your rpm's are set to low they must be set higher before you can engage clutch . and if that do not work check the governor or it could be your carburetter needs cleaning ! good luck !

1. how to clear brush without a tractor?

Hi Depending on the area of the pasture, you could go back to the basics and use a scythe or Machete good fun, and exercise ,or a controlled burn may be the easy option but keep a look out for snakes. You can forget the goats unless you like goats milk or cheese no kidding. cheers Bob a job

2. What does it mean when a tractor-trailer flashes his brights on a US highway?

Flashing lights has several meanings:This are the most common and nearly universal indicators. If there is reason to thank the person behind you (you are overtaking and the car on the lane gave you way) or acknowledge (you really had microsleep), it is polite to touch gently and shortly the brake two times, so your follower sees two short red flashes indicating "thanks"

3. 52(ish) ford tractor won't start?

Try some fresh gas or carb cleaner in the carb to prime it, if not, install new points and set the gap about 0.025 -0.030in.. another trick is to run a jumper wire from the battery to the side coil just while cranking to get a hotter spark, but if left to long can burn the points...

4. Need help finding a place that sells ford tractor parts?

Ford's tractor division was taken over by New Holland, and a New Holland tractor dealership might be able to do you some good - but it's a long shot. Alternately, put "tractor parts near 43302" in Google (no quotes though) and look through the listings that come up there. Hope this helps

5. why doesnt my tractor engine rev all the way?

yes its probably a worn out spring

6. Why did the tractor beam of the Enterprise crush the fighter jet of 20th century?

The gravity field used by a tractor beam simply overwhelmed the relatively fragile fighter aircraft of the 20th century and crushed them, due to their lack of internal structural integrity fields and inferior construction as compared to superior armor and construction processes used in the design of the 23rd century starships.In Star Trek, where the tractor beam gained its cult popularity, it was a field of force designed to hold, tow, or control smaller vessels using an "attenuated graviton beam." The very utilitarian nature of the tractor beam, belies its potential destructive power. Indeed, the Borg use their tractor beams as weapons to hold ships in place, drain their shields and increase their targeting ability on a non-moving ship.This field could reinforce structural integrity in vessels from the same era because it was designed to interact with the molecular structure of those ships. However, when used against ships or structures of a different era, particularly those without the benefit of structural integrity reinforcement, the tractor beam was the equivalent of a gravity weapon, tearing the vehicles apart. While tractor beams were commonly used in the Federation and among Alpha Quadrant species, the process was not always a perfect one as different races found their tractor beams having different effects on each other's ships. A Romulan tractor beam was discovered to have a shearing effect (causing microscopic deformations in the hulls of Federation ships. (TNG: The Mind's Eye)It is this same shearing effect, which tore apart the relatively flimsy 20th century fighter aircraft when a tractor beam was used to attempt to push them away from the Enterprise as it descended into low Earth orbit. The metallic hulls of those planes were simply not designed to withstand the force of the tractor and could not provide sufficient resistance to the equivalent of a giant fist squeezing the plane from the outside.It is easy to forget how durable most Federation or 23rd century technology is in comparison to our own because their weaponry is so powerful. Most of the weapons of modern Earth could barely scratch an unshielded Federation starship. The molecular processes used to design their hulls make them incredibly strong and they are able to be reinforced with structural integrity fields, which constantly increase the rigidity and resistance to stresses from motion, inertia and other movement stresses up to and including moving near the speed of light! Modern Earth aircraft only have the strength of their materials, construction and design to help them withstand their operating stresses which a tractor beam can easily exceed.As far as using the tractor beam on people, I cannot recall an instance where a shipboard tractor was ever used on an unprotected human, and if it was, it was probably highly modified in order not to harm the human. Normal ship tractors would and should crush unprotected human beings unless highly calibrated. The episode in question is: "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" a first-season episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. It is episode #19, production #21, first broadcast on January 26, 1967, repeated July 13, 1967, and was remastered in 2006 for syndication broadcast on May 5, 2007. The teleplay was written by D.C. Fontana and directed by Michael O'Herlihy.

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