How Much Voltage Does a 12V Led Strip Need to Light Up? [closed]

The minimum voltage need to light up an LED depends on your definition of "light up". The manufacturer's data sheet for the LED should give you a curve indicating light output as a function of current. So, you can determine how much current you need to "light up" the LEDs.Then you have to determine how much voltage you need to apply to achieve the desired level of current. You need to know the forward voltage of the LEDs at the desired current level as well as the value of any series resistor. Use Ohm's Law to calculate the voltage across the resistor, add the forward voltage of the LEDs, and you have the minimum required voltage and current.Obviously, this is very difficult if you buy something without the proper documentation. In that case you will need to do some experiments.

1. How many amps does a 12v LED strip draw?

Each strip should be rated in either wattage or current at 12 volts. You need to provide this rating in order to figure out the current draw. For instance, if each strip is rated at 48 watts, then the total draw of each strip would be: 48W / 12V = 4 amps. Then, if strips are connected in parallel, the amps would be additive, so total amps would be 4 amps/strip x 4 strips = 16 amps.

2. How To Wire An RGB Colour LED Strip Light With To A Touch Controller (Wiring Diagram)

Wiring diagrams make even the most complex of tasks so much simpler. That's why we love to use them here at Wholesale LED Lights. Here, we are going to look at how to wire up some RGB Colour LED Strip Light to a touch controller. Before we dive into our 5 easy steps, make sure you've got everything you need first. Please make sure that the mains power supply is disconnected before attempting any electrical work. Firstly, check all your items to ensure they are in top condition and undamaged. If anything arrives to you with any kind of damage, let us know straightaway and we will arrange for a replacement. Insert the positive (red) and negative (black) wires from the driver into the DC and DC- ports on the RGB Colour Touch Controller. Use your screwdriver to tighten the screws and secure the wires in place. Take the red, green, blue and black cables on your RGB Colour LED Strip Light and insert them into their respective ports on the RGB Colour Touch Controller. The 3 coloured wires should correspond with the R, G and B ports on the controller, while the black wire goes into the V. Connect the LED Driver to the mains supply using the live and neutral cable supplied, ensuring all connections are secure and properly insulated. Put the batteries in the remote and switch on the power. If the power reaches your RGB Colour LED Strip Lights, they should begin skipping through all the colours. Do not worry, they are not broken, this is just their factory setting. Use the RGB Touch remote to change them to the desired setting. Remember, if you get stuck at any point, give our team of experts a call on 0116 321 4120. Alternatively you can email .

3. small floresent tube removal from a wooden dislay unit [closed]

Go to the store and find the replacement tube. Look at the ends.If they are single nubs (probably not), you slide the tube linearly to compress a socket at one end - anyone's guess which. If you see two pins on each end, the vast majority of those involve rotating the tube 90 degrees (or nearly so), then it slides/wiggles straight out. A small number involve the tube snapping straight in. When choosing a new tube, look closely at CRI (color rendering index). Older fluorescents were positively pallid. New fluorescents must be 80 CRI or better, which is quite good. It's like steam locomotives and carburetors, they got really excellent just as they were going obsolete. The other option is to remove the tube ungracefully, mindful that fluorescent tubes contain a very small amount of mercury. Then obtain common "LED strips" in either monochrome in any of several color temperatures (including adjustable), or RGB or RGBW color... Obtain a dimmer/blender/controller if you want that, and a 12V DC power supply that plugs into the wall. Many outfits on Amazon and eBay sell this stuff a-la-carte, or in complete kits for about $20 for the works, including 16 feet of LED strip. Better vendors charge more (often, usuriously more) but have better control of CRI. You should brace yourself for the fact that LEDs never fail, so take care to choose the right stuff the first time, as there wo not be a second. Power supplies and controllers do fail, but are cheap and easy to replace.

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