I Need How-to Tips for Self-painting My Horse Trailer!?

First sand it. If the original color was white (link is not working) then you can just sand off the rust and paint). But if its a color then you either have to sand it all off or paint a primer (white duh lol) over the existing color. A machine sander will work. If you use a primer let it dry completely. (I am not sure about the chalk) Then pick a color and get a roller brush and a small brush and paint! You can get a spray gun but its cheaper (and has less directions) just to get a brush. Then I suggest letting that dry and going over it with a gloss. Hope this helped!

1. How to keep a horse trailer clean!?

Buy a saddle bag, bridle bag, etc. I just bought all that stuff, and it makes such a different. Of course, some of it can get expensive, but it is well worth it. Saddle bags can typically hold the saddle, girth(s), and whip(s)/crop(s). Bridle bags can hold 23 bridles/halters and a few random things at the bottom. Helmet bags fir the helmet. Garment bags hold everything. I use mine for my shirts, coats, and pants. Boot bags can usually handle 1 pair of tall boots. You can hang everything up on a hook, or set it down on the ground without it getting ruined. In the tack room hang up hooks everywhere, and a saddle rack. Hang everything up, and it will be out of the way. You also do not need to bring everything. Bring the tack, clothes if you need to change, brushes, and first aid kit. Hang it up on hooks, and its off the floor. As for the horse's tail, buy a tail bag, braid her tail, and put it in the bag. If the top of her tail gets dirty either get a tail bag with the neoprene top to protect her tail, or use vet wrap, and lightly wrap her dock. Good Luck! (:

2. Is this a good price for a horse trailer?

That's kind of like asking how much for a Ford? The answer depends on a lot of things like what it is made of, how big it is, what bells and whistles it has, etc

3. how old you were you when you learned to pull a horse trailer? is 16 to young?

No way you gotta learn sometime! I reccommend practiceing without horses in the trailer.[=

4. What is the best 4x4 for reliability and economy I need it you'll a trailer ?

Depend on the weight of the trailer. Horse trailer for example or 30ft camper might look at f-250 or comparable Chevy. I would stay away from Dodge. A smaller trailer a F-150 or comparable Chevy. Neither are great on gas, but then again that is not a primary concern when shopping for a truck.

5. does anyone know of a horse trailer/RV thing instead of a truck and trailer?

Check on ebay. They have all kinds of things. Look under horse trailers. Some of the horse for sale web site have trucks and trailer for sale too

6. What do you use to organize your horse trailer?

shelves and drawers

7. Can my Ford F-250 pull a 4-horse trailer?

Keep in mind that you are talking about a 7 year old vehicle V-6 ....if you are only taking these two horses to a show or two 20 miles down the road flat, paved roads no hills, no wet grassy slopes, or mud you can probably get away with it for a few years. If you are carrying hay, tack food for your and or the horse, an extra person for the 2nd horse you are adding to the weight. You are also asking a lot of an older V-6. Remember extreme heat can have a bearing on the trip as well, driving miles in 90 degree weather is not smart either. You have to sit down and talk to a knowledgeable person in the mechanics of hauling, weight, heat, terrain vs your particular truck.

8. Which Truck should i get to haul a horse trailer?

I would just say a big, heavy duty one. I also like dodges and that is so going to be my first truck! I wonder if they come in purple...

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