Is Enlightenment the Manifestation of Desire? When I Resist Them, I Suffer. When I Choose to Let Go

It's like watching a movie , when u are not aware and you watch a movie . You want to watch it again and again coz u didint enjoy it enough. You probably will want to watch another kind of movie to enjoy it better.

But as your awareness is low , u will never be satisfied with watching any kind of movie. As your awareness grows, sharpens and expands u understand same movies in first few minutes of watching it. You start understanding the mind of the director , you start to see past the actors acting.

meditation is a metaphysical phenomenon, as your awareness grows past the mind , you make the jump from physical to metaphysical.And then at that level of awareness when you function , you still watch the movie but what ur looking at is all the moving and non moving parts in the movie. In this sense of existence you don't have desires , feeling and emotions you just exist and go with the flow of things.

Some people teach , fake it till you make it. That is completely wrong as it will confuse the people to believe they have reached when they have not yet started

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How do you explain the profound split between those who see Trump as antithetical (opposed) to democracy and those who see him defending democracy?

I am surprised to hear that Trumps followers think he is defending democracy. They usually argue that America is a Republic.They think he is defending America, in their eyes, because they believe one or more of the following:The rest of the world is taking advantage of America.

Immigrants and asylum seekers are all dangerous monsters.Democrats are all traitors and are out to turn America into Venezuela.America should be made white again.The last is one that they will deny, but I noticed that when Trump led a chant of send them back his followers did not protest. They joined in.

The rest of us observe that:If Trump had his way he would be able to give orders to congress and to fire anyone in the government he did not like.Trump has no respect for other peoples free speech.Trump is isolating America, a move that will cost America dearly in the long term.

Trumps trade wars will cost America dearly in the long term.Trump violates every norm of Amerian politics.We see Trump as dangerous.Some of us hate him more than others, but we who do not necessarily agree on anything else agree on one thing; Trump must go.

Numerically we are in the majority.


I'm planning buy a Haier 43 inches LED TV soon. Is haier a good company to relay on?

Haier is a reputed brand name, and being an international brand of reputation present in Indian market for quite some time now, it obviously is more reliable than unknown or newer brands.But I would not go just on the brand name, if I have to buy a product, because I am not buying the brand. I am purchasing the product, so first and foremost criterion would be to see what all features are coming packed in product, within my budget and whether these are necessary and sufficient features for me?Next thing, I would check is the after service and customer support, which more or less depends upon customer service network in the area where you are using the product or going to use in near future. Here brand name plays a good role because brand reputation is influenced by the parameters likes quality of service, service availability, spare parts availability or delays, and charges.Some brands offer goodies like extended service / warranties with their products and some good brands have a bad reputation of having costlier spare parts or not-so-easy availability of their spare parts (read "Sony").In some cities, the sparsity of their service centers could turn even good products, and reputed brands as a nightmare for you.


How badass exactly are the custodes?

"These men are my bodyguards, their lives forfeit to the guarantee of my physical safety. Of their loyalty to me there shall be no question nor doubt. I, and I alone, shall have the authority to stand in judgement over them. No other commander shall they have in battle nor in service. None shall bar them from me and none shall hamper or stall their mission. So it is decreed!"- Ancient declaration made by the Emperor of Mankind during the Age of StrifePretty bad arse considering Custodes are said to be more powerful than Space Marines and their job is to protect the golden throne from all enemies and they've been around alot longer all way back to the unification wars, now even though the Space Marines may bear the genetic code of the emperors son's the Custodes would still be considered more elite as they only answer to one person the EmperorMilitary experience:The Battle of Gyros-Thravian responsible for killing over 100,000 orks whilst only losing 3Siege of the Eternity Gate they wipe out every single Chaos cultist saving the golden throneCurrently serving as the emperors emissaries to the space marine chapters to take on the primaris space marines as a gift from the emperor himself.


How do you show an INTJ male that you have feelings for them?

I am going to assume that you want to express positive feelings for him. If you just want to call him some names, go for it and move on.The best answer is to just tell him. Be prepared for an honest response.There is no good time to confess your feelings for someone. It will almost always feel awkward. If possible, confessing when you two are alone is probably a good choice. That removes opportunities for embarrassment. Have contingency plans and exit strategies. This will provide you with confidence when you do actually say the words.Whatever you decide please do not do this in an arena where there is an audience. Do not make it a big scene. That is manipulative BS and you will probably not get the answer you want.

