the gas pedal. In heavy city driving, this can save you up to 5% of your fuel usage. Car manufacturers have certain government mandated goals for fuel economy they need to meet and this is one of the ways they are meeting those goals8. Ford F-700 starter motorAs Paulster2 says, it's more likely to be the solenoid. To check this, use a multimeter to watch the voltage on the solenoid connector (the smaller of the two on the starter) as it's cranked - it should go to 12v(ish) when the key is turned, and back to 0v when it's released.They are usually fairly integral to the starter, so it's normally a case of replacing the whole starter, but you might be able to get your existing one refurbished - a lot of places dealing with starters for older vehicles will do so on an exchange basis, so they will send you a refurbished one, then you send them your old one, which they then refurbish for the next person. (I suspect you know that, but other readers might not...)
Is It Easy to Remove Starter Motor for 2001 Oldsmobile?
depending on what size engine ! it should not be too hard but disconnect the battery first and take the wires off the solenoid before dropping the starter ! there should be 2 long bolts going up through the starter you have to take out and maybe a brace if you have one !1. What is the tread pattern for 1998 Jeep Cherokee starter motor?Remove the other bolt & take it with you to your local Hardware or automotive supply. Just guessing M12 - 1.5 - 9.8 X 50mm2. WHAT ARE THE FAULTS THAT OCCUR IN A STARTER MOTOR OF A CAR & HOW TO RECTIFY THEM ? THANKS?repair always replace starter...windings broken,,,brushes worn,,,bearings frozen..bendix drive spring jammed/broken.....most have solenoid in starter but check with parts guy/gal...fords sometimes have external3. Toyota 4runner not starting still!?Electrical. 1) Ground wire to the engine block. 2) Positive wire to the starter. The positive wire is the large wire that's fastened to the starter with a nut, not the little wire that connects via spade connector. The small connector only signals the solenoid to pop the gear forward. Once the solenoid pops forward, another connection is made that causes the starter motor to spin. The large wire powers starter motor. 3) Another bad starter (weak). It's not unheard of. I've gotten a few rebuilt starters that were bad right out of the box. David L: The solenoid is not bad. He said the gear was popping out and he bench tested it. Bob H & Aquah...: Crooked starter? Needs to be shimmed up? Funny. Meathead: You really are a meathead. NO domestic car will ever be as reliable as even the worst Toyota.4. i have a 98 ford windstar i just replaced the starter but the motor wont crank over what would make this hap?Is the starter ingaging if so you might need to have some shims (thin plates so the starter gear will reach the flywheel). It happens a lot on after market parts. Also check to make sure all of the wires are attached and that the battery is in good shape5. Should I put penetrating oil on a starter motor on a ‘72 Cessna 172?No. you should not . Get the maintenance manual, see what grease you need or what tolerance for bendix--if out, replace. . We use WD alla time in class, even under supervision of old A &P's, but, a plane I would trust my life and passengers' lives too, I would do what is indicated by manufacturer. Then, sign it off IAW S?M or M/M number, page numbers. so if any malarkey, it does not fall on your head; it does on Cessna or Ford or Delco or whomever. CYA. always6. Im having a car battery issue that is really puzzling and i cant get ahold of my mechanic?Clean the battery terminals on your cables inner surfaces. Use a battery brush and clean the inside of your terminals until they are shiny. Do the same to your battery posts / connections, cleaning all surfaces until they are shiny. Tighten the cables until they can not be moved by hand and spray with battery anti corrosion compound. Now, your car will probably start, if not, have someone tap on your starter housing with a hammer while you attempt to start your car. If it still wo not start, get a jump start and drive to the nearest auto parts store. Ask to have them run a battery load test and a charging system test. The problem could also be a bad starter relay, starter solenoid, or starter motor.7. Are there any ways in which a starter motor or it's connected parts could cause a car to cut out while driving?Its possible if you have loose connection on your batt cable connection at the starter.Other tan that it is very unlikely.Not enough info make of car when it cuts out ect.would help8. How do I recondition a starter motor myself?Starter Motor Reconditioning9. i have blown the ignition lights on my ford transit while fitting new starter motor how do i fix it?Could be something as silly as the earth wire from the starter !? OR the Solenoid ? Normally goes on to the chassis !! Same problem had me searching for a fault for hours on a Nova !! Check all the fuses too !!
