How Do I Get My Ignition Coil Out of My 93 Toyota Camry?

You must replace the entire distributor if, in fact, you need an ignition coil

1. Car won't turn on because of bad ignition coil?

check all battery wires an see for any obvious damage

2. What causes the ignition coil to failure on 2&3 and engine power failure for a 2001 Neon?

Voltage is going by way of the path with the least resistance, while the resistance is going up in its meant course, it is going to discover yet another course, often by way of an ignition coil, the two leaving a carbon music inner to the coil or exterior to the coil. yet another form of coil failure is insulation cracking usually as a results of layout flaw and/or warmth. If the valve timing is such that it creates an excessively lean situation on the spark plug, it will boost the resistance on the spark plug. I even have viewed this situation often with the GM 3.4l dohc engine while the cam sprockets have been got rid of and not applicable reinstalled onto the cams, it is going to arc on the coils fantastically while the plugs and wires are new. So i could say confident, under the final situations.

3. Why isnt my ignition coil working?

if you are working with a standard coil the terminal is where you connect the power source ie: 12volt battery the- negative terminal is for a ground the center terminal is the output using a coil wire kinda of like a short spark plug wire be very careful not to shock yourself or anyone else with this set up it can and has caused serious burns, irregular heart beat and DEATH IT HAS THE POSSIBILITY OF OUT PUTTING 40,000 VOLTS NOT SOMETHING TO BE PLAYED WITH ESPECIALLY IF NOT USING A EXTERNAL RESISTOR

4. what would cause an ignition coil to go bad on a 05 vw beetle?

u only need the coil

5. How is ignition coil feedback useful?

There's a still from this ScannerDanner video, which says the following regarding a 1991 Toyota:Primary circuit is turned off when the ECU sends a signal to the ignitor on the IGT wire. At the same time, the ignitor sends an IGF signal to the ECU. The ECU feeds voltage to the IGF circuit. The ground for this voltage is momentarily cut when the primary circuit is turned off. The ECU monitors the IGF signal and detects if the primary was switched on and off. After sending a command to turn off the primary circuit on the IGT wire, the ECU monitors the IGF circuit to ensure primary switching occurred. So it is a confirmation for the engine management that the primary circuit pulsed on/off as expected

6. i replaced plugs wires and ignition coil on 1999 ford taurus 3.0 ohv had code p0305 and it is still misfireing?

A bad cat would be the RESULT of a misfire. Misfires come from fuel, spark and compression issues. If you do not know how to test for injector function or pull a compression test, that's what a shop is for.

7. besides o2 sensor and ignition coil what else can cause my 93 ford explorer to die all of a sudden?

loose or corroded connections,fuel pump ,sloppy ignition switch ask the service guy at your clossest ford dealer. theremay be a recall issue on your vehicle

8. my car wont start. how to check distributor/ignition coil for sparks? thanks.?

well you can do it either way the only thing i warn you of is that it will shock you and it will hurt

9. Is it necessary for me to buy an aftermarket ignition coil if I am going to install a points conversion kit?

A coil is. . .well a coil of wires, as long as the primary side resistance meets the requirements of the electronic conversion kit then it's fine

10. Can a malfunctioning ignition coil also cause the transmission control module or valve body to malfunction?

If it is going out you would be stranded. and likewise it would desire to reason greater desirable issues with your engine administration module. Your automobile can nonetheless start up with a defective ignition coil. A coil that is going undesirable might reason an intermintent misfire. and likewise it could make your examine engine easy come on. i might preserve the bear in mind ASAP. there is probally a powerful clarification for the bear in is going to possibly no longer be purely a shutting down undertaking , it would desire to be something like a coil overheating undertaking that could desire to in all possibility reason an electric hearth that could desire to be very risky.

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