I Need to Know How to Trouble Shoot a Simple Diesel Engine!?

Diesels, everything with them has to do with the fuel and compression,, check Fuel filters, Thats what I think is wrong, if that do not work engine needs compression test or check fuel pump. Glow plugs would not matter unless it is cold outside, and over there I think its probally warm out

1. Considering a fifth wheel camper(12,000 lbs).Diesel engine(high fuel cost )or gasoline engine?

A diesel would be the better choice.A gasoline engine large enough to pull your trailer would get terrible mileage

2. how do you use a vacuum guage on a diesel engine to test for valve and head gasket issues?

Diesels do not work that way. Old way of checking is to have some one raise rpm to where it misses then if it's safe to do so, wear safety glasses crack open a line at the injector,one at a time, until you open one and notice it does not make difference in how it runs. It's the equivalent of pulling a plug wire on a gas engine. Remember it's under pressure so do not completely remove the line from the injector. It will, at least point you towards the right cylinder

3. Which is a better diesel engine, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota, or Isuzu?

Now this could get interesting as Nissan use VM-Motori engines and Mitsubishi is sometimes sold as Caterpillar and Ford sell engines to Mazda while Isuzu make engines for many other Car Makers as do Mercedes. It is a real mystery novel to work out who is using whose engines in which vehicle but with the emissions being ever tightened so many manufacturers are using Cummins. I do recall being told that Mazda were using Peugeot engines until I found out that Peugeot were using a "Perkins" in just one model and as Perkins was owned by Caterpillar then were Mazda fitting Caterpillar engines in their Pick-Up trucks or is this just another Urban Myth. Then the next model comes out and it all changes but remember that no-one ever got fired for buying a Toyota regardless of who makes their engines

4. How does the diesel engine acclerates the car? [closed]

The directions of the torques at the different parts along the way should be obvious.

5. my 2003 bmw 325i automatic sounds like a diesel engine why?

can i know what series is that?so that i can tell you,why the car does so

6. What diesel engine to swap in 83 Toyota pickup?

If you have the cash, i would see if you could go to a junk yard and get a VW TDI and the transmission with it and see if you could just match that up Im not super familiar with those old Toyotas but i know TDI's from VW and that sounds like exactly what you are looking for


Yes, these are HEUI (Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors) this system works just like a Ford/Int. powerstroke, It has a HPOP (high pressure oil pump) a FICM (fuel injection control module) To properly diagnose the problem you will need to follow a Caterpillar diagnostic tree. Usually on a system of this type (as in the case of the PS) the control module will NOT fire the injectors until the injection control pressure (from the HPOP rises over 500 PSI durring cranking) and then the module will fire the injectors!.

8. Is it true that you can put used cooking oil from restaurants into a diesel engine intead of gas?

Yes you can it will run, you will have problems in very cold weather, a percentage mix of diesel will reduce this, and as others have said it will smell like a chippy. I think the retailers have got wise to this practice as cooking oil is a round 1.00 a litre. And yes if you do use it you need to pay the duty on all the oil you use as a road fuel.

9. What all would i have to change on my truck to run a diesel engine in it?

The engine for one The trans because a Diesel engine makes more torque and i am pretty shure you could re use the fuel line but the pumps are not the same

