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Taylor Anderson of Coffee & Tea Sets

Taylor Anderson is an author, gunsmith, re-enactor, and history professor. He is also a dialogue consultant for documentaries and being a gun maker and forensic ballistic archaeologist has advised US Army and National Park Service. A member of the National Historical Honor Society and the United States Field Artillery Association, he also has experience with acting and sailing. He is the author of the Destroyermen series, about USSWalker, USSMahan, and USSS-19, and their fight against the Grik.

In May 2020, Anderson announced that Winds of Wrath would be the final book in the Destroyermen series and that he has started on a new writing project.


Biography of Coffee & Tea Sets

Gerrard grew up in Don Mills, a suburb of Toronto's north-east end. He attended George S. Henry Secondary School where he played trombone in band, later playing bass in a school-based 5-piece jazz fusion combo called Nemesis Fusion. Nemesis Fusion competed in two Canadian stage band festivals earning silver in 1982 and won the competition the following year when Gerrard wrote the group's original material. After high school Gerrard was a member of a band called Regatta, which released one self-titled album. He also played bass and toured with Kim Mitchell (former Max Webster lead man) and Von Groove (until the late 1990s/early 2000s)


Paul de la Gironire of Coffee & Tea Sets

Paul Proust de la Gironire (17971862) was a traveler from

Nantes who lived in the Philippines and wrote about his

experiences there. He arrived in the Philippines in 1820 and

established the Jala Jala hacienda in Morong (present-day Rizal province).

Among the activities that he undertook were hog raising and planting indigo, sugarcane, and coffee.

On June 23, 1837, Gironiere's efforts in the field of horticulture and agriculture were recognized by the Real Sociedad Economica de Amigos del Pais de Pilipinas winning 1,000 pesos for raising 6,000 coffee plants. He ensured good relations with the clergy by building a church; and with his workers by building cockpits in the estate.


Covers of Coffee & Tea Sets

Glenn Miller and His Orchestra with refrain by Marion Hutton, Ernie Caceres and The Modernaires recorded their version in New York City on January 5, 1942. It was released by Bluebird Records as catalog number B11450A (in USA) and by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog number BD5784.

Sammy Kaye recorded a version (Victor 27780) in 1942 with the Three Kaydets vocalizing.

Burl Ives included the song in his album Burl Ives Sings Irving Berlin (1960).

Tage Danielsson made a Swedish adaption, "Kaffe och bullar gr mig glad", which he performed in the cabaret Ldansv (1966-1967), which also was filmed (1968).


Ampasina Maningory of Coffee & Tea Sets

Ampasina Maningory is a town and commune (Malagasy: kaominina) in Madagascar, located along the Maningory River, a few kilometers from the Indian Ocean. It belongs to the district of Fenerive Est, which is a part of Analanjirofo Region. The population of the commune was estimated to be approximately 36,000 in 2001 commune census.

Primary and junior level secondary education are available in town. The majority 95% of the population of the commune are farmers. The most important crop is cloves, while other important products are coffee and rice. Services provide employment for 2% of the population. Additionally fishing employs 3% of the population.


John Schulze (baseball) of Coffee & Tea Sets

John H. Schulze (April 4, 1866 May 19, 1941) was a catcher in Major League Baseball who played for the 1891 St. Louis Browns of the American Association. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Batting side and throwing arm are unknown.

Schulze was a major league player whose career, statistically speaking, was only slightly different from that of Eddie Gaedel or Moonlight Graham. On August 7, 1891, he debuted with the Browns and went hit-less in two at-bats. He did not have a fielding chance, and never appeared in a major league game again.

Schulze died in his native St. Louis at the age of 75.


Dorothy Pratt of Coffee & Tea Sets

Dorothy Ruth "Dolly" Pratt (born 11 March 1955) is an Australian politician. Born in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, she was a Justice of the Peace and coffee shop proprietor in Queensland before entering politics. She also worked at cattle sale yards. At the 1998 state election, she won the seat of Barambah in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, representing Pauline Hanson's One Nation. She left One Nation in 1999 to sit as an independent. In 2001, her seat of Barambah was abolished and largely replaced with Nanango, which she won as an independent. Pratt was re-elected in 2004, 2006, and 2009. Pratt stood down at the 2012 election. She is married with three children.