My Holidays: Scott Miller, CEO of Volunteering NZ
Scott Miller, CEO of Volunteering NZ, is a judge in the NZ Charities Technology Awards on Thursday in Auckland. What was your greatest holiday? The three months I had living in the Peruvian Andes, climbing the high peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. It was an extraordinary time climbing 6000m peaks with little oxygen, eating cuy (guinea-pig), and bartering on the value of a pack of donkeys to share the load to base camp. And the worst? Cuba. With my wife and young son, we travelled Cuba like the locals, and were constantly conscious of the plight of this small island nation caught between economic ideologies, technological displacement and infrastructure decay. The people however, were truly amazing, and we could not have had more generous hosts or interactions during our stay. If we bump into you on holiday, what are you most likely to be doing? I am likely to be hunting down the corner cafe that is popular, not because Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor recommend it, but because the locals know it's the best. If we could teleport you to one place in New Zealand for a week-long holiday, where would it be? It would have to be Akaroa. The nostalgia of family holidays, young love, coastal aromas of low tide, fish and chips on the pier and the stunning topography. Pure bliss. How about for a dream holiday internationally? I would love to take my wife and son on a cycle-tour through Eastern Europe. Cycle-touring is the best way of eating as much delicious food as you like without ever feeling guilty about it. What's the dumbest thing you've ever done when travelling? One time in Peru I was invited to share some cervezas with some "friendly" locals. Unfortunately they never had any change, so I would naively go and buy the rounds, and they would pay me back in $50 notes. Upon trying to spend some of these notes at another store, I found I had been conned several hundred dollars. Aisle seat or window seat? Can I say window for take off and landing and aisle for the duration of cattle class? Complete this sentence: I can't travel without ...A good pair of walking shoes. The ability to get off the beaten track and explore the streets and suburbs only the locals walk is the best way to understand the cadence of their environment. What's the best travel tip you've ever been given? Wake and sleep local time, regardless of the landing time. What was the most memorable meal you've had while travelling? In Singapore I was given the full VIP experience that included pistachios at Raffles before fine-dining some 150m above ground. What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip? A ceramic trout. Favourite airport to land at? Wellington, because it means I have made it home in one piece. What's the next trip you've got planned? I head back to Dayton, Ohio this Sunday for another work trip. Dayton was unfortunately featured in Time magazine as a centre of the opioid epidemic gripping the US. However it was once the pride of the nation as the home of many inventors including the Wright Brothers (first flight), Charles Kettering (the car starter motor) and Edward Deeds (National Cash Register). Want more holiday inspiration? Sign up to our new Travel Insider newsletter here.
Starter Motor Service, Repair and Replacement
In the picture above this starter motor looks a mess, but these brushes are only half worn, a good clean up with the use of a compressed air line is all that is needed, a good thing to check for is that the brushes move freely in there holders, because if they stick the carbon brush will not make contact with the commutator of the motor, which will result in either a slow turning speed or complete failure to turn.Question about frame and motor number on Honda CBR?My friend has a 2005 CBR600RR, I would say look under the handlebars/"clip ons". Should be somewhere on the frame "Motor numbers" is a little vague sorryWhat type of motor should I use?For the safety of everybody, you should use only electric chain block or with steel wire rope.Only electric hoists have controlled lifting an lowering. Use your remote controller to start stop and reverse the motor. Make sure you provide a automatic disconnect in case the hoist over travels. Talk to some hoist supplier near your area.If you are using the system once in week or so, you can always go with a pulley rope system. ,.What does the state of California do with the revenue that it gets from Department of Motor Vehicles registration and renewal fees?I am not sure, but I think I personally have funded about half a highway from LA to New York with my registration and renewal feesMy power window(passenger side) on my lexus es300 goes down but not up.Motor clicks but no movement. Any idea?The gears on the end of the window motor are plastic. When a tooth breakes it will make a clicking noise under pressure---the up mode.Replacing the motor is the only option unless you can find a used motor with good gears.What is this small motor under my sink?Ca not really say for sure, but to me it looks like it may be a circulator pump. These are sometimes used to circulate the hot water in the pipes so you will instantly get hot water out of the tap rather than wait for cold to be cleared from the pipesI am getting a street legal Motor scooter and what should i do?it relies upon upon your close by criminal policies. in many places, if a