How Do I Design a Circuit for a Bi-color Led to Display Power?

A resistor, R4, is used to pulldown VLOAD when the SPST switch, SW1, is open. This means that when SW1 is closed, VLOAD is high, and when SW1 is open, VLOAD is low.An NPN digital logic inverter is used to provide the complement of the VLOAD signal. The input to the inverter is VLOAD, and it is powered by the voltage source. The output of the inverter is VLOADN.D1 and D2 have shared cathodes. Since VLOADN = VLOAD, there is always one LED that is on while the other is off:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab

1. The LED display on my telephone has become unreadable. Is there a way to fix this without buying a new phone?

probably not. you may need to buy one

2. led display light replacement on pontiac grand prix?

i had a grand prix.. the radio losess the back light of the buttons sometimes due to pressing them hard.. it is a little led that is pinned connected it looks difficult as hell for me, so i just moved on with a mp3 cdplayer, stock radios are expensive!

3. Technical Tips On Getting The Most From Your Outdoor Led Display

There is no way out better than outdoor led display to draw the attention of customers towards your brand. This is a proven key to raise brand awareness with functional, affordable and effective outdoor displays. Say goodbye to traditional printed materials of the past and adopt crystal-clear picture, bright colors and vivid display and what is the best part of all? The Outdoor LED Display Screen price is much more affordable than others.

4. can I connect a common anode 7 seg LED display for a circuit requiring common cathode?

yea duyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

5. Which is better a projector with LED display or DLP display?

DLP projectors have lamps that cost a lot to replace, but they normally last from 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Check the specs on any candidate projector to get an idea of how long the manufacturer expects the lamp to last. And ALL video projectors are expensive to have repaired if something other than the lamp fails. If you can not budget about 150% of the price of the projector to both buy it and maintain it, either consider less costly models or give up on the idea altogether.

6. Tips to increase your LED display's lifespan

You may still remember the first TV that came into your home, probably fitted with a cathode ray tube. At the time, the idea of flat screens was almost a science fiction thing, and probably none of the people in the house thought that the appliance had an expiry date. Today, however, we know from experience that this is not the case, and that any gadget is designed to last, at most, as long as the technology on which it is based. So that you do not have to replace your monitor prematurely, we would like to offer these tips to increase your LED display's lifespan. These recommendations are especially useful for professionals and organizations that decide to include outdoor advertising in their business strategy, either by using giant LED screens, digital sign boards, LED Smart City panels or other similar products. By following some small guidelines, not only will the initial investment be more profitable, but this also helps to improve the technical quality of the campaign and, ultimately, the company's corporate image. However, before getting into the subject, it is important to point out that we are dealing with a technology that is too recent to talk about complete life cycles. Even so, it is estimated that the average lifespan of an LED display is between 60,000 and 100,000 hours, depending on the use of the screen. Thus, in the best-case scenario, this would be equivalent to using an LED screen for six hours a day for 45 years. Another aspect that must be made clear is that, when referring to lifespan, we always think of the main component of the screen: the panel, despite the fact that there are other elements that can negatively affect the operation of an LED display. Without going any further, it is much more likely that a circuit will be damaged before the panel is (ignoring, of course, the logical loss of brightness due to the passage of time and the appearance of dead pixels). Likewise, the replacement of an LED display does not have to occur because it no longer works: its performance may no longer be optimal, which can compromise the achievement of the goals set in any given marketing campaign. That said, here are our tips to increase an LED display's lifespan.