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Cost to Install Diesel Engine on Boat?
Cost to Install Diesel Engine on Boat?
A lot depends on if you can put you intended new engine straight on the foot print of the old engine, you will need to take in to consideration the prop rotation, gearbox angles, gearbox ratio, raw water intakes, exhaust route and size and lots of other things, you need to find out what engine is in there now and what can be transplanted with the less hassle. Try and do a one for one, if the old engine make still makes marine engines then try to stick with the brand as you may save yourself a few headaches, if the old engine is not made anymore there are companies that make universal engines to suit what comes out. You can supply details of the old engine to most engineering companies and they will be able to give you an honest opinion if your proposed Yanmar is a good decision. Most re engine work usually goes over budget, allow for lots of new hoses, clips, screws and other similar parts, if the shaft and prop need replacing this will again add cost. Typical re engine job with good access and good engineers would take around 32 hours including a sea trial, this of course would be if its a paired engine for the original engine bed in the boat and without problems. Hourly rates will differ from state to state, Expect to budget for the unexpected, around $2000 Good luck.1. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?Thanks for asking Nikhil.Adding to what Divya Malika explained, Reliance owned less than 3% petrol pumps back then and because of the price difference created due to non availability of subsidy to private companies, their sales were negligible.nHowever, the price differential between the market price and sale price of diesel has narrowed down to Rs 1.33 paisa per litre since the start of August on the back of falling crude oil prices, an appreciating Indian rupee against the dollar and the 50-paisa monthly increase in diesel prices since January 2013 and RIL and Essar may resume their operation soon. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?2. Removing rust from toolsThere are a few good options for thisThis is slower, but works really well. Soak the tools in white vinegar for about 24 hours. Most of the rust will come off, and the rest will easily come of by scraping it. Mix baking soda with water until a paste that you can apply on the tool. Use a toothbrush to scrub off the baking soda. Then rinse with water.Soak the tool in diesel for 24 hours. You can use a brass brush after it is done soaking. Clean it with an old rag after.3. will nitrous mess up a diesel?Nitrous wo not work in a diesel. Diesel operates under a different concept than gas engines4. What is the biggest cost in miningIt depends on the method of mining adopted.. .in case of openpit mines with large size fleet the biggest cost items are diesel, tyres and spares. .In case of manual underground mines the biggest cost items would be wages5. Diesel Engine at Best Price in IndiaREEJA' WARE COOLED SLOW SPEED (LISTER TYPE) DIESEL ENGINE REEJA' Brand Water Cooled Slow Speed (Lister Type) Diesel Engines are designed for reliability, easy of maintenance and economy in operation. Their design, incorporating many outstanding features, permits the widest possible variety of application, plus long6. f 250 7.3 diesel question?Is the Primer Pump in the Tank Working? Check for Fuel "At the Injector Lines!" Does the Engine Crank? Did The Engine Stall and Why? Has it been more then 10 Months since the Fuel Filter Was Replaced? When you Trun the Key to ON does the Glow Plug Circuit Activate? Do you have Fuel Pressure at the Fuel (Pick-up) Pump on the Engine? Really need More Info. to Diagnose the Problem.7. DIESEL engine failer/can't get it to restart???question...why would u need to jump it if the battery was good...think about it8. Diesel fuel smell out of clothing?My hubby was a diesel mechanic for years. All I had to do was wash his clothes in Tide to remove the smell. However, since using detergent has not worked for you, try what a friend of ours had to do. He had to soak his clothing in vinegar, completely immersing, letting them dry and then washing. Hope this helps.
Cleveland Diesel Engine Division
Cleveland Diesel Engine Division
Cleveland Diesel Engine DivisionThe Cleveland Diesel Engine Division of General Motors (GM) was a leading research, design and production facility of diesel engines from the 1930s to the 1960s that was based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Diesel Engine Division designed several 2 stroke diesel engines for submarines, tugboats, destroyer escorts, Patapsco-class gasoline tankers and other marine applications. Emergency generator sets were also built around the Cleveland Diesel and were installed in many US warships. The division was created in 1938 from the GM-owned Winton Engine Corporation and was folded into the GM Electro-Motive Division in 1962. The engines continue in use today on older tugs— — — — — —Diesel locomotivesThree diesel shunters are currently in the custody of the railway, all of which have run a majority of service trains, as opposed to the usual steam-hauled passenger services. OperationalUndergoing overhaul, restoration or repairsStored or static— — — — — —Any diesel mechanics on here?first you must no what size your motor is to figure out what ever else you need to no— — — — — —my berlingo is down on power?I was not aware any diesel engines from this period have throttle butterflies, since engine RPM on a diesel is purely controlled by the amount of fuel injected. I would go for EGR being partially stuck open or your fuel system is drawing in air. a hose could have been split on not secure properly when the head was re-fitted.— — — — — —Diesel multiple unitsBR Class 108 units 519415925052064 and 5093356208 (51935, which was formerly paired with 56208, was severely damaged by a fire in May 2008 which after forensic examination was revealed to be an arson attack. The vehicle was declared a write off and was quickly dispatched to Midland Railway - Butterley for component recovery. Cut up October 2008 and was replaced by 50933 from Peak Rail).