How to Know Car Mechanic Installed Heater Core Correctly?

Muffin, you should really go to another garage if you do not trust this one. If you are incapable of trusting any one then you should do it yourself. I give Debbie a thumbs up, Heat and no leaks is really all you can check. There is no timing, mixture setting or emissions gases. dry and hot seems to cover it completely!

1. The heater core is clogged on my 2000 Blazer. Can I use CLR to clean it out?

Take the bottom radiator hose off & run water through the radiator.Use a radiator chemical to clean it out.If this doesnt do the job take it to a radiator shop

2. Where is the heater core located in a 1989 GMC Sierra 1500 8cyl 4wd pickup with AC located?

everyone i have ever seen involves removing the whole dashboard and is a major pain in the butt. Good luck

3. fogging up windshield caused by leaking heater core?

you still can drive it until you get the heater core changed. take the heater hoses off the core under the hood and hook them together. if it smells like antifreeze then that,s what it is, the heater core.

4. What else could it be? If my heater core is fine, what else could it be?

Most leaking heater core drain out the A/C drain when they leak

5. have 1994 sunbird - antifreeze coming inside car. heater core, maybe?

about 18 screws later and one you may never see till you rip it Well most people hate dew'n the job. Good luck,it took me 1 3/4 of an hour

6. How can you tell if your "heater core" is bad?

you might notice a slight dampness on the passengers side floor of the car and also a slight mist of anti freeze on the windshield when you use the defroster on it other that that the only other way to detect one being bad is run a pressure check on it,to see if its leaking,good luck

7. where is the heater core in a 1979 Buick LeSabre?

the same place as my 88 oldsmobile, behind the glove box

8. Heater core is bypassed, how to fix heat.?

Yes i will ask so.if they bypassed the heat core

9. my radiators hose squirts out of device b for it gets to heater core?


10. how can I tell if the heater core on my 2001 chevy silverado is bad?

Heater Core 2001 Chevy Silverado

11. how much is a heater core for a 98 camry le?

prices vary from place to place you best bet is to call some of the local auto. parts stores and ask. also if not a bad leak just slight steaming then sometimes a bottle of stop leak will fix it worst case you are out a few bucks for stop leak might be worth a try before buying and replacing heater core

12. change a heater core in pontiac grand am?

Open the hood, find the heater hoses. Where they go through the firewall, that will be the heater core. If there are hose clamps there, take them loose and pull the hoses. Now look at the same place the hoses were inside the car. That's the heater box, the core is inside that. Take out the box,(do not forget there are also wires connected that control the fan, unplug them), remove the core, put the new on in, replace the box, connect the hoses, add coolant as needed.

13. How to replace the heater core in an 02 ford ranger?

2002 Ford Ranger Heater Core Replacement

14. If you bypass a heater core in 86 iroc, doesnt the coolant then stay hot !?

all the heater core is for heat inside of your car for in the winter time when the outside temp is freezing you do not .by bypassing these two hoses that go to your a/c unit off the firewall your radiator is still cooling off the anti freeze in the motor.should have a 5/8 hose and a 3/4 hose going from the intake to the firewall and one from the water pump. take these off and plug with a pipe plug no more heater core is this what you are asking us ????.and for the radiator you have the upper hose from the thermostat housing and your lower hose from the water pump,on a engine the upper hose is the outlet hose to the engine and the lower hose off the water pump in the inlet hose to the rad,when the thermostat opens the cooled antifreeze from the rad

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