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How to Improve the Power Efficiency of LED Display
How to Improve the Power Efficiency of LED Display
LED electronic display screen generally has a large area and a large overall power consumption, so it is particularly important to improve the use power of the electronic screen. In order to improve the use power of LED electronic screen, lianchengfa, the manufacturer of LED display screen, reminds us that we need to solve the following problems:1. Reasonable selection of switching devices: This is the balance between cost and performance. What kind of customer requirements and what kind of devices to use should be reasonable. If you want efficiency, there is no doubt that cool MOS, low VF output diode.2. Choose a good electrolytic capacitor. Many people ignore this, and the electrolytic loss is very large.3. On the premise that the power consumption design of the start-up part is efficient, it should be considered that at present, many chips have HV start-up pins, and the start-up current is getting lower and lower. This is to know more about new devices. Of course, there are external circuits for lossless start-up. I don't think it is suitable for LED drive.4. The main current circuit PCB should be as short as possible: the experience and layout of laypcb are nothing. The fast way is to look at the works of large manufacturers.5. Optimize transformer parameter design: reduce eddy current loss caused by ringing. This is difficult. First, master the basic electromagnetic knowledge and design a reasonable transformer. The most important thing is patience. Even if you think you can improve the efficiency by 0.5%, you should try.6. The l6562d application document of St on chip auxiliary power supply optimization points out that 15V is ideal, but LEDs generally have wide voltage output, so my choice is to add a level of linear voltage stabilization to make the chip work at 15V to reduce loss.7. If the optimization design of the input EMI part has passed the safety regulations, this part is more exquisite, which is mainly experience.8. Selecting high-efficiency complementary structure is the beginning of scheme selection, such as PWM and QR PFM. At present, when customers put forward efficiency requirements, it is necessary to evaluate what kind of complementary structure to choose.The above 8 tips are summarized in the work. I hope they will be helpful to the majority of LED manufacturers.
The Three Advantages of Power Supply LED Guardrail Light LED Display Control Panel
The Three Advantages of Power Supply LED Guardrail Light LED Display Control Panel
May I ask on what is the mains ac voltage, is it a 240v, 120v, etc ac power supply, then what type of transformer are you going to use and how many volts is the secondary outputting?1. Can I provided 3.3V regulated directly to the BBBDoes the device offer support for providing non-5V power? I would expect not because the BeagleBone Black is a USB host.While this is an answer of Y for an X, it was requested as such:You probably want multiple point-of-load regulators with a higher distribution voltage to avoid having a lot of current across long wires at 3.3V. This would allow the use of thinner wires to distribute a higher voltage to each cluster of devices, then use regulators (switching buck regulators recommended) to supply 3. 3V or 5V as required. Typical nominal voltages could be 12V and 24V, depending on the regulators chosen, power demands, and power supply availability.Using a higher supply voltage would also decouple the mobile battery voltage from the supply voltage of the numerous devices.Additional advice: try to keep power and signal grounds separated to avoid too much current flow in the shields of your signal cables between cameras and switches.2. Buying a 500 watt power supply, will it blow out the mother board and processor?the 20-24 pin power connection for your system board is regulated and no need to worry this. PSU's are stable to 80% of the rated power so Watts volts = amps 500 watts = 41.7 amps. your 500 watt requirement tells me a 52 amp PSU is needed or up to 30AMP on the card connection. do get a 600watt to compensate for the 20% lack of stability in PSU3. What's the deal with "business” netbooks?Others have made the point already but if the person you are talking to can not articulate these points effectively then move on and find someone who can. The main reasons for the price differential are those outlined by DLux & DaveM - much longer support lifetime, longer platform refresh, more rugged components.For high end business laptops and Desktops you are generally paying a huge premium for third part software certification - high end CADCAM3D modelling software. When you are spending $100-$200k per workstation for software licenses you are paying to make sure that you have someone to sort your problem out if it does not work. These tend to be specific "workstation" class systems, such as the Dell Precision line and not your general purpose business laptop.As far as power supplies are concerned this is not totally outrageous. Part of the long term management of costs for client systems includes reuse of peripherals - continuity of power supply and docking station design across generations means that you do not have to buy all the accessories when you refresh systems, you just get a replacement box. For bulk business ordering