— — — — — —Diesel Loco ShedA diesel loco shed which was established in 1972 is located close by the station that houses 160 EMD locomotives like WDP 4, WDG 4, WDP 4B, WDP 4D & WDG 4D locomotives. It is currently holds 19 WDP 4, 90 WDG 4, 19 WDP 4B, 30 WDP 4D & 1 WDG 4D locomotives respectively.— — — — — —English Electric diesel enginesEnglish Electric's K, RK and V type diesel engines were manufactured by the English Electric company of the United Kingdom for stationary, rail transport and maritime use between 1934 and 1968— — — — — —GMR Vasavi Diesel Power PlantGMR Vasavi Diesel Power Plant, owned by GMR Power Corporation Limited, was a private-owned power plant located in Basin Bridge, Chennai. It was a 200-MW LSHS (low sulphur heavy stock) fuel (processed from the residue of indigenous crude) power plant of the GMR Group. The plant was based on two-stroke diesel engine technology from MAN B&W, Germany. It was the state's first plant commissioned by the private sector. The plant was decommissioned in 2018— — — — — —Fairbanks Morse 38 8-1/8 diesel engineThe Fairbanks-Morse 38 8-1/8 is a diesel engine of the two-stroke, opposed-piston type. It was developed in the 1930s, and is similar in arrangement to a contemporary series of German Junkers aircraft diesels. The engine was used extensively in US diesel electric submarines of the 1940s and 1950s, as backup power on most US nuclear submarines, as well as in other marine applications, stationary power generation, and briefly, locomotives. A slightly modified version, the 38ND 8-1/8, continues in service on Los Angeles-, Seawolf-, and Ohio-class nuclear submarines of the US Navy. The 38 8-1/8 has been in continuous production since its development in 1938, and is currently manufactured by a descendant of Fairbanks-Morse, FME, in Beloit, Wisconsin— — — — — —5 Gallons of Diesel5 Gallons of Diesel is a retrospective music DVD featuring Les Claypool and his various side projects. Released on November 15, 2005 by Prawn Song Records, the DVD contains 3.5 hours of music videos, live performances, and other miscellaneous video material pertaining to Claypool and his music.— — — — — —Diesel particulate filter - WikipediaDiesel particulate filtering was first considered in the 1970s due to concerns regarding the impacts of inhaled particulates. Particulate filters have been in use on non-road machines since 1980, and in automobiles since 1985. Historically medium and heavy duty diesel engine emissions were not regulated until 1987 when the first California Heavy Truck rule was introduced capping particulate emissions at 0.60 g/BHP Hour. Since then, progressively tighter standards have been introduced for light- and heavy-duty roadgoing diesel-powered vehicles and for off-road diesel engines. Similar regulations have also been adopted by the European Union and some individual European countries, most Asian countries, and the rest of North and South America.
What's the Difference Between a Diesel Engine and a Gasoline Engine?
What's the Difference Between a Diesel Engine and a Gasoline Engine?
how do you no the turbo is blown any sings?1. how can biodiesel save money?less pollution less money spend on health problem second biodeisel made from co2 soaked by plant at current level rather than burning deep buried co2 in form of fuel we clean the environment another benefit we can earn carbon credit on long term it gives oxygen to get biofuel we need more plants more oxygen engine runs healthier than conventional diesel less maintainance it reduce dependancy on imports it help increase local employment rate it makes good use of infertile waste land as new plants survive in more harsh environment same like diesel the other product in manufacturing in biodiesel is valuable low transportation cost for fuel accelerated growth of economy if used on large scale almost each country spends atleast 5% of gdp on petroleum fuel more green more good climate and clean air2. Whats a good name for a male Pitt?Diesel (if ur a Phillies fan) Utley Sam Duke Chase Cody Rascal Titus Brody (my favorite dog name) Dixie Copper Charlie Tanner Axel Marley Zeke (another favorite) these are off the top of my head. if these helped let me kno.3. 1998 Vw Beetle TDI ?No, in fact VW recommends against and fuel additives of any kind; having said that, it has been my experience that there can be cases where it wo not hurt, and may in fact, help. If the diesel fuel sits in the tank for long periods of time, it can grow bacteria in the fuel (regular diesel fuel, I do not know about bio-diesel, do not have enough experience with it), so if the vehicle is going to sit for a while and you do not want to drain the tank, then some additive designed to kill the bacteria in the fuel would be helpful. I have enough experience with diesels over the years: Owned 1979 Rabbit Diesel bought new; Puegeot 504 Diesel, 1978 Oldsmobile diesel, Ford Escort diesel, and Nissan Diesel pick up truck and there is at least one other time you want to add something to the fuel, when the temperature gets close to zero F and you have diesel #2 in the tank. At this point, diesel fuel is close to becoming a gel and does not flow hardly at all, so you need to add something to the fuel the improve the flow. You can get winter additives to add to the normal diesel fuel (if the fuel is not labeled as #1 diesel or winterized diesel, then its #2 diesel fuel), or add a small amount of gasolene to the fuel to improve the flow or get a block heater to help the diesel flow better, by increasing the temperature of both the motor and indirectly, the fuel. There is one last method of dispersing the wax in normal #2 diesel, but unless you have experience with this I do not recommend it at all: you can heat up the fuel tank and get it hot, which will get the fuel flowing.. (I wo not tell you how I used to do it when no other possible remedy was easily available!). Well, I hope this helps, a car nut. Other situations can arise, like a sticky fuel injector; it either drips or does not have the correct spray pattern (bad enough for a gasolene motor, absolutely terrible for a diesel), some additive