If Firearm Confiscation Became Law and Gun Owners Fought to It, How Many Civilians Or Police Fatalit

Americans will not fight. They like to think that they would, but the evidence is clear that they wont. Why do I say this? Because of the words of the wisest man that ever walked this earth who said,If you are not faithful in the small things, neither will you be faithful with the big things.Americans love their lives too much. They will not even be inconvenienced so little as to change where they shop for groceries to effect change, how much less will they be willing to fight and die for it.

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Has a member of the Adeptus Custodes ever fallen to the powers of chaos?

No and that might be part of the reason why the Emperor only cares about them. Chaos can only weaken or kill themNo Grey Knight has fallen to Chaos. There have been rare incidents of very specific kind of Chaos mind/spirit control but they werent corrupted but just turned into puppets(The first case is the Blade of Antywr forgot what the second one is)With the exception of the Grey Knights geneseed all of it is corrupted by Chaos. It was the Chaos Gods who did the hard work in creating the Primarchs after all


Why do most teenagers seem to not like classical music?

Because teens think it is, and I quote: Fucking gay and weird. People are shunned in my High School for liking old stuff. Most teens dont ever justify their opinions beyond: Its just shit. Thats simply it.

Also, they dont find it as entertaining as listening to people talk about sex and girls. It just isnt to teens. Theyd much rather listen to the same old repetitive, pointless and sex-driven music than even consider actual quality.This is coming from a teen in a high school, who has talked to many cool kids and knows quite a bit of them. So I do know what I am talking about.


Who is considered a legitimate actress but is horrible in all their roles?

J-Lo. Hands down. I cringe as soon as she starts acting. Im a movie fan, see almost every film released, and I cant believe she actually gets roles. I remember derisive laughter from the audience and walkouts while watching MAID IN MANHATTAN. MANY walkouts and jeers: GIGLI. HUSTLERS: again, she was cringeworthy. BOY NEXT DOOR: I felt embarrassed for her. Walkouts witnessed too.

Even on live TV, she seems very fake- it makes me uncomfortable just to watch her. I know this feeling is shared among my family and friends- we have discussed worst actors and she always comes up


Is there a realistic way to go back in time?

My cat was mauled by stray dogs in March. Her spine was broken and she lost the use of her hind legs. I really tried to heal her a lotbut she died a couple of days ago. She was my bestest friend in my life ever and my soul mate. I really need to turn back time to March this year just a day before her accident so that I can prevent it. My cat was only 5I had at least 22 more years with her. I'm thinking if I go to sleep and I wake up on a day before the fateful day in Marchall this could be a really long horrible dream.


What is your opinion of the Supreme Court ruling 'faithless electors' can't go rogue at the Electoral College?

Technically the Court didn't say that, it only said that the states have the power to prevent it if they want, either by subjecting rogue electors to fines, or actually dismissing them, tossing out their votes and replacing them. Many states either have no law at all regulating the behavior of electors, or have a law but no enforcement mechanism. Nevertheless very few electors go rogue, least of all in a situation where it might affect the outcome. This is because they are known party regulars to begin with, and are nominated on that basis. So practically the recent decision is not likely to make much difference, apart from drawing public attention to the matter


Has "community policing" worked; if so, where?

Unfortunately, COP (Community Oriented Policing) is a political ploy now.When I was a kid, we had a neighborhood officer named Office Allsbrook. He was the state chess champion. You know how I know? Because he used to stop in every day and we would play chess.

He knew (as I did when I did police work for nearly thirty-two years; because of him, and he knows it), every crack in the sidewalk in my neighborhood. Every car and person that didnt belong there. Anything that was out of place.Now its just a bunch of BS designed by politicians to get elected and nothing worth a sh*t. Sad. Very sad. Thanks.


Has there been anyone who went from being an atheist to a believer in God?

Im only referring to adults here.Absolutely proven? No. I cannot prove that someone actually held no belief before, or actually believes now. Thats a personal issue. However, it is rare, and almost never happens for people who NEVER believed. You can look around and find numerous people who claim to have made the change in belief. You will find that almost all are former believers who converted, then converted back. I submit that those people are, by a great degree, simply unclear on what they believed, or of course there would be some who lie as part of an ulterior motive.But again, we can never really know what someone believes.


I'm a 12 year old boy. Should I go to the gym?