this makes sense. One final point is that most business class desktops and laptops now include some level of hardware remote management capability (Intel's AMT, AMD's ASF) that can provide out of band management capability with the right support infrastructure. This is of almost no benefit in consumer environments but it (should) be an important factor in a large business environment and like everything else the chipchipset vendors like to get a nice fee for enabling these features4. Why I Was Supplied With Power Supply Less Than Recommended?The reason you have a 65W power supply is because you ordered it. When buying this model, one has several options ranging from 60W to 97W. (65W is not mentioned, so I assume that 60W is the same as 65W).However, only the 60W version supports ExpressCharge, which is described as :when the computer is turned off, the AC adapter charges a completely discharged battery to 80 percent in about 1 hour and to 100 percent in approximately 2 hours. Charge time is longer with the computer turned on. You can leave the battery in the computer for as long as you like. The battery's internal circuitry prevents the battery from overcharging.As far as I could find, many people have chosen the 65W battery model over 90W (example here).Therefore, I would ignore this BIOS message as being useless. If you changed to a 9-cell battery, you would lose ExpressCharge, so would maybe lose more than you gained in charge-time.As regarding Turbo Boost, its exact functioning is a great mystery that was never fully resolved.
LED Display Flashing, the Solution
LED Display Flashing, the Solution
When you install a brand new DIY conservatory, the last thing you want is rainwater trickling through the roof, soaking everything inside.That's where conservatory lead flashing comes in handy - and you are about to find out the most safe and straightforward way to install it.Keeping your conservatory protected from the elements is the best way to ensure that it's a fantastic place for you and the family to spend time for years to come.Flashing is essentially the formation of weather resistant material placed against a structural joint to prevent the passage of exterior water between the seams.It has a useful part to play around many sections of a building - whether that's chimneys, ventilation, walls, windows and door frames. Besides protecting these areas from leakages, it also acts as a deterrent to indoor mould issues.Although flashing is commonly made from lead, there are a number of other impervious materials that can be used as flashing - including zinc, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.So, how much does lead flashing cost and where is it sold?You do not need to be a builder or any other type of tradesperson to access lead flashing. In fact, you can purchase lead flashing for a reasonable price from various DIY retailers.Typically, they are sold in rolls ranging between 3-10 metres long. Therefore, it's a good idea to get the measuring tape out and find out exactly how much you need before heading out to the shops. You may find that one roll is not enough.You will also want to check the width and density of the flashing (in millimetres). The thicker the material, the more robust it's likely to be and the more protection it's likely to offer. In areas which are flat, or more prone to collecting rain water - you will probably need the thickest option available.While you are out and about, you will probably want to pick up some sealant as well. You can get super-strong adhesive for bonding lead sheets right where you need them.Now that you are familiar with the basics of lead flashing usage - you are probably wondering where you would use it on a conservatory?When you think of the structure of a conservatory, it's easy to see why flashing is important from a weatherproofing perspective.A conservatory is basically an extension on to the exterior wall of your house. Between the wall and the conservatory roof, the seams need to be covered to prevent the passage of water.Obviously, the roof on a conservatory is different to the roof on a house, but the principle is basically the same. It's a case of fitting the conservatory flashing to neatly cover the area where the edge of the roof meets the exterior wall.The first thing to bear in mind is that you will need the relevant tools and materials to complete the job. - One that's vitally important is a safe and sturdy ladder. No matter how light you think you are, conservatory roof panels are not constructed to support the weight of a person. Place a flat plastic surface across the roof beams so you can lean across to apply the flashing in a safe and sensible manner.Step 1. Remove the line of mortar between the external brickwork of your house to accommodate the flashing. For lean-to or flat roof conservatories (i.e. a roof that slopes outwards), a singular long line of mortar between two layers of bricks needs to be either chiseled or grinded out to a depth of around 25mm. Make sure this line is not too high above the roofing bars, and that there's enough room to fit the lead flashing sheet sufficiently.Step 2. Roll the sheet across the top of the roof frame - sliding the top of the flashing into the mortar as you do so. If you are happy with how the flashing line looks, refill the lines of mortar to set the top of the flashing into the brickwork securely and seal it down across the