In French, When to Use 'on' and When to Use 'nous' [duplicate]

Try all those questions and answers listed below; there has to be in them more than you can handle as well as the answer to your particular questions.Quel est la diffrence d'usage entre nous et on ? Is it always ok to use "on" in place of "nous"? Use of "on" and personal pronouns Spcificits de l'utilisation de on Pronoms personnels (je, nous, on) utiliser dans un rapport Dois-je utiliser on ou nous ? Pourquoi utilise-t-on on au lieu de nous ? On remplace nous : quel nom pour ce processus ?Among a quantity of sources that could be mentioned (external to the FSE), I will add this one: " On , pronom imbcile,...". It's a good sample of what certain French people think, although, to be sure, they are a minority.

1. Examples of when to use "Accessed” in citation and references

Technically, APA uses "retrieved from" for websites rather than "accessed from":Retrieved [date] from [URL].It should be noted that dates are only required for frequently changing content; more or less "static" web pages do not need to have a date included, although there is certainly nothing wrong with doing so

2. Choices: It's or It's been? When to use which?

Technically, "it's" is a contraction of "it is". However, preceding "been" "it's" is used colloquially to mean "it has"."It is three years since I last went to the cinema. " No. "It has been three years since I last went to the cinema." Yes.So, "It's been three years ..." is the way to go, assuming your audience will accept "it's been" as "it has been". Writing out "It has been three years ..." is awkward. That's just not the way people speak.But if you are in an English class, your instructor might not like it. In which case, go with "It has been . .."Re: "both is correct" - when you use both, you say "both are", because "both" is plural; however, in this case, you do not want to use "both", you want to use "each" or "either" That is, "it seems that each is correct" or "it seems that either is correct"I believe you are correct about the use of Present Perfect. As a native speaker, I can tell you that I know no one who knows the names of the tenses and/or the rules for their use. We pretty much just go with whatever comes out of our mouths. As a matter of habit, it's usually correct. But there are very many times when no one, even teachers, know the correct way to express something. English is a terrible language that way

3. When use footcite and footnote? [closed]

You still have not answered my question if you want the citation within the text or at the bottom of the page, therefore this answer contains both possibilities.I also had to guess things like your bibliography style, as your post does not contain a minimal working example

4. When to use Constants vs. Config Files to maintain Configuration

Value in configuration file is harder to maintain than value in constants class, because the compiler does not check it exists and is of correct type, the IDE usually does not provide code assistance for it and also because it's yet another syntax you have to switch to while programming.So I would suggest putting:

5. when to use "is" and "are"?

Your daughter is correct. "is" is singular and "are" is plural. There is only one dog and one cat, so "is " is correct To use "are" it should have been "there... animals on the stoep"

6. unix test when to use eq vs = vs == in test commands?

From man test:-eq , etc.Relay to arithmetic tests. The arguments must be entirely numeric (possibly negative), or the special expression -l STRING', which evaluates to the length of STRING.STRING1 = STRING2STRING1 == STRING2So = and == are synonyms

7. When to use "form” and when "format”?

Both form and format have a wide range of meanings, some, but not all, having uses specific to computer files and documents.Something in writing is not necessarily in "text" format. It may be handwritten (perhaps even cursive!). It may be in plain text or HTML, or MS Word. It matters if you have to put together contributions from several people.One specific use of format is a file extension that indicates how a computer file is structured and therefore what applications will be able to view and, perhaps even more important, edit it. Form, as another answer says, is more general. "The female body has a pleasing form"--but no format that I know of.Here's Macmillan's short list of "format" definitions:nounthe arrangement, design, or organization of something the size, shape, and appearance of a book, magazine, or newspaper the form that a movie, television program, music recording, etc. is produced in the structure and design of a written document, especially a computer file, for example the size and type of the letters and the width of the written area of the page the way that information is arranged and organized on a computer disk verbto prepare a computer disk so that information can be stored on it to arrange written material into a particular format, especially in a computer file Provided by Macmillan Dictionary enter link description here

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