designed to clear clogged injectors can help and save money (injector replacements on a diesel are not cheap).4. what maintenance needs to be done to my diesel engine?timing belt for sure! they dont last much past 90k ( i worked on vw's for a tad over 4 years) change oil, air filter, and a fuel filter. if they did not do it a cabin air filter, and a serpentine belt if its cracking. thats about it. also put in the correct weight of oil and make sure its for diesel, pick a good synthetic :).5. Should all cars be converted to E-100 and Biodiesel vehicles, or to electric vehicles with extra batteries?1- refineries should not offer fuels with a low knocking resistivity (octane 85 or lower) and all vehicles not able to use them should be removed from the road. 2- diesel should be encouraged since it saves on average 20-25% of fuel 3- efficiency standards should be set since we are far from the technological and economical optimum (250$ for a more efficient motor saves 2000$ fuel over the vehicle lifetime)
Can I Change to Biofuel?
No the Intrepid runs on gas not diesel. Bio-diesel, waste oils are only useful if you have a diesel engine• Other Related Knowledge ofa diesel engine— — — — — —Why don't petrol engines with the same CC as diesel engines provide a similar torque as the diesel ones do?There is a mathematical definition of torque (force at a given diameter), and a sort of seat-of-the-pants definition (how slow the engine can turn before it stops producing a useful amount of torque)A common misconception holds that it is related to bore-stroke ratio, but some simple math shows that for a given cylinder pressure (BMEP) torque corresponds to displacement, period.Scientifically what that means is that the cylinder pressure must be higher in a Diesel engine, which it is thanks to the much higher compression ratio achievable when fuel is injected into the cylinder rather than being pre-mixed with air. Turbocharging also contributes to this.Seat-of-the-pants-wise, diesel engines are able to achieve good combustion at low engine speeds again due to the way that fuel is injected into the cylinder.— — — — — —Re-starting a diesel engine after 2 years.?first drain the fuel second refill with fresh fuel third - prime fuel system fourth - check glow plugs.— — — — — —How to Change Diesel Engine CoolantThe coolant system is a crucial part for diesel generator, in order ensure the engine coolant to be good in cooling and anti corrosion,the replacement of coolant and clearing of cooling system are required every 2,000 hours or 2 years, whichever comes first. Warning: At operating temperature, engine coolant is hot and under pressure, and coolant steam can cause personal injury. Do not remove the pressure cap on the radiator until the engine stops and coolant temperature goes below 50℃. Slowly unscrew the pressure cap to release the cooling system pressure. Warning: The anti-rust additive in the coolant contains alkali. (1) Stop the engine and wait until the temperature of the coolant falls to below 50℃. slowly unscrew the pressure cap to release the cooling system pressure and remove it. A. Caution: Each 23 L of water should be mixed with 0.5KG sodium carbonate. Do not use caustic cleaner, or it will do harm to aluminum parts. Caution: Purge the air in the coolant system while adding the cleaning fluid. Pour the cleaning fluid slowly to avoid air block. The cleaning fluid should be added up to the bottom of the filter in the radiator and wait for about 3-5 minutes for a full purge of air. B. Start the engine and keep it running for 5 minutes after the cleaning fluid temperature has gone up to above 80℃, then stop the engine and completely drain the cleaning fluid in the cooling system. Caution: During the whole cleaning process the pressure cap should not be on and the engine runs without the cap on. C. Add clean water into the cooling system. Caution: Pour clean water slowly to avoid air block. Clean water should be added up to the bottom of the filter in the radiator and wait for about 3-5 minutes for a full purge of air. D. Start the engine and keep it running for 5 minutes after the water temperature has gone up to above 80℃, then stop the engine and completely drain the clean water in the cooling system. Caution: If the discharged water is still dirty, clean the cooling system again according to the aforesaid steps until discharged water becomes clean. Fill the cooling system with proper coolant. The total engine coolant capacity is 56L Caution: The actual amount of coolant should refer to the equipment date. Caution: Add coolant slowly to avoid air block. Coolant should be added up to the bottom of the filter in the radiator or meet the requirement of the equipment manufacturer. Wait for about 2-3 minutes for a full purge of air. (6) Install the pressure cap on the radiator, start and run the engine until coolant temperature reaches 80℃, then stop the engine and check and wait until the coolant temperature falls to below 50℃. then open then pressure cap and recheck the coolant level. Supplement properly, if necessary. (1) Blow off dirt on the filter with compressed air. (2) Remove the filter cover, remove and scrap the element. (3) Cover the compressor inlet from inside the air filter body with clean stuff to prevent dirt from entering the intake system. (4) Clean the inside of the filter body. (5) Check the new filter element for any defects and remove the covering stuff from the compressor inlet. Install the new element and make sure a sound seal at both ends. (6) Install the air filter cover and the service indicator. Caution: Be sure that both end faces of the air filter are reliably sealed without leakage after the air filter element has been changed.
Have Rebuilt a Toyota H Diesel Engine and Having Trouble Starting?