edge of the roof frame neatly (it's best to do this on a warm dry day, so everything can set properly).If you are fitting lead flashing on a conservatory roof that slopes parallel alongside the exterior wall of your house (as opposed to sloping outwards)the best thing to do is apply the stepped flashing method. It's more time-consuming, but this approach is the only way to ensure that your roof is fully protected.If your roof is sloping downwards against the exterior wall,you wo not be able to isolate one line of mortar between the two layers of bricks. Instead you will need to chip the mortar out in a stepped fashion as you work your way down where the edge of the roof frame meets the wall on either side.Then, you will need to cut your lead flashing sheet into smaller 'steps' that follow the edge of the roof frame as it slopes down. Follow the same process above to fix the flashing - just refill the mortar accordingly and apply the sealant.If you are wondering what to do if your conservatory is leaking, despite having flashing in place - we are on hand to help with any concerns you have.You can get in touch with the ConservatoryLand team directly and get the necessary repair advice. Your concerns might be easily remedied by a simple solution - all you need to do is get in touch.Also, bear in mind that if you've purchased a DIY conservatory with us - any leaks caused by faulty materials are covered under the ConservatoryLand guarantee.Laptop light flashing orange...?Which LED light is flashing orange the battery light, the power on light, the plugged in light or the hard drive light ? Turn off, unplug from power adapter, remove the battery and plug it in with the power adapter, power it on and see if the orange light stops flashing.
Samsung Applied for a New Patent for Flexible OLED Display
Samsung Applied for a New Patent for Flexible OLED Display
Samsung's Galaxy S10 series products are expected to adopt a completely borderless design concept to minimize the top and bottom borders. However, in order to further limit the frame of the display in the future, the Korean technology giant has just applied for a new patent related to the design of the front panel of the display. According to the content of the new patent, Samsung will make a small cut on the side of the existing curved glass.In order to further make the frame of smart phone reach the size that the existing design can't reach, Samsung is envisaging a new design that its products will adopt in the future. In the new design, these products will use displays with edges completely wrapped by curved glass, leaving only a small part of the frame visible. However, it can be expected that this design will affect designers to further add mechanical buttons to mobile phone products. In view of this, Samsung proposed a solution and applied for a patent.Many people may think that installing software buttons on smartphones is the most reasonable solution to the problem, but the number one smartphone manufacturer like Samsung is more willing to make a cut on the edge of the curved cover plate of the display. This allows Samsung to retain any mechanical buttons previously designed on the mobile phone frame, such as power button, volume rocker and special Bixby button. In addition, this design still allows Samsung to implement a seamless edge-to-edge design on the front panel of its smartphone.However, as usual, Samsung's new patent application does not guarantee that it will be used in future smartphones. However, if Samsung really chooses to do so, it shows that the company attaches great importance to the experience brought by hardware buttons to consumers. Maybe this experience will eventually bring more fans to Samsung.
What Is the Magic Weapon for Winning the LED Display Terminal Market?
"Getting rid of users" has always been the "mantra" of many LED screen enterprises and dealers, but in fact, the current market has changed! This statement is also outdated. "Creating good products, differentiated products, and products with selling points to solve pain points!" is the magic weapon to win the current LED display terminal market!As industry insiders said: "some enterprises can't even get good products, but have to deal with users. What can they do with users? Cheap price? In this era, LED displays are always cheaper, not the cheapest...". From this perspective, the operation and development focus of LED screen enterprises must be good product development, definition and creation under the needs of users. This is not only the basis of commercial competition in the LED display industry in the new consumption era, but also the main means for manufacturers and dealers to participate in market competition.Earlier, due to the serious problems such as LED display product homogenization and price war, at the same time, under the influence of many factors such as no subsidies from the state and no policies in the industry, many manufacturers and LED display dealers had to adopt the rough competition mode of "fighting for low prices" to get users.However, the manufacturing industry needs innovation momentum and craftsmanship to produce good products to meet the needs of customers in order to develop healthily, especially in the LED display industry. The methods of "fighting for low prices" and "packaging selling points" will eventually be eliminated, and the real good products can stand the market test!In