How Much Power Does a 5mm LED Use?

Your question constrains us to 5mm diameter LED's. This is NOT the limiting factor Kristy.The power consumed by a LED is primarily the product of the LED current and the LED forward voltage. It has little to do with the encapsulation of the LED chip - which encapsulation takes on many forms. The LED colour is a major variant because of the different doping technologies employed to produce the colour.If the LED is 5mm diameter and of relatively recent manufacture, you can expect a normal indicator LED of this type to illuminate brightly at around 3 or 5 milli-amperes.If it is a RED LED colour then the usual forward voltage of this type is about 2.

4 volts.

So at 5mA current this amounts to about 12mW (0.012W).For Green/Blue/White LED's the forward voltage is usually 3.5 volts for the same applied current 17mWMost LED's with this style of encapsulation will happily endure more than 4 times the continuous current I have quoted above.

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How was the matter before the Big Bang created?

Hello The Energy of Time (VERA) according to my theories first published in 1996. Briefly, Time as understood presently (as some sort of arbitrary dimension for the movement of celestial stones) is not the real thing;, it is The Energy of Time that without which nothing exists. Everything , from a thought to an ever faster moving galaxy are powered, produced, energised, moved by The Energy of Time. Nothing but absolutely nothing could exist outside the confines of The Energy of Time. You dont have to take my word for it (a theory it is only a theory after all) but in over thirty years of research into The Energy of Time I never encountered something, anything that exists outside of The Energy of Time. Sooner or later most of present day universal laws of physics will have to be downgraded to the laws of physics for the material world (particles, atoms and the likes) that make only 12% of The Universe. The rest of 88% is in reality The Energy of Time. Best Regards Michael


Are you being led by your spirit or your past?

Your past cannot lead you. Not so sure if we are lead by spirit but I would think we are lead by which thoughts we allow to inspire our imagination(Imagination is everything, as said by Albert Einstein). One thing you should know is "we are not our thoughts but an observer and witness to our thoughts." Basically if you have the strength and some form of awareness to choose which thoughts inspire you(meaning you first must be aware of what I said), you may be setting yourself free from a lot of things and I believe it would be more possible to be lead by your spirit. I would say if you escape the bondage of your thoughts you are a free spirit. However when it comes to what leads us, I would probably say the universe. Everything that happens is meant to happen and sadness along with anger or rage is a sign of either our thoughts are getting the best of us or we are trying to comprehend something that is beyond the individuals understanding/comprehension.


What policy decisions and missteps have led the US to be in the position of likely losing Afghanistan and its people to the Taliban?

To me, its obvious and simple. Before 1940, 99% of opium came from China. The communists ended opium. By 1970, 90% of opium came from what was once known as French Indochina. The various governments threw out foreign control, and then opium growth, so that by 1980, 90% of opium came from Afghanistan. When the Taliban, (officially the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) began imposing right wing religious intolerance on the nation in 1996, one of their main planks was opposition to opium. By 2001, the Taliban ended opium growth in Afghanistan, and the USA invaded. Today, 95% of opium comes from Afghanistan. Oh, and remember the northern alliance, they controlled opium. Coincidence? Do the research yourself and decide. However, one thing is certain, the US wont lose Afghanistan to the Taliban, since the US doesnt own or control Afghanistan. The Taliban has realized just how much money is involved, and has promised to work with the west in future. I suspect this simply means they will implement an extremist right wing religious government that suppresses women and human rights and protects religious persecution - but allows opium


What were the causes that led to the partition of India?

The Partition of India happened due to a lot of reasons someFirst, the Muslim League advocated that in a Hindu Majority Country, Muslims would be treated as Second Class Citizens hence the creation of a separate Muslim Nation was advocated.Second, the Muslim landlord feared that in a Independent India the Government will Follow Socialist type of Democracy where land and wealth will be distributed equally. Hence they would lose their both Wealth and Land so they supported the creation of Pakistan. Pakistan till this date have Feudal Structure. Feudalism in Pakistan - WikipediaThird, Jinnah wanted to be the first Prime Minister, but was rejected by Congress as they had more seats in the Parliament he felt insulted hence advocated the partition of India.Fourth, British though that a united India or undivided India would be against their interest as the country would be a developed Nation and might threaten the British Economic Interest in the Region.

Fifth, the Hindu affiliate groups such as Hindu Mahasabha, advocate for a India without Muslims or Islam as according to them Islam was a Foreign Religion and hence had no place in a independent India.For more information I recommend you read Partition Related Books


What book has transformed you completely?

