How Many Heater Core's Are There in a 2003 GMC Envoy?

Does it have rear heater controls? Call a local parts store and ask for the rear heater core

1. How do I replace the heater core in my 1993 Grand Am GT?

heater core is real sample to replace but the hoses can be pain in the ***. good luck with that

2. 2000 dodge durango california 5.9 460 eng. is it my heater core?

Are you having to add coolant? If you are, have fun. You have to pull the dash and then the fun begins. Disconnect the wiring and vacuum lines.Discharge the AC, remove all the AC and Heater hoses. Hunt around for the screws you can not see to get the heater box out. Then disassemble the heater box. Once that is done you can replace the heater core, and install the new one. Reverse procedure. If you do not want the hassle, take it to the dealer and expect to drop about $700.00.

3. How do you replace the heater core on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

If you are going to own and operate a 10 year old vehicle with the intention of doing some of the service work yourself, you ought to have a repair manual. You can get them at any autoparts place for

4. Can you unplug a car's heater core ? I heard that some repair shops use Cascade dishwashing detergent?

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5. I have had a problem with the heater core in my 1999 Chevy blazer s10 it was leaking?

Radiator or hose, if you are afraid of a mechanic you will have to get under there and look to see where the fluid is coming from as no one one here can see your car

6. disconnect heater core from lines 97 expedition?

gearbox 1 is right ......but to add,,make sure you hear a faint click (2) when you press on the tab before you start pulling,, special tools are ,,,strong finger and a lot of patience,,,

7. Will the heater core shortcut work on a 93 ford taurus?

It looks like that would work. Heater cores have never been any fun to change. Good luck!

8. Step by step directions to change a heater core on a 2001 dodge ram 1500?

i know how but you dont want to hear have to remove the steering column and associated connectors make sure you lock the steering,if it turns after you remove it youll destroy the clock spring. then proceed to remove the instrument panel,yes the whole thing from the truck.after it is out(youll need help)disconnect the connectors from the heater box,the heater hoses and finally the nuts on the engine side of the firewall and remove the heater box. rmove the 7mm screws on the heater box,seperate the 2 halves and remove and install the heater core.then reverse everything and put it back together.unless youve done this,id have a professional do it. if you get a haynes manual or chilton itll break it down for can get them at auto zone.hope this helps

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