Yes and no.I'll start with why you shouldn't:At a young age it's easy to start to worry too much about how you look, going to the gym would certainly increase the likeliness of thisStudies appear to be inconclusive as to whether this is true, but there is a risk that some exercises (e.g. weighted barbell squats) inhibit/stunt your growthHowever, certainly they're not reasons not to care about your fitness and health. Play sports, eat healthily, do lots of bodyweight exercises (i.

e. bodyweight squats, pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, crunches & other abdominal exercises). You will see the benefits on both your appearance and on your health


Why is President Trump's aide Kellyanne Conway leaving the White House at the end of August 2020?

its about time she leaves!- her husband george conway is one of the founders and leaders of the LINCOLN PROJECT - he is a virulent anti trumper and is campaigning as a conservative to get trump out of office at any cost - the conways have 4 children and their oldest daughter is - like george - also an anti trump campaigner on tik tok - now that we are moving into the last stretch of the election cycle she really does need to go - its not appropriate for her to be there - theres too many conflicts of interest


Was John Bonham really irreplaceable in Led Zeppelin?

John Bonham is irreplaceable in the history of drumming and in the history of rock, because he created a unique sound for rock drumming.But once someone creates a consistent style of playing, it's not that difficult to be replicated. Led Zeppelin could have found a good copycat, maybe a better drummer, but Bonham is one of the most influential drummers of rock.

There's a similar story with Keith Moon and The Who. The Who hired Simon Phillips and he is far superior in technique, because that's the job of session musicians. But Keith Moon created an style


Did Jawaharlal Nehru have a Muslim ancestor named Ghiyasuddin Ghazi?

Jawaharlal Nehru's grandfather Gangadhar Nehru who was the Kotwal(chief police officer) of Delhi at the time of 1857 revolt was a Hindu. He fled to Agra with his four sons after the British captured Delhi. His son Motilal Nehru too was a Hindu, a Kashmiri Pandit.

Jawaharlal Nehru born to Motilal and Swaroop Rani who herself was a Kashmiri Brahmin.Infact the earliest trace of Nehru family ancestor, Raj Kaul who got the name 'Nehru' because he was alloted a jagir(became a kinda landlord btwn 1713-1719) which was located near a canal which is 'Neher' in Urdu


Do British people view the Alfie Evans case as a failing of the NHS?

Of course not. The poor child had obvious and serious health problems within months of birth but was kept breathing, without charge, for more than a year by the most advanced paediatric care. More than 70% of his brain had disintegrated, with no possibility of regeneration or recovery.His condition was deteriorating further and he could not be medically examined without causing dangerous seizures. Apart from the seizures he had no interaction with his environment. Ultimately and inevitably he died in the care of his parents. The NHS could only be said to have failed if a better outcome had been possible, and I cannot see how there could have been a better outcome.


How can we prevent a war between USA and China in South China Sea?

If we were to agree that China is with in its rights to kick US navy out of South China Sea because of its grown economy and military/navy, then India may want China to get out of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and may be even Indian Ocean (at least upto 2000 km from the Indian coast).Japan will then ask China to get out of East China Sea. Russia may also want everyone out of the North Sea etc.

So, you can see how this kind of defensive posturing by large or powerful countries can lead to a totally fragmented planet


What does an educated Chinese person think about the Chinese government?

Do you know how much do I spend on my four year university education? 50000 yuan covered everything, aka, about $1800/y. As a student from countryside, I even can not afford that. Fortunately, I applied loan from the bank to accomplish my education. Dont tell me the oversea scholarships. I know myself, I dont have that ability. So you ask me what do I think about the government? I wanna say, we do have some problems, but who doesnt. I still have faith in it. I believe that one day, not far from now, we will stand on the top of the mountain, and youwill see.


Why do humans reproduce sexually?

Why do humans reproduce sexually?Because its what nature provided us with.Just imagine a human trying to divide themselves to create two younger offspring.Just imagine a human disposing diploid spores which would undergo meiosis and then form a haploid sporophyte, which would then give gametes, which would then fuse to form a zygote. (Actually this happens, because the gametophyte in the case of humans or reproductive organs)Its because the organisms, as they evolved, developed this method of reproducing.Even though invertebrate worms like earthworm are hermaphrodite, they reproduce by the means of sperms and ova.Thats all I can answer


Why do some people consider Jimmy Carter one of our worst presidents?

Presidents are usually blamed for economic crisis and just about any other problem that happens during their term. But recessions usually take several years to happen and generally are not directly related to presidential decisions.

Carter's true failings had to do with the way he dealt with Congress. Remember that presidents have no legislative power; they have the bully pulpit and can lay out an agenda, but they have to cajole Congress into going along. Carter made much of his Washington Outsider status and butted heads with many powerful congressmen. Yet, despite the fact that Congress was Democratically-controlled, he rarely was able to get his policies approved or laws passed to further his agenda.


Is Habib Fanny from Nigeria?

Nope.As others have indicated, I am Ivorian.I think the most famous person from my birthplace is Didier Drogba.He's not so well known in the US, since most Americans can't be bothered with football.But just a few years ago, he was still considered among the best, albeit a bit prone to theatrics.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. Where I come from, this guy is a hero.

Here's the absolutely amazing goal he scored against Everton. The game is tied. The clock is running out. How do you even have the balls to try something like this?

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