How to Pay Collection Agency to Get It Taken Off My Report?

I had the same thing happen I would try calling if you can get through and are able to get their information then pay them do not use your debit information pay with a check or money order and keep your records credit agencies are sneaky. If you have credit protection where someone monitors your credit and your not able to settle the matter on your own call them they will attempt to settle on your behalf or tell you ways to dispute it

1. What do I do if I'm getting calls from a collection agency for a doctor's appointment that my insurance should have covered?

Call the company...any chance your plan changed? Confirm they received the submission and whether it was denied, then ask why. Ultimately, you may be on the line for the bill.

2. can a collection agency charge interest on my old credit card?

Can Collection Agencies Charge Interest

3. A collection agency is threatening me about an accident with my car. I never had an accident?

get a lawer and take it to the big guys

4. Collection agency agreed to settling, without sending my debt settlement agreement back with a signitaure?

Reporting it settled is not proof that it is paid. It is proof that you did not pay. Settling means paying less than you owed, and will never pay what you owed. A report that you settled is worse than no report at all. There are very few things (such as bankruptcy) that are worse for a credit report that settling. If you want your credit report to show you paid and not look bad, then you have to pay the entire amount that you owe, without settling.

5. How do I take a company to small claims court after it has gone to a collection agency?

You can not take them to small claims court - they do not owe you anything. You are the one who supposedly owes them. But you are right about legal intervention. It may cost you a little, but at this point you may need the service of a lawyer to get this cleared up

6. address for,"Balance in Full Inc.a collection agency,as they garnished my checking

address for,"Balance in Full Inc.a collection agency,as they garnished my checking

7. consolidating my student loans to bring outta default. what happens with collection agency?

I would change my bank account, once direct loans pays off the old loans, I would not allow the collection company to have access to my checking accounts. You expect them to stop making withdrawals, however if they fail to do so, you are out of money. to get that money back.

8. Should I pay the settlement offer from the collection agency?

If it's not on the credit reports, I suggest you leave well enough alone. If it's past the SOL, they can not sue you

9. Is it worth paying a bad debt if it has already gone to the collection agency?

I would pay it..from experience I know these people will never stop calling and they do get VERY NASTY...Then when the other one is paid off you will be done with it all..Good Luck to you.. i know the feeling

10. Collection agency settlement letter looks fishy-help!?

Even if the debt is valid, request validation anyway. Send them a letter via Certified Mail Return Receipt stating: Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I am requesting written validation of this alleged debt Per this federal law they must provide written validation within 30 days and they must cease collection activity until they send you written validation. Do not let them scare you with bogus threats during this period. This will give you breathing time to explore your options. ======================= Paying off charged-off credit card debt is a tricky proposition and it may even not be in your best interest to pay it off unless you are applying for a new mortgage. Do not make the mistake of simply cutting a check to whatever collection agency has the debt for the charge-off....Doing so will not remove it from your credit reports. It will simply be updated to a "Paid Charge-Off," which, while slightly better, is still a seriously derogatory item. As per the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a charge-off, whether paid or not, can remain on a consumer's credit reports for up to seven years. --------------------------------- If you are going to pay this anyway, offer a settlement for 25%....being that you will be stuck with bad credit anyway. Get all terms of any settlement deal with debt collectors IN WRITING PRIOR to giving them your money. Never accept settlement deals over the phone...they will deny that any settlement was ever made once they get your "settlement" money and continue harassing you for the remaining balance. -------------------- Do not be fooled by the "expires in two days" notations...Debt collectors love to create a false sense of urgency. * Debt collectors LOVE to scare people with bogus legal threats. If they make any legal threats against you, immediately state the following: Per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, I would like the full name of the attorney who will be taking action against me and his/her license # in the state bar association. I will be calling the state bar association to verify your attorney's information.

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