Have rebuilt a toyota h diesel engine and having trouble starting?Hello First matters first, do not SPRAY whatever INTO THE intake. If you happen to keep doing it it will wash oil from the cylinder partitions, wear the engine, after which your automobile is not going to start with out the spray, which is referred to as "dependancy" within the alternate. If there's a lot of white smoke at the same time you are attempting to start the vehicle then you have air ingression into the gas strains, which is also solved with the aid of renewing the fuel filter and seals, in any other case you will must check for indicators of "damp" on the gas lines, possibly the injector leak off pipes, to search out the challenge. If there may be black smoke while the engine is churning and no longer starting then you definately most likely have a glow plug concern. Are attempting activating them about two or thrice before establishing the engine and see if that makes any difference. Cheers Geordie— — — — — —How long should diesel trains idle for? (Caltrain - San Francisco Bay Area)For was long as needed. It is an incredible the amount of fuel and time to start a Diesel engine. Have you every driven and older diesel car or truck. It is not like the same as jump in and drive.— — — — — —Converting diesel engine to alternative fuel? ?It must be a diesel to run on bio-diesel fuels. We need to do like Europe and go diesel. They have many very nice cars that get over 50 MPG and can burn bio diesel.— — — — — —Aircraft diesel engineThe aircraft diesel engine or aero diesel is a diesel-powered aircraft engine. They were used in airships and tried in aircraft in the late 1920s and 1930s, but never widely adopted beyond this. Their main advantages are their excellent specific fuel consumption, the reduced flammability and somewhat higher density of their fuel, but these have been outweighed by a combination of inherent disadvantages compared to gasoline-fueled or turboprop engines. The ever-rising cost of avgas and doubts about its future availability have spurred a resurgence in aircraft diesel engine production in the early 2010s. Using diesel engines in aircraft is additionally advantageous from the standpoint of environmental protection as well as the protection of human health, since the tetraethyllead antiknock ingredient of avgas has long been known to be highly toxic as well as polluting.— — — — — —How Does a Diesel Engine Work? | Highway and Heavy PartsDiesel engines excel in areas where gasoline engines simply can not compete. Shipping trucks, buses, generators, construction, agriculture, and locomotive transport are a few diesel dominated areas. Let's cover what makes them different from gasoline engines. Have specific questions about Diesel Engines? Call our ASE certified technicians! Differences in Ignition between Diesel and Gasoline Engines Both engines are similar in that they have internal combustion to drive power. However, gasoline and diesel engines experience combustion in two different ways. Gasoline combusts through the use of compression paired with a spark plug, while diesel fuel combusts without a spark because of the higher compression and temperature in the cylinder. Both engines require three things to be efficient: One clear difference in both combustion chambers are that diesel engines have glow plugs, and gasoline engines have spark plugs. So what is different about them? Unlike gas powered engines, diesel ignition is caused by compression without a spark. The compression stroke in a diesel engine is hot enough to ignite the fuel-air mixture, sometimes reaching 2,000 degrees. In cold temperatures however, a glow plug is required to start. The glow plug heats up the combustion chamber, then shuts off once the engine starts running. We have a selection of glow plugs available on our website. Spark plugs are required for the ignition in gasoline engines. They differ from glow plugs because they are used in every power stroke. • Used with every power stroke How Does a Diesel Engine Turn Fuel into Power? It's no secret that diesel engines are very powerful. The reason for this power is attributed to the way compression occurs in the combustion chamber. A diesel engine operates by cycling between four different strokes: • Intake Stroke - The piston starts at the top of the cylinder, as it moves downward the intake valves open and an air-fuel mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber. The mixture enters the low pressure zone caused by the piston movement. • Compression Stroke - This stroke begins with the piston at the bottom of the cylinder. After the fuel-air mixture has filled the cylinder and the intake valves have closed, the piston begins rising for compression. At the top of the cycle, the mixture has nowhere to go, and is ignited. • Power Stroke - This stroke begins after ignition. The valves remain closed, and the ignited mixture expands and pushes the piston back down. • Exhaust Stroke - Once the power stroke ends, the exhaust valve opens and the used mixture is expelled as the piston returns to the top. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the diesel engine? Diesel engines are very versatile and efficient. Because of the power created by compression, they have great fuel economy, torque, and durability. Gasoline engines require a spark to ignite the fuel, but the pressure and temperature in diesels is so high that it ignites on its own. 1. Efficiency - Because of the power generated by compression ignition, the diesel engine uses less fuel and generates more power. 2. Durability - In order to withstand higher temperatures from compression, the diesel engine is designed more rugged than gasoline engines. As a result, they can last more miles compared to gasoline vehicles before needing part replacement. 3. Torque - More energy emitted from compression means more torque. This additional power is why diesel engines are ideal when hauling heavy items. 4. Resale - The high durability and ability to put on miles attributes to diesel vehicles having better resale value. 1. Price - You will find that diesel vehicles can be quite a bit more expensive than gasoline vehicles. 2. Fuel - Diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline but depending on how often you drive, you wo not need to fill up as often. It's still something to keep in mind while considering a purchase. 