Be prepared for him to not requite your feelings. This is where the contingencies and exit strategy is necessary. Making a scene will just embarrass and hurt both of you.

The best choice is to have it in the background of your mind and say it when it feels like the right thing to say. When you know the INTJ in your life well enough to know the answer.Amy Fiscelli's answer to As an ENTP, what is something that you've done that you felt very brave doing?.


Which is the first known war of mankind?

There are cave paintings depicting people attacking other people and showing people pierced by arrows from both the Aurignacian-Perigordian (approximately 30 000 years ago) and early Magadalian (approximately 17 000 years ago) eras. The meanings of these depictions is not clear. They could be a form of a capital punishment, sacrifice or systemic warfare between groups.

At Jebel Sahaba in the Nile Valley, there are a large number of human remains with arrowheads embedded. They date from 13 000 to 14 000 years ago. The presence of arrows embedded indicates the causalities of a war or battle.

At Nataruk, (present day Kenya), there are human remains dating from approximately 10 000 years ago that show signs of battle related injuries.In Australia, the oldest clear depiction of warfare between humans dates from around 10 000 years ago.Other cave art from Europe dating from the Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic periods (approximately 10 000 years ago) shows scenes of battles between groups.

These painting show the use of bows as the primary weapon. This makes sense as it is a low risk weapon compared to melee type weapons. They also show the beginning of organized warfare with combatants depicted in lines and columns, with the leader out in front. There is also evidence of tactics like flanking and envelopment maneuvers


How does it feel when you are enlightened?

There is no true way to explain it. To truly understand it one must become enlightened. For us to try and understand what it feels like would be like trying to explain colours to a blind man.But the same way we can explain that red is a warm colour or blue is a cool colour, in some sense or another we can try to get an idea.

I always imagined enlightenment to be the ultimate bliss. If you have had these days where you have slept well into the day, and you are lying in your bed. You have no impending work. You are well rested. You can see the sky from you window, and it's bright bright blue.

You feel a slight breeze.

you are breathing slowly. Your head is completely empty. For at least a minute, you are living in the moment. You have no expectations. For that instance, you don't want anything at all.I don't know if you've had days like that, but imagine that all the time. You have no responsibilities, no wants, no aversions, no sorrows, no regrets, no worries, no pains. You are unshakable.It may be hard to achieve but I think it's worth it


How has the Battle of Tollense in the Bronze Age changed our view on civilization developing in central Europe?

It changed our view by a lot. This battle in Northeastern Germany is thought to have taken place in the 13th century BC. It is currently the largest excavated and archaeologically verifiable battle site of this age in the world. Modern estimates say that there were around 4,000 combatants! About 750 - 1,000 of these are thought to have died. This is huge because the population density in that area was around 3 - 5 people per square kilometer. This shows more human development, being able to use rivers and open ground in a strategic battle. Other factors make the chance that the area was either a cemetery or a place of human sacrifice very low. The Battle of Tollense shows a height of militancy in Central Europe and the growing of civilizations. Populations soon began migrating, so there were not many large cities or things like that. Yet, this shows the strength and capacity of the Bronze Age peoples militarily and developmentally. The fighters must have been gathered, organised, fed, briefed, and led into battle. This shows the development of a central government, which means that the political development of Central Europe is way more advanced then previously presumed. This means there was probably a trained warrior class in Central Europe and warriors from across Europe may have come to join the battle.

Equipment of the combatants.


Why was Prussia so militaristic?

The other answers point to 3 causes which Id like to dismiss:There were many other countries in Europe that suffered sound military defeats, so this is not exclusive to Prussia and alone does not explain their militarism relative to other countries.There were other European nations that did not have natural geographic defenses, so this explanation does not hold either.There were other nations with military minded rulers too, like Sweden, but they did not remain as militaristic as Prussia, so this explanation is also insufficient.

What is unique about Prussia is how the nation was formed. It was created when Poland called for a crusade against pagans in the Baltics. The Teutonic Order conquered the area and created a state ran by them - by a military order.

Prussia is the successor state of the Teutonic order. Essentially, the leader of the order at some point converted to Protestantism and made himself a Duke.So there you have it. Prussia was started as a military order, so it sort of make sense they stayed more militaristic than the rest of Europe over time; they valued the military. Without being a subject matter expert, institutions and cultures can have prevailing power; in this case, lasting hundreds of years

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