How Did You Start Your Coin Collection? What Do You Look for? and What Is a Great Site If I Want to

I began collecting US coins from change in the late 1950's focusing on Lincoln pennies. The "key" coins were rare of course and had to be purchased from the local coin shop or trade show dealers. Today very few collectible coins can be found in change so in order to complete a collection so you will have to purchase almost all your coins. The good news is in the age of the internet you can find almost anything you seek online. Plus there are innumerable websites that provide valuable information on all classes of coins. Today I purchase most of the collectibles thru online auctions which generally have very good photos to help you determine quality, grade and approximate value. Of course nothing is better than viewing a coin in hand so coin shows may be your best bet if you don't mind traveling. Unfortunately the neighborhood coin shop is fast becoming a thing of the past

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Is The Beatles' White Album an album or a collection of songs?

An album is a term for the most popular form of playable music. Reel to Reel and later cassette were also available but the album or L.P. (long player) was the way most people heard the collection of anyone's music. What most people forget is, it isn't called the white album. It is called The Beatles. The Designer of the album, Richard Hamilton asked if a album had just had the title The Beatles. With the Beatles and Beatles for Sale had been released in the UK and God knows how many had come out by 1968 in the USA ( Beatles 12 ? ) and so it was agreed to just call it The Beatles. To make it more of a art work, a number was also stamped on the front of the sleeve.Ringo sold his copy ( number 1 ) a few years ago. Don't forget there's also the Red and Blue album 1962/66 1966/70. And even a bootleg of the Get Back sessions called The Black album


Is there a school of philosophy that is dedicated to the assessments and suggestions for the behavior of the planet's collection of civilizations?


a. Resources are the fuel, the economy is not fuel.

The economic index is a number interpreted by people.

b. Relatively easy access to oil & coal serve as the lubrication - not vague definitions of morality. c. Civilizations are simply moving, eating, reproducing lifeforms - whose habits can be steered with social engineering - to a point. Once starvation & wars become too destabilizing - mass social engineering cannot further do it's job. Starving people have very few scruples - let alone morals. Question::

What does an "engine" of people drive?


An economic index (a number). Therefore, civilizations are consumers of resources - and they power an economic index - if their behavior supports the existing, global money system. When civilizations stop mistaking the economic index over resources (as the fuel) - then the assessments & suggestions will have a better chance at being heard - over the entry barriers created by capitalist-built, corporate-state & oligarchy structures - that are already in place.


Are Australia and the USA the only nations which are a collection of "states?"

Germany has states, called Länder (Bavaria). Spain has Provinces (Catalonia, Burgos). France has Departments (Alsace, Provence), Italy has Regions, Mexico has States (Baja California, Morelos). Many countries have regional administrative divisions. But each country is different in what powers these regions have in relation to each other and to the central national government.Some people argue that the United States is different because in the colonial period the states were separately governed from England and had different forms of government (some as Commonwealths, some as Crown Colonies, etc) and only went through a process of unification after the signing of the Articles of Confederation and later the ratification of the Constitution, and then again after the Civil War. But Italy for example was created by the unification of separate countries which had a long history of war against each other, and so was Germany. China also has a long history of separate states which were unified after many wars


What is collection frame work?

Collection Framework in Java is a very useful feature. Framework which provides the ready made architecture. It represents set of Classes and Interface.

For example: In C, C we use the Stack concept, Queue Concept, Array, Etc.. nIn Java, those concepts were written as Classes with each actions as a functions. We just need to Create an Object for those Classes and we can access the functions using those objects.

An advanced feature provided by Collection framework in Java is that we can create an Array of unlimited size using the ArrayList. The array size will be increased by inserting the data into it. And there won't be any wastage of memory. It shows how Java effectively uses the Resources.In C, C and other programming languages we term it as Data Structures and here in Java we will be terming it as Collections.Learn more about Java Collections Framework and Java Programming .

Source: techglads.



What are the ramifications of distributed garbage collection in the JVM?