recent years, with the all-round improvement of product performance intelligence and price acceptance in the terminal market, as well as the accelerated elimination of inferior products, more and more head LED screen enterprises have found that the problem is serious and "can't continue to run naked", so they began to continuously transform and upgrade, leading the needs of users' products, Provide customized and differentiated products for different fields and different dealer groups.Despite the constraints of the large market environment and technology, there are still deficiencies in many market segments compared with the expected differentiation, but from the perspective of the overall development of the industry, compared with the previous move of "low price" to the end, there are differences in both product functions and enterprise development positioning. Of course, the profits of screen enterprises are also enriched, It also restored the confidence and motivation of many dealers.Therefore, generally speaking, it is unreasonable for enterprises to devote all their energy to users. The so-called operating users is now a false proposition. First, there is no system, second, there is no means, and third, there is no team. Talk about how users can listen? No matter when, LED display enterprises should still grasp one point: it is important to embrace users, but don't think to deal with users simply from the perspective of the market. Instead, they should firmly focus on the needs of users and manufacture good products they need, or even better products than expected.
Two Main Directions of LED Display Enterprises in the Future
In the modern information society, the display products and technology as the information visual communication media have developed rapidly. As the leading product of flat panel display, LED display has become the mainstream product in the display field in the 21st century. Nowadays, with the maturity of technology, small spacing LED displays have sprung up, and the hardware strength of led enterprises is constantly accumulating. There is also an industrial pattern of LED displays dominated by Zhouming, abison, lyad and LianJian in China.For LED display enterprises, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the product homogenization is serious. At present, the main products in the market still rely on hardware equipment to obtain profits, specific quality and specific price. With the continuous improvement and development of technology, the technical threshold of hardware is gradually being overcome. The era of hardware as the king has passed, and the competitive focus of enterprises is quietly shifting, In addition to hardware equipment, enterprises have increased investment in software, and the profit model is slowly changing.Looking at the current LED display market, it is really "a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend". There are a variety of products, which seems to be impossible, but only unexpected. However, many products lack the soft power support of enterprises, such as service and after-sales maintenance, which makes the LED display more but not strong, and the barrel effect is obvious. We have been discussing the development of the industry with industry practitioners. It is generally believed that the display hardware market is saturated, and large enterprises are seeking higher technological breakthroughs, such as small spacing and OLED; Compared with large enterprises, they have the ability and capital to carry out the research and development of new generation display technology; Small and medium-sized enterprises lack capital and cycle to be industry leaders. They can get a solid foothold, service or a better breakthrough in the saturated market. There is no strong strength to make a breakthrough in hardware, but you can win with "soft" and overcome the hard with softness.Good service should be the basic principle that led display enterprises should follow as consumer oriented and market-oriented enterprises. However, due to the expansion and development of the market, enterprises only pay attention to the production and sales of hardware products and ignore the whole supporting service. Now we just start it again and slowly shape a complete service system.Hardware is the basis of LED display, while software determines the future development prospect of LED display industry. There is only the harmony of product hardware without software strength. The development of LED display enterprises is also a growing gap between long and short feet. Moreover, in terms of the market, with the expansion of the overall scale of the display industry, the software demand for LED products is higher and higher. In addition to quality, service, after-sales and the software carried by them have become the standards to be considered, and the most basic display function can no longer meet the demand. If led enterprises want to catch up with the ever-changing pace of market changes, they must jump out of the circle of hardware equipment, overview the development of the industry, and build a structure with both software and hardware is the general trend of the future development of LED display enterprises.
Analysis of Two Methods of Image Signal Processing on LED Display Screen
