How Did Imran Khan Dare to Say That "Pakistan Will Hit Back If India Strikes"?

I do not find any issue with this statement. It was addressed to Pakistanis.Lets think logically -Can he ever say that Pakistan will NOT hit back if India strikes? Imagine the back clash he will face.Imran Khan is a puppet in the lap of its army. He doesn't have the power to do anything which his bosses dont allow him to do

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Who was the greatest military commander of the Second World War, Zhukov, Rommel, Patton, etc., and why are they the greatest?

Special mention for Aussie general Ming the Merciless Morshead who came up with the strategy of defeating Rommels blitzkrieg at Tobruk, led the crucial attack at El Alamein, oversaw the Aussie victory over Japan in PNG and led the extremely successful and efficient invasion of Borneo.Don't think he lost a campaign.He was one of the main choices to lead the Commonwealth forces in the invasion of Honshu, the Japanese mainland.And hardly anyone in Australia knows who is.


Can univalent foundations of mathematics led by Vladimir Voevodsky overcome the incompleteness of Gödel's theorem?

No. Gödel's incompleteness theorems are true, and it doesn't mean anything to "overcome" them. There are many good reasons to pursue univalent foundations and see if it can be a better way to formalize mathematical structures, but there's no sense in which this is driven by a desire to "overcome" some flaw exhibited by Gödel's theorems.Also, unfortunately, research into UF is no longer led by Vladimir Voevodsky, who tragically passed away in 2017.


In Medieval times, did the king or other members of the royal family fight in wars or help defend the castle?

Mostly, yes. Some got captured too. They were less likely to be actually killed, since a living king was worth a good ransom. And there were other disadvantages. One French king lost the royal archives he was carting around him in a wagon when his army was defeated. That led to permanent archives being established in Paris. St. Louis was taken captive in the Crusades.

But for a very long time part of being a king was to lead in battle


What part of the Harry Potter series makes you the happiest?

Literally every time Draco said the word Pottah when he saw Harry. Draco has always been my favorite character (most of my friends dislike me for that reason-) and it was always so great seeing Harry get thrown around in the first books by Draco, the rich blonde kid who had no idea what he was getting himself into.And also, this was in the movies, but the part in Prisoner of Azkaban where Draco called Buckbeak the hypogriff a bloody chicken.


What are some beautiful, haunting, chilling, soul-wrenching songs (like Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey)?

Here are some that I haven't seen mentioned yet, that I think fit this category and that I particularly like:Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Elton JohnThis Used To Be My Playground - MadonnaWishing You Were Here - ChicagoColour My World - ChicagoHolding Back The Years - Simply RedDaisy Jane - AmericaWicked Game - Chris IsaakChasing Cars - Snow PatrolScarborough Fair/Canticle - Simon & GarfunkelCorcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) - Getz/Gilberto


How do I learn to use metrics?

When the UK went metric in the 60s/70s, the government promoted some jingles to help people get a feel for the metric system:A metre measures 3 foot 3, its longer than a yard you see.andTwo and a quarter pounds of jam weigh about a kilogram.andA litre of waters a pint and three quarters(Though that last one wouldnt work for a U.

S. pint.



Which is the single achievement of Manoj Tiwari in Delhi?

Achievement for tiwari;He slaps police officer.Entered in opening ceremony without invitation.And barely visit his constituency.I saw this man just few days ago first time in his constituency from the last four years and even that was ended with jam because he had done nothing for here, roads are still unconstructed water and electricity is not every household commodity.

His constituency has the highest population of purvanchalis and that's a decisive factor for him in every elections


Has anyone ever mined an entire Minecraft world?

Strictly: yes. Pocket and Pi Edition worlds have been (or are) quite small by comparison.Really though: the closest Ive seen to anyone making meaningful measurements about his mining obsession is TheMasterCaver. How much he has done (and how much would theoretically remain for him to do), I think, will give you a sense of how impossible this would be to do by hand in the (unmodified) modern PC version.


I asked my boyfriend if there were pretty girls in his school and he said yes and that they were bomb. Should I worry?

His honesty is rather blunt and lacking in tact. While anyone can be like this it is very common in young boys/men. Still, you do not have to put up with it if it makes you uncomfortable. Would he laugh if you mentioned fit guys where you are? One could also tell you: Well, you asked! Did you think everyone where he is was going to be ugly?!In the end though, do you trust him?


Is there a difference in what is taught regarding WWII in American versus British schools?

My guess is they are far less than what Ive read here. We are not taught that WW II started with Pearl Harbor. We are taught it started when Germany invaded Poland, at least I was. We are also taught that before that there was a tremendous amount of fighting going on between China and Japan even earlier than that. Now, what Americans actually learned in history class vice what they think they learned from Hollywood, those are two completely different things


Who is better, Pink Floyd or King Crimson? Why?

There is no definite answer to this question. Both are among the most important, most significant bands in the history of rock music. Pink Floyd may be more popular, on the other hand King Crimson have always been known to push the envelope further. Diffrrent people may give you different replies but actually both bands are on such level where there's no "better" or "worse" - it's, so to say, the Olympus of music. Me, I love Pink Floyd AND King Crimson just as much


Recently bought an 11W LED smart bulb, will it work with my lamp that says Max 10w LED bulb or 60w CFL bulb?