Bakkie, Suriname of Coffee & Tea Sets

Bakkie (old name: Reynsdorp) is a resort and town in Suriname, located in the Commewijne District. Its population was 447 at the 2012 census (541 at the 2004 census). Around 1902, the coffee plantation Reynsdorp was bought by the government and parceled out in small allotments for immigrants who had served out their contracts. The resort lies along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The resort of Bakkie can only be reached by boat.

The Museum of Bakkie, located in the village Reynsdorp (now better known as Bakkie) has an impressive collection of old bottles, prints, maps, paintings and many utensils.

Other villages in the Bakkie resort are Alliance, Ephrata, and Kronenburg


Ribeira da Torre of Coffee & Tea Sets

Ribeira da Torre is a torrential stream in the northeastern part of the island of Santo Anto in Cape Verde. Its source is in the mountains north of the Cova crater, near the locality Rabo Curto. It flows to the north through the settlements Xoxo, Faj Domingas Benta and Lugar de Guene. In the city Ribeira Grande it flows into the river Ribeira Grande, just upstream of its outflow into the Atlantic Ocean. Its upper valley is part of the protected area Cova-Paul-Ribeira da Torre Natural Park. There is small-scale agriculture in the valley, producing sugar cane, coffee, yam, banana, papaya and mango.



Music video of Coffee & Tea Sets

The cover art for the single is from the song's music video, which was directed by Paul Cunningham. The video stars British actor Peter Guinness and features Live, dressed in red shirts and tuxedos, performing the song in a club, where the only drink served appears to be milk. Guinness plays a newcomer to the bar who sits drinking black coffee and refuses the attempts of another patron to get him to try the milk. After a scuffle the newcomer tries to leave but is subdued by the other patrons who force him to drink the milk from a champagne bottle


County of Stanley, Queensland of Coffee & Tea Sets

The County of Stanley is a cadastral division centred on the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia, that is used mainly for the purpose of registering land titles. It was named after Edward Stanley, who was three times British prime minister in the 1850s and 1860s. It is bounded by the Logan River in the south, the Brisbane River at what is now Lake Wivenhoe in the west, the Stanley River at what is now Lake Somerset in the north-west, and Caboolture River in the north. It includes Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island, and extends west to Ipswich's CBD, south to Loganlea and north to Morayfield


Work of Coffee & Tea Sets

The Journal of American History called The Archaeology of Slavery and Plantation Life (1985), edited by Singleton, "a notably coherent group of papers that allow historians to look in new and stimulating directions to analyze the past." Singleton also edited I, Too, Am American: Archaeological Studies of African American Life (1999) which tells "the story of anonymous black Americans, forgotten in written records."

Singleton's most recent book, Slavery Behind the Wall: An Archaeology of a Cuban Coffee Plantation (2015), is a monograph that situates her excavations at the Cuban coffee plantation of Cafetal Biajacas within the comparative context of Caribbean coffee and sugar plantations.


Bhushan Pradhan of Coffee & Tea Sets

Bhushan Pradhan is an Indian film, web series and theatre actor in Marathi language. He was recently titled Maharashtra's Most Desirable Man 2019 by the Times Group. He has starred in movies like Aamhi Doghi, Coffee Ani Barach Kahi, Satarangi Re, Miss Match, Timepass, Timepass 2 and more. Bhushan received accolades for his role of Damodar Hari Chapekar in Zee5 Originals web series Gondya Aala Re. In 2018, he was appreciated for his role as Raam in Pratima Joshi's directorial debut Aamhi Doghi and also for his role as Laertes in Chandrakant Kulkarni directed William Shakespeare play Hamlet. His upcoming movie Lagnakallol is scheduled to release in 2020 directed by Mohammad Burmawala.