Large LED display screen is a digital flat panel display. This requires that it can display text, graphics, animation, images, video programs and other information. The purpose of full-color LED display screen is to create a giant color display. Large LED display screen has many similarities with flat panel displays such as plasma display and large screen back projection TV.In contrast, LED may be more difficult than other flat panel displays in data distribution, driving, reducing power consumption, improving efficiency, color preserving reduction and consistency. This is because the LED is a non reactive device, the switching time is nanosecond and has no memory function. In addition, it has a large display area and long signal transmission distance. It can not be manufactured by the most advanced large integrated circuits such as cog and sob. Here is a brief introduction to the processing of image signals by LED display screen.There are generally two methods for processing image signals on LED display screen:One method is to use a special large screen signal processor to process the interlaced TV signal into progressive signal, and then play it on the large screen. The high-performance processor can process more than 10 bits. When doing scanning transformation, interpolation operation, motion prediction and compensation, scanning transformation and so on should be carried out. Now high-order large LED screens also use this method, and carry out more image signal processing, trying to improve the signal to the broadcast level, of course, the effect is also better. Computer images are also processed by this processor and then sent to the large screen for display. Processing technology is still developing, and many new algorithms have been proposed. This method is widely used in large-size back projection TV and plasma large screen TV, and the effect is much better than that of ordinary TV. In this case, the output signal is usually described according to the transformed signal format, which is more accurate.Another method is the multimedia method, commonly known as the synchronous screen method. This method uses an ordinary multimedia card to capture TV signals, demodulate, filter and separate timbre. After a / D conversion, the image signal is encoded and compressed by MPEG for storage. Decompress it when playing and watch it directly on the computer monitor. The signal sent to the large screen is obtained from the DVI interface or graphics card of the computer through a special interface card, and some processing needs to be carried out on the interface card. At this time, the large screen is actually equivalent to the monitor of the computer or a part of it, usually called window, which can realize one-to-one synchronous display. Because the computer monitor scans line by line, if the frame and line extraction processing is not carried out for the display signal, the display format of the large screen is the format of the monitor.For example, VGA format is a progressive scanning format with 640x480 pixels, and its scanning update rate is 75Hz. However, the 75Hz progressive scanning signal here is not the improvement of the image source itself, and the image quality has not been improved. In fact, it is worse than the standard of 50Hz interlaced scanning, similar to the effect of DVD or VCD, which is often confused. As for some screens, the screen is changed. For example, the even screen information is discarded and only the odd screen information is sent to display. Of course, the effect is worse. Incidentally, the situation of non video programs is relatively simple. Although some game animations also require good continuity, for animations played on the large screen, the picture update rate of more than 10Hz is acceptable.
What Are the Characteristics of the LED Display in the Exhibition Hall That Can Realize Nonlinear Co
The LED display screen in the exhibition hall has fine image quality: nonlinear correction, fine and clear image effect; Animation effects are vivid and diverse; The video effect is smooth and realistic. The light and thin LED large screen box can be installed and transported quickly without occupying a large area.The first is the unique structure. The exhibition hall is a closed indoor place with limited overall space. Due to the limitations of power supply, pipeline, fire protection and other conditions, the reasonable installation of each display screen needs to have a corresponding structure to meet our desired display effect. For example, the arc display requires us to accurately calculate the arc angle of the site.Secondly, the LED display screen in the exhibition hall is a product requiring low brightness and high gray. Conventional LED displays generally have high brightness and are widely used in bright environments. However, because the exhibition hall is in a closed indoor low light environment, the best brightness is no more than 800nit. Under this brightness, conventional LED display screen will lose gray scale, skip frame, color step by step, uneven color, color deviation and so on. The LED display screen in the following indoor exhibition hall is specially designed with low brightness and high gray products to ensure that the display screen still has 14 levels of gray effect under the brightness of only 400nit.Finally, the integrated display control center. The exhibition hall consists of multiple scenes. All scenes need to be centralized in one control center, which requires a highly integrated control system to control all