3. Parts - If general maintenance is not kept up with, parts and repairs can be more expensive than gasoline vehicles. You will find that diesel vehicles have a high cost and fuel price, but generally they are meant to do bigger jobs than gasoline vehicles. More power, torque, and durability makes diesel great for various jobs. However, if you are just looking for something for city driving, a gasoline car would be the way to go. Read our previous blog for some useful tips to help your diesel engine live longer. Diesel engines deliver more power and efficiency compared to gasoline engines due to compression ignition. Greater fuel economy is also a result, meaning fewer trips to pump. The diesel engine functions through the intake, compression, power, and exhaust strokes. This is similar to a car motor, however gasoline is ignited with the use of a spark plug in gas vehicles. In a diesel engine, fuel injectors release fuel in a fine mist, which is ignited by compression. Let us help you get the right parts for your engine! We have ASE Certified Techs who can help make sure you are getting the best parts for the job. Call them at 844-304-7688, or request a quote online.
Will Dodge Ever Make a 1500 Ram with a Cummins Diesel Engine?
It would need to be the heavier truck just to accommodate the heavier Cummins. Those things are heavy!1. What will be the yearly tax for a 3200 diesel engine in Wales UK?That depends on your V exhaust emissions,,they are shown in the V5C vehicle registration certificate and listed in it,put figures into google uk vehicles gov for the answer2. Why did the engine die after simply replacing the old turbo charger with a new one, it's a diesel engine?Often these things are all wearing out at nearly the same rate. If you replace one part, it often pushes the others over the edge3. how much is the second hand car (diesel engine) in nepal?the price that most second hand cars cost for example Maruti and Suzuki would be a 20000-25000/- NRs. Quite cheap a first hand car would be a 30000-35000-40000/- NRs Quite Expensive4. How do I estimate the needed horse power of a diesel engine for a 20 kg aircraft?such a small aircraft, you can afford to build and test as a glider.Gliding the aircraft, you can measure its airspeed and sink rate. From these two givenz, you can use kinematics to find the power consumed by air drag at gliding speed. Now multiply this value by some factor to find your specified climbing power needed5. What do you think is the best Lionel Diesel engine to buy?Lionel 6-8857 Northern Pacific U36B Diesel... Good luck!6. can i fit a duramax diesel engine into my 2500hd gas truck?New radiator, transmission, fuel tanks, fuel lines. fuel pumps, shifter placement, front suspension, tire size will need to be changed. rear end will need to be changed for the diesel's torque. gages showing fuel type, Computer system for the fuel and smog stuff deference's, and a lot more. Now if you were changing out diesel for diesel it would take less, but still the computer will need to be changed. And it will never run right after that. Just change the air filter. open it up to get more air through to the engine. It will run better and get better mileage too. In short it is not worth the change over.7. WIth fuel prices as high as they are do you think motorcycle companies would ever add a diesel engine?They have tried and they do not sell well. Also there is not much of a point to it, even a middle of the road gas motorcycle that was not designed for fuel efficiency gets 50mpg. Making a diesel that gets maybe 25% better efficiency would not make a huge difference in savings and would not really be worth the poor acceleration. If you want more efficiency get a 250 ninja, can not beat that8. What type of adjustments will I have to make to my diesel engine to be able to burn used cooking oil??More thqn just a few-the injectors, the injection timing needs reprogrammed, there's a LONG list. Doing so without all the modifications can cause very expensive damage to the system9. Will Dodge ever make a 1500 ram with a cummins diesel engine?i doubt that they ever make one unless one of the other car makers does,it would not be practical to manufacture a truck like that,even though they would sale good i do not think we will see this happen for a while,good luck10. what would cause a diesel engine to run 8 percent less effiecient than the other?all of these guys have good guesses, seems to make sense. I am a certified cat mechanic and have been for 16 years. I've seen customers complain that something was wrong with the engine, at the end of the day it ends up being the wheel that he was turning. If you have excessive vibration you could have a mess up prop. that will do it. If not, Check to see you do not have an air leak going to your actuator. this will cause a less efficent performance.By the way your engine does'nt have rails, what they mean is fuel racks. I would seriously advise not to try to adjust this yourself. There are special tools required to do so.You can also have a governor problem,worn flyweights. Check the vaneer controls to make sure you do not have any excessive wear. If your turbos were worn than you should be smoking out the exhaust is that happening? Your fuel ratio control valve could have a hole in the diaphram. I hope this helps with your problem, 8% is not that much but the price of fuel I feel your pain. Good luck So you have a generator pulling out of the same tank as the engine that seems to be burning more fuel? If i assume this is what your saying , then the problem could be in the generator not the main engine. Do you have fuel readers on each engine. How do you know it's the engine thats the problem. Have you considered that you could have a leaking fuel tank? I am trying to help with minimum information. Basically trying to troubleshoot in the dark if you know what I mean. Are the rpm's the same? Is there any black,white ,or Blue smoke present when you are underway? Will be standing by for a little more information.
Will a 2.5 Lt Diesel Engine Producing a Peak Torque of 200Nm@1500 Rpm Have the Same Pulling Power As