The two most important resources in programming are taken up by the garbage collection program (as with any other program): nspace (memory) and timeThis is one reason why some developers say that Java is "slow", because of this convenience. The garbage collector basically looks for your objects that are no longer needed on the JVM heap (memory), which in reality are pointers (such as in C), and deallocates them (time).However, a garbage cleanup will only happen if the JVM believes that the heap-size is at a certain capacity. If it's not, it won't garbage collect. Now you may be wondering, how does the JVM know when to delete an object? Well, that also takes time. The JVM needs to check whether the object is being used by any static references or if its not possible to reach from any currently active threads. This check, of course, is what takes time. So these are the ramifications of garbage cleanup, costs in time and space. More specifically, time being spent looking for free-able space


What criteria do you apply in the selection of board games for your collection?

First of all, I look at the number of players. I rarely buy games made for no more than 4 players because I rarely play only with 3 other people.Then, once I looked at it, I searching for VARIETY. Many games are quite similar and Im not looking for buying the same game again and again, so this is when I look at the game mecanisms.I dont really mind variety in the thematic though. I dont care if I have 20 games about pirates. they might be very different from each others.Then, Im looking at the type of game (ambiance VS strategy). I like variety too.Finally, I look at the complexity. I have some games harder to play and harder to explain, but I also have easier games.

I frequently play board games, but Im not always into the same type of game, so the main thing I am looking at when I buy new games is to make sure a game will bring something new to me


What is the Java collection framework?

The Java Collections Framework is a collection of interfaces and classes which helps in storing and processing the data efficiently. This framework has several useful classes which have tons of useful functions which makes a programmer task super easy. I have written several tutorials on Collections in Java.

A collections framework is a unified architecture for representing and manipulating collections. All collections frameworks contain the following:Interfaces: These are abstract data types that represent collections. Interfaces allow collections to be manipulated independently of the details of their representation. In object-oriented languages, interfaces generally form a hierarchy.Implementations: These are the concrete implementations of the collection interfaces. In essence, they are reusable data structures.

Algorithms: These are the methods that perform useful computations, such as searching and sorting, on objects that implement collection interfaces. The algorithms are said to be polymorphic: that is, the same method can be used on many different implementations of the appropriate collection interface. In essence, algorithms are reusable functionality.


Is anybody actually surprised to read about the collection of phone call data by the NSA?

I have a couple of thoughts about this:

1. It sucks to hear it and feel like my life is less private like I'm always being watched. Sometimes I just want to be alone and not worry if the government is hacking my front facing phone to see what I am doing without a reason. That's the part that makes me angry is going after innocent people.

2. As far as being afraid of being watched...Corporations probably know more about your habits then the government. Your Google maps app can trace your phone with in like 5 yards. But Google won't arrest me it will probably trying to figure out what my next purchase is. The reason it stirs anger in Americans even us African American ones is the whole beginning of the United States is anti government. Especially with the internet with Ben Franklin and Jefferson quotes you get caught up in freedom as being good and government spying as a loss of freedoms. I could say more bt I think that explains my basic feelings.


What is the importance of data collection?

None, if no one wants anything from the data you are collecting. Not sure what the question is. The importance is relative to what you want to get out of it. Data is just data. The importance comes from deriving meaning from that data. to derive meaning, the quality of the data collection is important. Uniformity of the key data field values is important. Say you are collecting data of dogs and one field is Breed. If you put in the value Collie for a Border Collie and a Collie your queries into the data will not be accurate. How the data is input is very important. Structuring foreign keys to keep key values uniform is highly recommended (no one should be able to make up a value of an important field, it should be picked or validated from a dimension table that has all the allowed values). That way you don't get 5 different spellings of the same thing. Not sure if I answered the question you had in mind


What are key tools of data collection in research?

Hello!As I understand your question - "data collection tools in research" is describing methods and ways of how you collect data for your research.For example, if it is quantitative research then the data collection tool/method can be surveys made through e-mail, phone, social media, etc, or face-to-face interviews where you ask specific questions and gain better knowledge and information for your designated research. For qualitative research, it can be methods like gaining information through web scraping or, also questionnaires, observations, etc.

Basically, to shorten and simplify what I am trying to explain - data collection tools for research are tools/ methods/ ways of how you gain more information about the hypothesis or research question you have ought to explore further.I suggest looking into maybe Google Scholar the least to search up other research papers and explore what is written under "Research Method" for each paper.Hope this answers your question.What is data collection tools in research?.

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