I Have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and Was Wondering What Would Be the Best Shock Collar for Me to Use on

They are all pretty similar. Go for whatever is on sale. Shock collar training is only inhumane if done improperly. get a grip, people

1. When it comes to registries, why do people think they are being unoriginal if they...?

I have to agree that the registry serves a purpose... the bride is guaranteed to like the gift. Being on the bride side of the spectrum, I can say that unless you are REALLY close to me and you know the colors of my home... or the style that I decorate in... I would prefer that you get me something off my registry. Having been a non-bride in previous years, I can remember a couple of reasons for not buying on the registry. 1. I felt like everything was either too expensive or too cheap. 2. Some brides do not register for enough stuff so you run out of things to choose. 3. Some stores do not keep registries up-to-date or people forget to cross off what they got, so brides get duplicates. 4. I did not want the bride knowing how much (or how little) I spent on a gift. I could get something on sale and it be much nicer than the $20 can opener that the bride requested. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with registries... I just can see both sides.

2. Private car sale - bill of sale question?

nothing .... people ether do what they say or they dont. even if you had had a copy , he could have sold it and returned your 100. what would do ? sue him ? no ! so just move on.. its really no big deal. he made another 150 by pissing you off. i doubt he cares much about it.

3. What is the best air-soft gun that shoot at about 350 fps?

The Killmall MoogaFooga SooperAssault Npeppa XtraTactical BB Hose. With the LazerKill sight. Al's Toy Barn has them on sale.

4. I'm trading my car for another, can I drive it until it's registered?

Actually since the 4th is Sunday, the holiday is Monday and they wo not be open until Tuesday. But as long as you have insurance and the signed title (bill of sale does not necessarily do it), you are okay

5. How can I determine the sale price of my used weight equipment? I have a ParaBody Smith Machine that is 8 yrs

Parabody Smith Machine For Sale

6. Ladies (and GCG, of course) what is the most you've ever spent on a purse?

I am so thrifty....okay, I am CHEAP!...I never spent more than $40 on a purse. And I love garage sales for things like that. Provided there is not gum or tobacco in the bottom. :-P Note to self: Do not garage sale at Cel's place. LOL! ^^^above me is NOT a Mom, obviously...messenger bagish WTF? I love HHH's answer...I think I overspent.

7. wrrhat color pen should i use for my homework?

Definitely blue. This is the usual preferred color by most teachers as it is easy on the eyes when they are marking so many papers. Do not use a gel pen! Paperwork done with a gel pen, regardless of the color is difficult to read which means the teacher would have to spend more time trying to read the paper. Given that trying to read everyone's handwriting is difficult enough, do not make the process even more difficult by using gel pens. The standard blue pens that everyone can find at any store and are inexpensive are what you need. Stock up when they are on sale and you will never be without a pen. Just as a note, when I worked in an office and paperwork was handed in and was done in a gel pen, I often returned it to the culprit to redo with a proper pen. Also, since teachers often use black markers to grade the paper, their comments and your mark will stand out more when you have used a blue pen

8. What do you do on the internet when your bored?

Sometimes I go to sites with local homes for sale. There are usually inside shots of the different rooms and I like to see how other people have decorated their places

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