"The one thing" by Gary Keller. I have a number of interests like reading, writing, exercising, music,cooking etc. i was devoting my valuable time to many different things without realising how drastic the effects can be . i am a gold medalist in music and also a fitness freak, so also i am good at studies but i was unable to decide what i would i do in the next yrs of my life. infact, the realisation that i should choose only one particulat thing to succeed was absent in me. I was good in many things but excellent in none, outstanding in none, So, although i was having many good habits, many good talents but i could not carve out a great career for me, although i completely deserved it. i was not able to understand that MULTITASKING IS A FORMULA TO REMAIN AVERAGE AND MEDIOCRE.

It is this time when I came across this marvellous and lifechanging book !! i came to understand the nitty gritty of success. How important it is to commit to one thing and build myself , grow myself more and more towards my goal, i came to understand only after reading it.I am eternally grateful to the author!


What do you think of the idea that County Donegal joins Northern Ireland and becomes British?

County Donegal would be welcome to join the UK if that was the heartfelt desire of the people of County Donegal. But as there is no conceivable chance of that happening, it is a bit rude to even raise the topic.I appreciate that it would massively simplify the Ireland/ UK border if County Donegal were to join Northern Ireland. It has a much longer border with Northern Ireland than it has with the republic, and due to Brexit that border is currently .. topical. But since it is the UKs Brexiters who have come up with the idea of an Irish border that is controlled but lacks physical structure, it shouldnt be up to Ireland to give up territory to simplify the border.If the UK decides on a border change as a way of finessing the problems of Brexit, then it should be the UK offering to give up parts of Northern Ireland to the Republic rather than the other way round - many of the Catholic areas of the North are conveniently close to the border. Not that this would resolve the border dilemma, but it could reduce the problem by simplifying the border


How secular/religious are the people in Azerbaijan?

Are Azerbaijanis a Turkic people?Yes, Azerbaijanis are a Turkic people. We are also called "Azerbaijani Turks". We are the second Turkic people _ population wise _ after "Anatolian Turks". We speak Azeri Turkish which pretty mutually intelligible with Istanbul Turkish.How religious or secular are they?Which Azerbaijanis are you asking about? Azerbaijanis of Azerbaijan Republic or Azerbaijanis of Iranian Azerbaijan region?Overall, Azerbaijanis are pretty secular. It was the first Muslim country to grant vote to women in 1918 (Before major European countries did).

Pictures from Azerbaijan (women are not forced to wear Hijab):Schools are mixed:We drink Rakı, a Turkic drink.With meze table:The Constitution of Azerbaijan does not declare an official religion and all major political forces in the country are secularist. However, the majority of the population consists of Shiite Muslims.

Azerbaijan has a high level of human development which ranks on par with most Eastern European countries. It has a high rate of economic development and literacy, as well as a low rate of unemployment.Are Azerbaijanis a Turkic people? How religious/secular are they?.


What led to unstable governments in Africa after independence?

This:Picture credit: Home | Daily Mail OnlineAfter overpowering the game rangers and killing the animal, both the hunters and their supporters descended upon the animal with greed. The hunters fought among themselves. The supporters fought the hunters. They dragged the animal in the mud. They never thought about planning on how to skin and share the animal before the hunting or upon bringing it down for the benefit of all, regardless of the size of contribution.After days of dragging the animal through infested mud, bacteria feasted on it. It started to rot. The stench filled the air. Some of the hunters and supporters lost their lives in the fight for meat, from injuries as well as bacteria related infections. Others gave up and left. New ones joined the fight, fighting for contaminated meat. The vets with antibiotics were not given a chance. You couldn't tell the vet from the hunter. Their families waited home, hungry, angry.Africa is still suffering from the effects of this fight.


What made the Hussite armies briefly invincible?

Jan Zizka had an uncanny ability to assess teh strengths and weaknesses of what he had available and creatively utilize them.He had very little professional units available to him, mostly peasants. The peasants, while motivated, did not have the training to fight in formation in an open battlefield. It requires a lot of training and discipline to maneuver and maintain cohesion. However, the peasants could fight in a fixed defensive position. He developed a mobile fixed defensive formation. Using modified wagons chained together, alter with firing slits and barriers between wagons, he created a fort that can be moved from place to place. Ratehr than using bows, which take decades of training, his army used crossbows and firearms, which allowed peasants to be proficiently trained in weeks not decades. Polearms were used to protect the missile troops. The heavy calvalry, the primary and most effective arm of the nobility, was completely neutralized. If you think charging infantry with arms is difficult, imagine charging wooden wagons firing out through portholes with pole arms behind barricades between wagons. Also, the noblity was never able to effectively organize nor were no one showed the creativity to counter the ideas of Jan Zizka.

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