How Long Does a Fan Motor Last?

A well made electric motor can last longer than we do. Just keep it clean, away from moisture and periodically lubricate the bearings. Some motors have a wear out item, the carbon brushes that supply electrical current to the spinning armature. They are replaceable. How long does a fan motor last?.

1. A/C tech came today says i need a new fan motor board. He price to high so oneone else is going to do it. But?

im assuming he is talking about hooking the blower motor up to run continous without going thru the circuit board. it wont hurt anything and the ac should still cycle bye the thermostat. im only guessing that is what he is doing. i have done this many times while i was getting a part

2. where to get a fan motor for my range hood?

This is a piece of junk. Why fix it? If you want to do it anyway, take it apart, identify the motor, order from ebay.

3. can you swap a small electric fan motor one 126amp and one 14amp?

You left out the decimal point, it is 1.26 and 1.4 amp. If they both rotate the same direction it will probably work

4. gas furnace - lights but blue flames go out shortly after lit and fan motor keeps running not much heat? help!

Joanne and Rich are right. It sounds like the flame sensor. That's the little thingy that sticks down in the flame when it comes on. Clean it and try it. If it still does the same thing, you will have to replace it

5. i have a goodman heat pump the fan will barely start turning w/o assistance. coil? or fan motor?

it may well be confusing to offer you one effective answer. you have performed the main suitable factor by using switching over to emergency warmth. Your unit could desire to verify for frost on the coil at common periods, this is going to variety reckoning on what area of the country you are in, and could be set by using the tech upon installation. My first concept may well be the sensor (on the coil outdoors) could be defective, and not sensing the frost on the coil. it could additionally be the gadget that tells your unit to flow into defrost (extra modern-day fashions have small circuit boards and do each thing electronically). it must be your reversing valve is not working suitable. This valve will swap returned and forth from cooling mode (defrost mode as properly) to heating mode and over the years could fail. the two way, you are able to desire to no longer get that plenty ice on your coil. while you are actually not mushy with the present service enterprise, call your community supply homestead (extra advantageous however the distributor of your form of equipment) and ask for references for service companies on your section.

6. Air Conditioner outside unit not working... Any advice?

The breaker trips because there is a short. The slight humming you hear is the 25 volts from the thermostat. This 25 volts is a separate circuit from the compressor and fan motor. Do you have 220 volts for the compressor? My guess is you have a shorted winding in the compressor or the fan motor. To test this unplug the fan motor from the defrost board, see if the compressor starts. If the breaker trips you need a compressor. If it runs then you need a fan motor. Good luck.

7. A/C fan motor and cap just replaced a week ago now the fan still isn't coming on.Start relay switch?

First, make sure there is power to the condenser unit. Take off the access panel exposing the electrical of the condenser. There you will find a big black plastic apparatus that looks like an "H". .. Be very very careful as there is supposed to be 230 volts running through there. -with the rubber end of a pencil, push in that plunger for about 3 seconds. You should hear the compressor and the fan both start at the same time. Now, go to your thermostat and make sure you have 24volt control voltage, then with a paperclip jumper the red wire to the white wire. If it does then replace the thermostat. If you have no control voltage then the control transformer may need to be replaced. At this point is where you should just go ahead and call in a tech

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