How Do Airtight Recessed Lights Compare to IC-rated Ones?

You cannot use a non-IC can by moving or cutting the insulation back the 3 inches required to use a non-IC can. Inspectors see insulation and they expect to see the silver cans, which is what an IC can would look like. The airtight cans are designed to use a cone that you would snap the socket into and peel of supplied foam gaskets to make the can airtight. On any other can you look up and see the inside of the can, and on airtights you look up and see only the trim and bulb.Airtight cans can be IC and non-IC. The design of the cans and the gasketed trims help keep air conditioning or heating from leaking out of the home through holes in the can.I guess overkill is appropriate and what ever the code calls for in your area is what is necessary. The prices should not be much different and even in areas like where I live, the ATIC cans are a little cheaper than the IC cans, and the same should hold true on the non-IC cans. I suggest using the airtight because it will make your house tighter.Airtights come in new construction and remodel cans both 4 inch and 6 inch. Low-voltage 4 inch cans do no have an ATIC remodel can though, just non-IC and airtight.Remember that the lamps and trims used in the Non-IC cans might not be rated for the ATIC cans. You have to give up some heat and that will come from lamp wattage. The inside of the can should tell you what you can use.Good LuckEdit 8/27/2016: Now with the new LED cans you can get 4 inch retrofit ICAT rated can. Actually on most LED cans, they are mostly ICAT cans, because of reduced wattage. With the exception of some dimming quirks, which has nothing to do with the cans, unless you are matching existing, I would go with LED.Again, good luck.

1. Many Green Builders still use recessed lights - why?

Just a trend - and recessed lights are currently trendy. What sort of light ? The Halogens were popular, get very hot - which is wasted energy - and if the ceiling insulation falls too close - then you burn the house down. If you WORK UNDER A HALOGEN light - wear sun screen and sun glasses - they are mini 'suns'. Next came the CFL - or fluorescent modern version -with over 40 parts built in - to replace the simple filament of a tungsten light, and you need heaps of them to get the 'power and illumination' where you need it. CFLs will go down as one of the greatest scam and cons ever to hit the world of lighting in Australia. WARNING: IF YOU BREAK A CFL LIGHT - vacate the room untill the gas disperses - Mercury gas is a killer and brain destroyer. These are now replaced by LEDs - a much cooler option, and solid state lighting - but a 'hard' light on the eyes. Sky and tube lights are expensive after the house is built, and before, the builder cuts costs and things like tube lights - untill the 'trend' catches up.

2. Can you put insulation around and on top of recessed lights?

no, it will cause a fire

3. I wish to add recessed lights to my living room, but how do i go about mounting a wall on/off switch?

You can just find a space between studs, cut the hole and fish the wire, or just have conduit concealing the wires come out from the ceiling into a surface-mounted box

4. Can you use 60c wiring for recessed lights?

Look on the fixture label. Most can lights require 90C wire. I mount a handy box nearby and splice in a length of NMB (90C) wire to run into the can from your 60C wire. Meets code and keeps the house from burning down. Put a blank cover on the handy box. Good question

5. How do i wire 8 recessed lights up to one switch to turn them all on?

If you have to ask that question,better call an electrician

6. How do I install new work recessed lights on to-be-drywalled joist where 1 x 3s are used for nailing?

The recessed cans should be set at the back edge of the sheet rock. I prefer to set them in the middle of the drywall body. I pre measure/cut my holes before hanging the board. The middle of the drywall body keeps the can from deforming but allows me to mud without hitting the edge of the can thus causing chatter marks in the topcoat.So you should set them flush with the bottom of the sheetrock nailer

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