I wouldnt worry about it, 1 watt difference shouldnt be a problem. But the LED bulb might burn out more quickly possibly because there isnt enough air circulation in the lamp fixture. If there is something flammable in the fixture, maybe dont install the 11 watt bulb. However, a 60 watt CFL would be a huge difference- you probably meant 60 watt equivalent CFL, which would be 13 watts. So that makes me wonder about the 10 watt restriction on LED lamps


Who was Norman and why did he invade England in 1066?

It was not one Norman who invaded England, it was many Normans and a William.The Normans were a people who lived in Normandy, along the northern coast of France. One of their nobles, William the Conqueror, invaded England because 1. he had a claim on it by being grandson of the uncle of the previous king and 2. because he could. After winning the Battle of Hastings, where King Harold II died, no one was going to stop him from ruling England


Why did the President of China visit a small nation like Nepal in 2019? What may be the main motives?

Can't he not visit a place for a cup of tea or just hang out with friends in Nepal, or probably his on vacation there? Must their be hidden agenda whenever president Xi vist a place? Jesus people calm down , it not like any of your leaders dont go travelling.Speaking on the topic what's a us senator like Pelosi doing with some people in Hong Kong, especially with people like Joshua wong and benny tait hmm?


Why is Sarfaraz, the average player, selected as Pakistan's team captain?

I think he was really good in the initial phase of his career. He played some really fighting knocks for the team . Also other considerations like his place is centred in the side unlike most others you keep playing and leaving out.

What is really under question is his leadership qualities more than how good a player he is.He still is a wicketkeeper so that makes his case


What was Karl Marx's IQ?

As Marx lived before the IQ test its nearly impossible to make a claim to his IQ with any degree of accuracy. However his claims of historical materialism at least is widely regarded as unfalsifiable in that it could explain or explain anyway any argument against it. Due to that fact I would consider it pseudoscientific personally. And considering old Carl put a lot of time and effort in his research for that hypothesis I think it says a lot about his quality as a thinker


What is the highest IQ of a religious person?

I have an IQ of 141. Not the best mind you, but definitely not the worst. I have a very logical thought process, almost to a fault. Through my life I have experienced enough miracles or mathematically improbable things and events to logically begin to believe there is another force at work in this world.

So I began to believe and eventually became a christian.My belief has only become stronger throughout the years


How was Michael Jordan able go from being a good college player to becoming a great NBA player?

To call Michael Jordan a good college player is ridiculous.ACC Freshman of Year.First team all American for his sophmore and junior years.Naismith winner. Wooden award winner. Jersey hung from the rafters the Dean Dome.

Sure he averaged 17.

7ppg but shot 54% from the field. His scoring is more reflective of the Carolina system under Dean Smith.He was a great player even then


I've heard most Americans don't have $500 in their bank account. What single piece of advice could help them the most?

Spend less than you make, starting with your first job.Really. Its that simple a concept. Spend LESS than you make. Put something away in savings with every single paycheck. Even if its just $1. Ideally, get used to saving 20% of your take home pay.

Do that, and you can retire a millionaire.Fail to save, and you either never retire, or retire broke.It may not be easy, but it is simple and straightforward.


How do professional programmers measure how "fast" their code runs?

To make things precise here is how to do it.You write in the code some logging operation that write the current time (obtained for example by gettimeofday) and a string that identifies where this operation takes place in the code.Then after you have your log, you look at the differences in time with a script. This tells you which operation takes a lot of time


Who had a greater influence to the Metal genre, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath?

Personally, I don't see any connection between Heavy Metal (as it has been developed) and Led Zeppelin. Truth is, LZ made heavier blues sound a bit cooler (mainly due to the drum playing) but LZ were an acoustic band. They made some riff-based songs but riff-based songs were in style since the days of Chuck Berry. I am sure that Sabbath made heavy metal what it is today


What would be the first Led Zeppelin song you would play for a teenager, if you wanted to introduce them to their music?

a teenager cold grow up in america & have not heart zeppelin plenty of times in their lifetime? id show them some of the remastered extra disks jimmy page included in recent re-releases, or perhaps some of the live radio performance from the bbc. id certainly avoid one of the 7 songs they have been certain to have heard run in to the ground on classic radio thru their entre lifetime


What is the most useful thing given by religion to humanity?

Q: What is the most useful thing given by religion to humanity?A: Organisation beyond the tribe. By having a common mythos and a hierarchy, it was easier for early humans to gather as a society.For instance, the temple at Gbekli Tepe in modern-day Turkey is considered to be a common place of worship for several tribes. It was built as humans transitioned from nomadic to agrarian society, and probably contributed to a society larger than the nomadic tribe


Is Narendra Modi government working properly?

This man looks like he is disturbed actually he is not talking about the -24% GDP report that Modi has managed in 6 years by bringing kala dhan from Swiss banks, gave 15 lac to each voter, as not 1$ could come by Modi efforts rather spent lac of $ in foreign trips. Media judiciary & administration is bot by Modi and democracy has been destroyed completely India is in recession or depression which may take minimum 2 years to recover already india is just 11 lac behind USA in Corona positive people

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