bike is particular from the producing facility as "Off highway Use purely", it can not be made highway authorized it is not substantial what you do. in many areas, if it has a 2 stroke motor, it can not be made highway authorized simply by fact that of emissions standards. In areas the area they are able to be made highway authorized, you will ought to function a headlight, tail comfortable, brake ordinary, turn indicators, highway tires, speedometer, mirrors, and a horn. you may even ought to replace your muffler. you may additionally ought to replace your sprockets so your bike can greater useful take care of sustained highway speeds. in spite of if your bike can obtain highway %., how long will or no longer it somewhat is able to maintain it. You extremely ought to touch your community DMV in the previous making those adjustments so which you do no longer waste dissimilar funds on a bike that may no longer be highway criminal. you are going to be able to besides have a impediment simply by certainty a airborne dirt and dirt bike electric powered device wo not have the potential to administration those extra electric powered standards. in case you like a highway / course bike, you would be greater useful off advertising your airborne dirt and dirt bike and placed the money from the sale closer to a bike it extremely is already highway criminalDid the motor in my 99 Sebring blow ?Did you get it started? Sounds like the idle speed dropped down and it stalled. Typically the IAC idle air controller is clogged, (it sets the idle speed) But can be anything from a vacuum leak to a dirty MAF sensor.What does it mean when a motor is blown?For the car engine types of "motors", in the Topics, it means it has a supercharger or a turbo-charger to compress the intake air.For the 'electric' motors you tried to switch the topics to, there are several kinds of faults/failures that may cause a motor to be "blown" and failed.Any winding or wiring that has fused open with over-current gives a "blown motor". If motor over-temperature degrades the insulation and gives shorted/grounded windings then the motor is blown.Any cause of windings shorting (turn-to-turn, between windings, winding-to-frame ground) results in a "blown motor", at least untill rewinding repairs.Siezed bearings, causing a locked rotor, even with no further electrical fault, maybe considered a "blown motor". Severe over-speed of a motor may cause centrifugal stress deformation damage of rotor windings or rotor core, or shaft or bearings, and thus become a "blown motor".What does it mean when a motor is blown?
Whats a Good Starter Motorcycle for a Girl?
Why not go for what you know you like then? Just do the vulcan and take it easy, take a course, and ride safe1. what would keep a starter from turning the engine on a ram van?Either the new starter is bad(VERY unlikely) or the main battery power cable to starter is badly corroded or damaged2. Whats a cool starter car?Its a little more then 10k but you need to get a 2005 dodge neon srt-4 acr. Yeah it has some problems but its a fun car3. Viper remote starter not working?This Site Might Help You. RE: Viper remote starter not working? I have 791v 2 way responder on honda accord 05 v6 at.. Its been work n fine for last couple years but now it wontstart the cAr.. It make the Attempt cranks the car up but does not start the car.. If i pull my steering wheel all the way out and up it works for a few times but not any more.. Other...4. What is the best starter motorcycle?2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R i bought it two weeks ago and love it. Cheap, easy to learn on, and easy to control because it does not weigh that much.5. "Starter Guitar" holding me back?A starter kit like which would be a stable decision. it is going to contain each thing you easily choose, whether they are no longer the utmost high quality, they are going to do the interest and enable you to get a tank up and working effectively. A small filter out in a huge tank is okay, it basically limits how many fish you are able to keep. you are able to allways upload a greater effective filter out later and run 2 filters for appropriate filtration. greater effective to start up with a good length tank and a small filter out, you are able to improve filters undemanding, yet a small tank is allways a small tank. Ian6. My 1985 El Camino will not start once my starter gets hot, is this a starter problem?Sounds like a bad starter solenoid. its spinning but not kicking it out to engage the flywheel. Take it to advance and have it tested7. is this the wiring, the starter, the alernator, etc...?I would start with cleaning the above..then if that is a no...If you get a click, click, click sound when turning it over, it sounds like the starter. If it were the alternator...the battery would be dead from drawing power from it and after a rest period, it would not start back. Most auto stores will run a test on your starter to see if it is the problem, try that. ..If it is not that I would try getting an auto garage to put it on their diagnostic computer to see if they can tell if there is a short somewhere. BTW...have you checked the thermostat to see if the engine is getting to hot and needing to cool down before it will restart? Just a question I was wondering...I would get the starter checked out by an auto store before you spend any more money. I know, I know. ..weird coming from a girl huh? What can I