display products and lighting and sound equipment in the venue. So as to ensure the simple replacement of display materials. There is an integrated control center, which is convenient for equipment maintenance. The control system software is set at one time and is permanently effective.The display screen in the exhibition hall is the essence of the city dream and a work of art integrating the soul of the city. This artwork is changeable, delicate and unique. It is also the embodiment of the craftsman spirit. The efforts devoted to each artwork, whether it is the display effect or various structures integrated into the indoor environment of the exhibition hall, are perfectly in line with the spirit of urban development.In the future urban development, the display screen will not only be used for display, but will be integrated into the design of the Planning Museum, such as ground, wall, ceiling, etc. This tests the comprehensive ability of display manufacturers' products.
What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Design of LED Display Screen
It is widely used in public places. Most of the large screens in the square are LED screens, which have the characteristics of long service life and low energy consumption. If the design of LED display screen is inappropriate, it will affect the future use. This paper summarizes eight factors, which should be paid attention to in the design of LED screen:1. Heat dissipation designWhen the LED works, it will generate heat. Too high temperature will affect the attenuation speed and stability of the LED. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of PCB and the ventilation and heat dissipation design of the box will affect the performance of the LED.2. Mixed lampLEDs with different brightness levels of the same color need to be mixed, or inserted according to the lamp insertion diagram designed according to the discrete law, so as to ensure the consistency of the brightness of each color on the whole screen. If there is a problem in this process, the local brightness of the large screen will be inconsistent, which will directly affect the display effect of the LED large screen.3. Design current valueThe nominal current of LED is 20mA. Generally, it is recommended that the maximum use current should not exceed 80% of the nominal value. Especially for large screens with small point spacing, the current value should be reduced due to poor heat dissipation conditions. According to experience, due to the inconsistency of the attenuation speed of red, green and blue LEDs, the current value of blue and green LEDs should be reduced to maintain the consistency of white balance after long-term use of the large screen.4. Driving circuit designThe layout of the driving circuit board and driving IC on the large screen module will also affect the brightness of the LED. Because the driving IC output current is transmitted too far on the PCB, the voltage drop in the transmission path will be too large, affecting the normal working voltage of the LED and reducing its brightness. We often find that the LED brightness around the large screen module is lower than that in the middle, which is why. Therefore, to ensure the consistency of large screen brightness, it is necessary to design the distribution diagram of driving circuit.5. Control the verticality of the lampFor in-line led, there should be enough technology to ensure that the LED is perpendicular to the PCB when passing through the furnace. Any deviation will affect the brightness consistency of the set led, and color blocks with inconsistent brightness will appear.6. False soldering controlWhen the LED on the large LED screen is not lit, there is often more than 50% probability that it is caused by various types of false soldering, such as LED pin false soldering, IC pin false soldering, pin and bus false soldering, etc. The improvement of these problems needs to strictly improve the process and strengthen the quality inspection. The vibration test before leaving the factory is also a good inspection method.7. Over wave soldering temperature and timeThe temperature and furnace passing time of wave front welding must be strictly controlled. It is recommended that the preheating temperature is 100 ℃± 5 ℃ and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature rise shall be stable. The welding temperature is 245 ℃± 5 ℃, and the welding time is recommended not to exceed 3 seconds. Do not vibrate or impact the LED after furnace passing until it returns to normal temperature. The temperature parameters of wave soldering machine shall be detected regularly, which is determined by the characteristics of LED. Overheating or fluctuating temperature will directly damage led or cause hidden dangers of LED quality, especially for small-size circular and Oval LEDs such as 3mm.8. AntistaticThe LED large screen assembly factory shall have good anti-static measures. Special anti-static ground, anti-static floor, anti-static soldering iron, anti-static table pad, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, humidity control, equipment grounding (especially foot cutting machine) are the basic requirements, and should be tested regularly with an electrostatic instrument. For more information, please continue to visit the LED display quotation of the industry information channel of China logo network.
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