Will a 2.5 lt engine with the same peak torque at the same engine speed?1. How many mpg does a F250 6.0 diesel engine? ?The Cummins, Duramax and new Ford 6.7 are best2. What happens when you snuff a diesel engine with petrol?I am not sure what snuff an engine means, but I can tell you what happens when you try to run a maybe diesel on petrol.It ruins it.Apparently it destroys the valves, damaged the pistons, wrecks the injectors, and the engine will not start. Probably ever again.Do not do it. My engine is very dead and my insurance company is very cross with me.3. Filled up a diesel engine car with petrol, what should I do?tank needs to be emptied and washed out with reg. petro. fuel lines have to be presured out, injectiors should be cleaned, filters need to be replaced. Take it to the shop.4. whats the best way to clean a 4x4 diesel engine,?Start by using kerosene at the top of the hood go down to engine and bay. Wash off with dish liquid,rinse out with slow running water. Avoid pressure,cover all electrics and electronics.5. how do you check the compression of a big diesel engine?listen to nomadd6. How much would it cost to build a diesel engine hot rod?general motors has remote start available on it's isuzu designed dura- max diesel. these have already been stuffed into early 70's muscle car bodies such as the chevelle, complete with air conditioning, power steering/brakes, and automatic transmission. this particular engine responds very well to chip style reprogramming, larger turbo and propane injection. i have personally seen stock versions use bio-diesel without problem. in truth everything you specified is available right now in your local junkyard, the minimum skills you must posses are measuring, cutting, welding, basic D.C. electrical knowledge and a place to preform this transformation out of the snow and rain note if skills are not up to snuff or you have no place out of the weather you should work on these first before you purchase any project parts/supplies. as far as costs for a project of this magnitude you should plan on a budget of no less than 12-15 k edit 23 1 11 personally i am not a particular fan of g.m. products, however the physical size of the cummins and power-stroke engine/transmissions would make for awkward if not impossible installation in anything except a large sedan7. What are the modifications required for running diesel engine on CNG ?Why the heck would you do that? Just burn veggy oil like you are supposed to in a diesel8. Are Ford F-250's good trucks? Which diesel engine?well all diesel motors in chevys, dodge and ford where all pretty good but i have always had the best luck with fords with the 7.3. I love cummins in the dodges they always seem to have more power and get better gas mileage but i always had electrical problems and i always had to invest more $ in them than the ford. I like most of the older ford diesels all the way back to the old perkins but the best Diesel you can buy would be a turbo 7. 3, some of the earlier ones where non-turbo and lacked power but where still very reliable. The last turbo 7.3 i had i bought new and put 370,000 miles on it in three years and the only things i had to do to it besides regular maintenance was a universal joint, clutch and tie rods. Them older ones like 93-97 where some of the best trucks every built and if you can find one with low miles i would buy it cause it would be a great investment, if you take care of it you can get 600,000 miles out of them. Not shure what year they started having the crumple zones but go with the ford NOT chevy because i worked at a chevy dealership for 2 years and the duramaxs ran strong but there where so many recalls and problems with the duramax that anyone who worked on them would not evan consider buying one!9. How many miles is considered a lot of miles on a diesel engine for a pickup truck??100,000 is not that much for a diesel...typically they get around 300,000...but that is not the only reason to consider NOT buying a truck with that many miles... things will need to be replaced...brakes, exhaust, clutch, shocks, ball joints...just because the engine runs strong does not mean it's a dependable truck.
Can I Use 15w-40 Shell Rotella Diesel Engine Oil Instead of 15w-30 for My 4G63 Mitsubishi Gasoline E
The last number should never be changed unless you fully understand what is going on.The first number can essentially be changed freely, as long as it does not numerically increase above the second. Theoretically Parity (Straight Weight) would be acceptable, but it's preferred that you follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer. The manufacturer should tell you what Winter weight to run, and at what temperature that change is beneficial.Very basic source, but it explains it eloquently.It's important to understand that every outside temperature is "low" relative to operating temperature. So while it's OK to change your winter weight, given that your oil will be "cold" relative to operating temperature, it's not advised to use a different operational weight, unless you modify the engine to run a different set of operational parameters, which is seemingly out of the scope of this query.You can use any XW30 Oil that meets the specifications of the manufacturer.I hope this helps1. Looking for Water Cooled Diesel Engine 10 HP?Yammar & Westerbek have a few 1 Cylinder water cooled Diesels. around 8 -11 hp.The RPM is 1800 RPMs WOT Governed2. How to extend the life of the dual mass flywheel in a diesel engine?I have an Opel (Vauxhall) Astra Estate Diesel 1.7CDTI, 5-speed manual. Upon buying it as new, in order to extend DMF's life I was advised the following: 1. To avoid driving when heavily loaded or when climbing steep roads at low revs and to maintain engine revs above 1500 rpm. 2. If possible to avoid strong deceleration by sudden switching to lower gear. Instead, to apply more brake force. Brake pads and disks are much cheaper than DMF and clutch. Following these simple steps I still enjoy my car with its original DMF already more than 280,000 km (174,780 miles) with no signs of wearing or any other abnormal behavior.3. why we keep diesel engine on ideal run when we start it in morning?Diesel engines are notoriously slow on the warm up and they require operating temperature to do theire job..4. I recently found a 3 cylinder diesel engine