say I am a woman of many talents lol8. looking for a good starter car?Im in the same boat- Look for an older SAAB, Pontiac, Ford, and Honda are my choices9. Bad starter or bad battery/or terminals?If you have good battery power available to the starter and grounds are good, I would agree it's the starter. Testing is always best10. is this a good starter guitair ?probably :D11. Is this a decent starter road bike?Actually, training on a heavy bike is good for you - it makes you stronger. I've done a lot of miles on my steel bike and although there were times I thought I would chip a tooth, I survived! The problem with this bike on Ebay is too many unknowns. Nothing wrong with buying online once you know exactly what you are looking for. I would rather a used bike in a quality brand than brand new junk. For example, had you test ridden a particular bike and knew it was the right size for you, then going on line to find that same model and size online would make sense, especially if you are in a small town like I am. It takes patience, but there are a lot of bikes on Ebay and getting a quality one at a discount is a good thing, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for and then bid only on that. Just my two cents .... Good luck. I hope you love cycling as much as I do. One last hint ... do not listen to the snobs. Find the quiet rider who kicks everyone else's tail and ask that guy or gal for advice.
Why Do Electric Car Motors Have Constant Torque?
a motor vehicles starter motor has diverse torque, it has to coach the flywheel in a motor vehicle to get it started. it rather relies upon, how heavy is your motor vehicle? you would be able to desire to apply an electric powered backyard mower engine or a weed whacker engine if the motor vehicle is easy sufficient, belt sanders have relatively sturdy torque to boot, and it aalreadykind of sounds like a motor vehicle lol1. why does headlights dim when a starter motor is turned onBasically, a "12 V" battery is not a perfect voltage source and the starter is a large load.Due to the very large current (100 A or more) a starter motor can draw, it causes the battery voltage to sag a bit. Dropping 2 V or so during the brief period the starter motor is on would not be out of line. You can think of the battery as being a perfect voltage source with some resistance in series with it. If the battery output voltage drops 2 V when 100 A is being drawn, then this internal resistance is 20 m.If you have ordinary incandescent headlights that are just directly tied to the battery voltage, then they will dim because they are getting less power at 10 V than at 12 V. Look carefully and you may actually see them get even brighter than before starting once the engine is running. That is because now the alternator is making a higher voltage to charge the battery. The normal "12 V" bus level when the engine is running is usually around 13. 6 V.2. How do you change starter motor in a car?You need a good set of sockets, a screwdriver, small open-end wrenches, scissor jack, chocks for the wheels and replacement starter. Disconnect the battery. Do not ever work on any electrical part 'til the battery is disconnected. Jack the engine up by placing the jack under the transmission just behind the flywheel. This will give you just a little bit more room to work in. From the top or bottom, if you prefer, remove the wiring from the starter then with the 3/8 ratchet, unscrew the starter mounting bolts, save them and re-use. Install the replacement in the same position, tighten it down, re-install the wiring, remove the jack, replace the battery connection, start the car. Do not forget to save the old starter for a "core" return it to the place where you purchased the new one, get your core charge back.3. i crank the key twice when the engine already started does it will damage the starter motor?Yeah, do not do that. It can not help any. Some engines run so quietly, they need a little light on the panel that lights when the engine is running4. I have to hit my starter motor with a wrench in order to start the car, what could be wrong in the starter???Anything from a loose connection(doubtful) wheels worn out, solenoid shot etc.., need to get a new starter5. How to diagnose & check for a bad starter motor ?Sounds like your battery is not being charged properly and this would point to the alternator. Possibly it is in the early stages of failure and is only partly charging the battery. When it fails completely you should see a warning light on the dashboard (normally red, with a battery symbol and a lightening bolt through it) to indicate the charging system has failed completly. Other things to check are the battery terminals - must be very clean and the starter cables mustbe tightly attached. Just a couple of addional thoughts if the alternator is said to be okay, If the starter is turning the engine over quite fast when you are jump starting, then as you say it is unlikly to be defective. It sounds like you may have an electrical fault somewhere, possibly in the central locking. Before you take to a garage just check to make sure it is nothing simple like a boot light which is not switching off with the boot shut... or the interior light. This would drain the battery over a week6. How do I recondition a starter motor myself?Starter Motor Reconditioning
Sometimes My Ignition in My Truck Will Not Engage Immediately, Could It Be the Starter Motor?
