How to Remove Scratches From an Led Tv PLEASE!!!?

Try it very carefully, use a Q-tip and some toothpaste, rub the white spot, wipe with a soft rag, see what happens. It may work. Also, try rubbing alcohol, or DVD scratch remover

1. How to connect Altec Lansing 5.1 speaker to LED TV?

The simple answer is you do not . That is a PC speaker system, for a PC with discrete outputs. You need a surround receiver that has digital and HDMI inputs, and speaker system.

2. What led TV brands are Reliable?

Samsung, LG, Sony are top brands

3. How high should i hang my led tv?

Whatever looks good to you. We are not the ones that will be in your house looking at it. I personally have a 61" sitting on a stand and an lcd hanging about 8" down from an 8' ceiling. And I am satisfied with both, and that's all that matters since it's my house.

4. Samsung led tv monitor wont display color on wii?

i might like advise you to purchase Samsung LED . Why Use LED television : a million. uncomplicated setting up 2. Low capacity intake 3. vivid image 4. extra balanced colour saturation 5. No Mercury used as in another liquid crystal exhibit backlight structures. for extra data. approximately Samsung LED :

5. Is it safe to buy a LED TV from Flipkart or Amazon?

I bought a LG led tv from Flipkart. When installation team opened the box then we found a crack on display. At that time I raised a request for replacement. It has been around 2 months still I am waiting for replacement. Now I am regretting why did I purchase it from Flipkart. Same thing happened with me two times but I did not faced such type of problem from Amazon.Once I ordered from Amazon then they took more time for replacement that they had mentioned. That time they gave me full refund with product. #Amazon is far better then #Flipkart

6. Can I play my PC games with LED TV?

Yes you can. As long as your pc has a suitable output port which can be connected to your TV input port. In my case I used HDMI cable to connect my pc to the TV.I would not recommend playing FPS games though due to a high response rate. Enjoy. . :).

7. I have difficulties choosing these two led tv:?

as long as they are both full HD it wont make a difference so if they are both full hd just get the cheaper one

8. What should I use for the highest quality on my xbox 360 with a 1080p LED tv?

HDMI is a lot better than component,and there's no difference between a 15$ cable and a 100$ cable,i tested it and the quality is the same edit: nice cable,but as I said earlier you still can save 15-20$ easily:)

9. is there a way to hook my desktop up to my flat screen, led tv without a vga port?

Get a HDMI to VGA convertor. Radio shack and lots of others have it. May lose some resolution.VGA is not HDMI. Why buy out dated junk?

10. What is the best LED TV brand?

This became an identical subject with me until now a month and that i searched lots to get the main suitable and finally I have been given this and that i am quite pleased with this product Sony BRAVIA XBR KDL-32XBR9 32-Inch 1080p 120Hz liquid crystal demonstrate HDTV A sixteen:9 finished HD 1080p decision Panel can provide optimal decision from any HDTV source that can provide 1080p content fabric that's a super HDTV. hands down is between the main eye-catching reflects in this length. that's a quite severe-end HDTV meaning that's designed for use basically to view HD content fabric over a HDMI cables.

11. What is the difference on a LCD TV and LED TV?

lcd uses ccfl lights, while led tv's use edge lighting technology which makes the tv thinner

12. How can I purchase LED TV & Mobile from Bangkok, if I go there can I formy business.?

I am not sure I get your business plan but if you want to be selling electronics, you better be going direct to the manufacturer - not purchasing at a retail outlet in Bkk - the little I know of the electronics business is that there are amny many many places doing it and margins are low and competition is high... good luck

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