generater?Well,I guess you need to start somewhere with it.Look over the generator wires and be sure nothing is touching or frayed.Check it for fuel,turn on the glow plugs if it has them and crank it over. If it does not show signs of life,crack open the injectors one at a time and crank it again to purge them.Then try it again,this time with a shot of starting fluid down the intake.If it's still dead then keep trying,allowing the starter to cool and the battery to charge.5. Is the new Toyota FJ going to be available with a diesel engine, too?Sorry, do not know. Diesel in our area is $4.09 a gallon and gas is $3.49. Is the mileage going to be worth the extra cost? Gas is almost always available wherever you go and diesel is slightly more limited. We have two Toyota's - the 4th and 5th ones we've owned - and love the brand. But Consumer Reports is not a fan of the FJ. It's been reviewed recently so go to the library and check it out before committing to a purchase. I know it's not the same but the 4Runner appeals more to me.6. can i put a diesel engine into a 1984 scirocco?As long as you have the money, you can do it7. Does adding CNG to a diesel engine improve mpg and performance?How can it improve fuel mileage when it is another fuel your adding to the diesel8. how do you stuff a diesel engine in a ford model a?A Cummins 4BT would fit pretty well and is not hard to fins, a lot of delivery trucks use them. I do not have the dimensions on hand but I think it would be a good choice9. Why do you think the the Nazis choose to use a diesel engine rather than a wood gas generator to gas people atMuch easier to obtain diesel fuel than that much wood. Gathering wood would require lots of manpower, which they had, but would raise a lot of suspicion as to what all that wood was being used for. The death camps were not really publicized to the rest of Europe until they were liberated by the Allies.
Is It Okay to Use Home Heating Oil for Fuel in My Volkswagen That Has a Diesel Engine??
i would ask a mechanic about it1. How does a diesel engine maintain more fuel efficiency than a gasoline engine?With an internal combustion engine like a diesel or spark ignition engine, the efficiency is related to the compression ratio. Increased compression ratio allows greater thermal efficiency, meaning the engine can extract more of the energy available from burning the fuel-air mixture and turn it into mechanical output. The link below has some further detail on why. Another reason that applies in practice is that normal distillate fuels (diesel fuel) have more energy available in them than normal gasoline fuels. A diesel can have a higher compression ratio compared to a spark ignition engine because the intake stroke draws only air into the cylinder, not a fuel-air mixture. The fuel is added later when the piston is in the proper position, ready to ignite the fuel. There is no possibility of pre-ignition. When there is a fuel-air mixture taken in and compressed (as in a spark ignition engine) the compression tends to ignite the fuel at some point before the piston is in position (due to heating of the mixture by compression). This is called pre-ignition, and while the octane rating of the fuel allows greater compression ratios, it is clear that there is always a limit to the amount of compression that can be used. This intake of a fuel-air mixture is also a limit to the amount of additional compression using super-chargers and turbo-chargers. Inter-coolers are used to cool the air after compression before it is taken into the engine.2. were to buy a diesel engine for a 86 ford bronco ii?Cummins 4bt Crate Engine3. What diesel engine to swap in 83 Toyota pickup?If you have the cash, i would see if you could go to a junk yard and get a VW TDI and the transmission with it and see if you could just match that up Im not super familiar with those old Toyotas but i know TDI's from VW and that sounds like exactly what you are looking for4. How to start a truck diesel engine that hasn't been started in over three months?Get some diesel 911 use 1&1/2 the recommended dosage, because the fuel is probably bad gelled. Step two, change the fuel filters. You may have to prime the injectors.5. Will Dodge ever make a 1500 ram with a cummins diesel engine?Take the age of the truck in years and multiply that by potential of 20,000, if the odometer exhibits better miles than that i could look it over with an exquisite tooth comb interior the previous i offered it6. Which is the best car for first car buyer? (Honda Amaze, Hundai i20 or swift dzire), Budget is upto 6.5LMaruti Swift dezire will be the best car for first car buyer. This car has arrived in Indian market with both petrol and diesel engines. With the help of diesel engine, the car offers 26. 59kmpl mileage, which is better than other diesel cars in India7. Which is more tough and reliable,a Mercedes Benz W123 gas engine or diesel engine?is there a big difference?Diesel, they last forever and they get better gas millage8. If I stop in traffic, I can either turn off my diesel engine and restart when the traffic moves or keep the engine running. How long would my wait need to be for it to be more economical to turn off and restart?Leave it running, because it's not consuming hardly any fuel while idling, and the shutdown and start up of the engine just causes unnecessary wear and tear on the engine and starter9. Have any of you ever put an powerful GM6.2/6.5/6.6, Ford7.3 or maybe a Dodge5.9 DIESEL engine in a small car.?relies upon on how your 100kms are pushed to? Are you doing city utilising or twin carriageway/highway utilising? Does it have a Diesel specific filter out (DPF) in many cases found on extra cutting-edge diesel fashions. while you are doing 100km of twin carriageway utilising a week, issues would be ok, as you would be charging the battery up and getting the temperatures up on your catalyst and DPF (in case you have one). ensure you alter your oil each year whether you do no longer meet the provider mileage. while you are doing 100km of city utilising, start up/end utilising, issues wo not be wo not be so solid
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