How Do You Say "Hello" in Tamil?

Instead of saying Hello, we enquire about the wellness of the person, Either one of the followingVanakkamEnna Nallamaha IrrukirikalaEppadi IrrukirirkalEnna Vishesham

1. Hello (: Need A good book, advice ?

I've been listening to the dresden files. It's a good audio book series. Paranormal mysteries in modern life fiction

2. What is the difference between "hi" and "hello"?

"Hello" is regarded as more formal, but "hi" can be delivered in such charming tones of voice that it's just as, and maybe more, acceptable in nearly any situation. Watch the use of the word "hi" on tv, often delivered so melodiously. Typically, other greetings are used. "Good morning," or "how's everything going, Mr. X?" are usually very acceptable between generations. "Hi, Mrs. Y" is very acceptable, maybe even more than "Hello, Mrs. Z," which can sound a little stiff.I have noticed that women use the word "hi" more often than men. Young guys often just greet one another by saying, "Dude" and " 'S'up!" or skipping the preliminaries and just getting right to cuffing each other playfully, usually around the head and shoulders, or twisting each other's baseball caps. It all looks like fun, and I sometimes wish we elderly gentlemen would greet each other in similar fashion.I do think "hello" as a greeting is becoming more pass. That happens. For example, the response to the phrase "Thank you" was, for decades, " You are welcome." The last couple of generations have eschewed this odd little reply ("What is that mean? Welcome to what?") and replaced it with a more succinct one: "Not a problem."

3. Hello World 0.0!

What, no GolfScript entry yet?This one uses a single numeric literal 0 and a variable named O (which is used to store the number 3). Everything else is arithmetic and stack manipulation. The string Hello World! is built up from its ASCII codes, character by character.

4. Hello Hello: It's survey time?

1. Y.D.M. 2. One. 3. No 4. No 5. No 6. I should shouldnt I. 7. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 8. Pink . Hate Red :c 9. LOL. 10. Theme : **** Love :c

5. Why is "hello world" famous for programmers?

Why "Hello World" used -When this question was asked to Brian Kernighan in an interview,he gave below answer:- "Memory is dim now. What I do remember is that I had seen a cartoon that showed an egg and a chick and the chick was saying, "Hello, world"."The interview was published in Forbes India Magazine. So he used "Hello world", to denote a beginning,very aptly

6. Hello, I am seriously confused by this "allergy"?

Could be a lot of things. Many food issues can cause bloating. Things you could get tested for that I am aware of. 1. Celiac Disease - this involves gluten and requires a celiac blood panel to detect.It is sometimes referred to as a 'gluten allergy,' although it's not really an allergy. the term gluten allergy is actually being phased out of the medical community due to the confusion. 2. Gluten intolerance - this also involves gluten but is a separate condition. No test except an elimination diet. However, you have to take the celiac disease blood test first, because once you go gluten free, the celiac test becomes invalid - it only tests for damage FROM gluten, that has accumulated over a few weeks worth of time. 3. Lactose intolerance - requires a breath test 4. SIBO - bacterial overgrowth. Requires a breath test 5. Fructose intolerance - requires a breath test 6. A lot of OTHER intolerances - require an elimination diet and food journal, as there are no tests currently developed. Annatto is a common intolerance - it's a food dye, so in numerous foods. If nothing else, keeping a food journal to track what you eat and when you get bloating after it may help you figure out what the issue is. Considering that the longer you do not eat - when you sleep - the bloating goes down, and when you eat, the bloating starts, at least is helpful in suggesting that food is somehow related to the problem, you know?

7. Who sang "Hello Walls #2 " ?

There is another singer that sang Hello Walls a few years back. I am not sure if you remember him but his name is David Kersh. I am not sure if that is the artist you are looking for. Sorry I could not be better help.

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