How Much Is a New Tractor?

How much do you have to spend?Give Me a call and I've got Your Tractor

1. Is it legal to drive a tractor trailer in the nude??

well at night it can be risky if maybe you were in an accident. look kinda of silly pinned or thrown from a vehicle nekkid. but at night alot of people do. I have done it. its dark nobody knows. on long trips and late at night when you gonna knock out a couple hundred miles after you took a shower why put on alot of clothes? just sit and drive like your at home, be comfy. when you park for the night you just crawl in your bed.Oh by the way I mean I have never driven nude, thats crazy. I would drive in my boxers and t shirt though.

2. How do I measure me rear tractor tires?

Measure the wheel and go from there (not the tire, the wheel)

3. Do I Need To Change The Oil Filter On My Lawn Tractor?

Oil filter on a 12 horse Briggs is in the pickup line from the sump. All it is is a small screen. Ca not hurt to clean it out

4. Is it possible to turbocharge a 1960's Ford 4000 tractor with an aftermarket turbo?

its unlikely that there would be an option for a turbo on an engine that old even on diesels they had not gained popularity like nowadays. i know nothing about ford tractors though. but you could surely turbo charge it if you really wanted to make all the parts. if its a diesel it should be fairly easy to set up but would be much work still. it mattes not really what brand of turbo you use but size and shape are critical. i suggest learning all about turbochargers if you want to do this project. there is much to consider.

5. What color is your tractor?

Green and a hat to match!

6. What was the movie where a boy was killed by a tractor?

The Man in the Moon?

7. My dog is about to get hit by a tractor?

You could always go on Answers and ask us for help

8. How do you unlock a locked up motor on my tractor?

id say your best bet is to just take apart the engine and examine it but i dont know how much work u wana have to do

9. tractor purchasing question / bell housing?

the bell housing does look like a big bell, if you look directly under the floor where the seat is, you can see it, it is part of the transmission,, if that is cracked, beware, lots of money and an indication the tractor has been badly abused

10. how can i make a homemade wooden cart for lawn tractor?

Lawn Tractor Cart

11. What kind of tractor is this?

John Deere 5625 Tractor, rated at 99 engine horsepower. The 5625 Tractor is an addition to the popular 5025 Series Tractors and has many options to provide maximum versatility for a wide variety of tasks. The tractors are highly customizable and are offered in 15 different MFWD configurations. "Optional features on the 5625 include several transmission configurations, electrohydraulic (EH) MFWD engagement, and triple mid-mount and rear SCVs," says Alvin. "EH hitch controls, several tire options, and many platform combinations, can also be ordered, including a highly featured cab with an air ride seat." Too bad it does not come with the seat warmer shown in the picture.

12. how do i remove the gear on my starter for lawn tractor?

I have changed many,some have a roll pin you tap out install the new gear and tap the pin back in ,some have clips etc any good service shop will replace it or tell you how in minutes. study it a few minutes it's kind of obvious

13. turn riding lawnmower into a tractor?

Just take the mower deck off and use the tractor as a tractor...If you change the pully ratios you will likely loose some of your pulling power...The higher the horse power of the tractor engine the better.

14. Best 4wd tractor for the money.?

I would spend a little extra and buy the best a John Deere. Best equipment money can buy and it will last forever. Go around and check out local dealers

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