Significance of Coffee & Tea Sets

Jeff Ho formed the Zephyr Surf Team, made up of local surfers who frequented Pacific Ocean Park in the run-down area of Dogtown. Jeff later formed the Zephyr Skate Team, which became widely known as Z-Boys and popularized the sport.

The Z-boys were based in Zephyr Productions, and it was a regular hang-out for the members. Several members were also employed part-time at the surf shop.

Several members of the team included Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva, and Jay Adams. The team was the subject of a 2001 documentary film, Dogtown and Z-Boys, and a 2005 biographical film, Lords of Dogtown; both feature the Zephyr Productions Surf Shop.


Douwe Egberts of Coffee & Tea Sets

Douwe Egberts is a Dutch brand of coffee which is majority-owned by Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

It was founded in Joure, Netherlands, by Egbert Douwes in 1753 as De Witte Os ("The White Ox"), a general grocery shop. The company later started dealing specifically in coffee, tea, and tobacco. By 1925, it had changed its name to Douwe Egberts (as in Douwe, the son of Egbert) and introduced its logo, a red seal with a "D.E." initialism.

Its former tobacco brand White Ox was named for the original De Witte Os grocery store in Joure; Douwe Egberts sold White Ox to Imperial Tobacco in 1998.

In May 2017, Douwe Egberts launched aluminium coffee capsules across supermarkets.


Balzac's Coffee Roasters of Coffee & Tea Sets

Balzac's Coffee Roasters is a Canadian coffee company with thirteen retail locations in the GTA, Niagara, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, Guelph, St. Catharines, and Kingston. The company's headquarters and roastery are located in Ancaster, Ontario. Named after the famous French novelist and famed coffee drinker Honor de Balzac, the cafes serve traditional and fair trade blends, as well as espressos, hot chocolate and a variety of cold beverages. Each of Balzac's Coffee Roasters locations has a caf poster unique to its district.

Balzac's was featured in the sixth season of Dragon's Den; two of the venture capitalists on the show bought into the company.


Restaurants of Coffee & Tea Sets

8 Otto e Mezzo



L'Atelier de Jol Robuchon

Australia Dairy Company


Cha chaan teng


Fook Lam Moon

Forum Restaurant


Genki Sushi

Hawker centre

Heichinrou Hong Kong

Hui Lau Shan

IppudoJoy Hing's Roasted Meat

Jumbo Kingdom

Kau Kee Restaurant


Luk Yu

Lung King Heen

Mak's Noodle

Maison ES

Mott 32

The Peak Lookout


Shia Wong Hip

Star Seafood Floating Restaurant

Tim Ho Wan

Tsui Wah Restaurant

Wing Wah

Yucca de Lac

Yung Kee

ZumaFast-food chainsCaf de Coral

Caf de Coral (restaurant)

Cha chaan teng


Maxim's Catering

Pacific Coffee Company



Darimu of Coffee & Tea Sets

Darimu is one of the 180 woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. This woreda takes its name from the name of the region it lies in, "Darimu", which is mentioned in Alexander Bulatovich's book, From Entotto to the River Baro, published in 1897. Part of the Illubabor Zone, Darimu is bordered on the south by Metu, on the west and north by the Kelem Welega Zone, and on the east by Supena Sodo. The major town in Darimu is Dipa.

Coffee is an important cash crop of this woreda. Over 5,000 hectares is planted with this crop.


Yayu (woreda) of Coffee & Tea Sets

Yayu is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Illubabor Zone, Yayu is bordered on the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, on the west by Metu, on the north by Supena Sodo, on the east by Chora, and on the southeast by the Jimma Zone. Towns in Yayu include Elemo and Yayu. Doreni and Hurumu woredas were part of Yayu woreda.

Coffee is an important cash crop in Yayu; over 50 square kilometers are planted with this crop. The largest share of the proposed Yayu Biosphere Reservation, a project of the Ethiopian Coffee Forest Forum, lies in this woreda.

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