It could. But it could be other things too such as listed below: Solenoid switch Low battery charge or bad (corroded) battery terminal connections Bad electrical connection at the starter Neutral switch either faulty or not engaged (wiggle shift lever in Park or neutral) (rare occurrence though)1. Is it bad for my car (perhaps starter motor?) to turn it off, doing something for one minute or less, then get back in and start it up again?Turn off your engine anytime you are getting out of your car...or anytime you will be idling for more then a minute. Europeans talk about 20 seconds...lots of golf carts with stop/start technology and some cars. I've heard Americans can save 31 gallons of fuel per year and the mechanical cost of 10 dollars per year for vehicles not manufactured with the technology for starterless restart2. Can a faulty starter motor cause a loss in engine power while driving the boat?It may if its hung. You may be able to tell its hung because you will often get an overcharge indication as the started starts to feedback as higher RPM3. Can i use a Car's starter motor to power a go kart?This Site Might Help You. RE: Can i use a Car's starter motor to power a go kart? I have been researching how to make a go kart and trying to figure out what would be the cheapest and still decently powerful motor for a 170lb driver go kart. Or if anybody has a better idea for a cheap resource for a motor? I also have a garage door opener motor but not sure how many volts would...4. An automobile starter motor is rated at 0.2 amps of current and 12 volts. How much power does it draw from?Automobile starters draw much more than 0.2 Amperes. 200 Amperes is more like it, in which case the power is 2.4 Kilo Watts5. Starter motor clicks and wont turn when engageed on flywheel?Confirming the batteries condition for voltage and amperage is a good first step. I know you say that you checked it, but did you put a "load test" on it? Only a load test will give you an accurate view of the real condition of the battery. And it is good that you changed out the positive battery cable to the starter. I would also recommend that you change out the negative cable and any grounding straps as well. A bad ground is a common condition that can cause this symptom. If the starter motor seems to work while on the bench, check the Bendix Spring. That is the geared part that should engage with the flywheel. If it spins but does not extend out to engage the flywheel, then you wo not spin the engine. If the Bendix does engage the flywheel, and the battery is good, then you may have a starter motor that simply will not generate the torque required to spin the engine.6. The starter motor works when car is cold but dont when car is hot!?A poor connection, ground or relay!7. 2000 ninja zx6r won't start unless push started?You say you changed the solenoid. Did you even check to see if the starter motor works? The 2 sensors you mentioned will prevent the engine from running. Since it will run when push starting the bike, they are working. I am finally getting an idea of your question. You should word it like this "When I press the start button, nothing happens." I forget with your bike, does the headlight come on when you turn on the key? If it does, the headlight should turn off when you press the start button. If the light does not go out, the handlebar switch may not be working. If the headlight "does not " come on when you turn on the key, disregard this paragraph LOL Before changing the solenoid, you should have checked if the starter motor works. Touch the 2 large terminals of the starter solenoid at the same time with a large screw driver (careful of sparks). If the starter motor does not turn, there's your problem (starter motor, it's ground, or the wire to it). The "neutral safety switch" may be damaged. Try pressing the start button with the clutch lever pulled in. The switch is there so you cannot start the bike when it's in gear (the bike could start rolling forward, take you by surprise and throw you off the bike). The neutral safety switch is at the clutch lever - you can see the wire coming out of the clutch pearch. If the battery was the problem, the starter motor would not turn when you jump the wires on the solenoid. You are lucky I came back to this question to see if anyone else has posted any answers. Otherwise I would not have known that you added details and asked me a question.
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