How Come America Doesn't Use the Ak-47?

Just to add to the good answers before me, the U.S. military and the Soviet military had a different philosophy which required different weapons. The Soviets relied on numerical supremacy, relative to the West. They also had an offensive strategy, hoping to roll through Western Europe before NATO could provide an adequate response. The bulk of the Soviet military was made of short-term conscripts, many of whom came into the military without much experience with weapons or machinery. It was to the Soviet's advantage to have a weapon that was easy to use, easy to learn, very durable, and able to reliably expel a lot of lead. They did not have the time or ability to teach soldiers to use and maintain more finely-tuned weapons. The Soviets needed something that an average man with little training could pick up and use in an offensive situation. The AK weapons were also more suited to the Soviet economy; they did not require a lot of complex machining or special technique to make, relative to other weapons. These benefits made up for some of the AK's weaknesses, like a lack of long-range accuracy. The U.S. military was very different than the Soviet military. Though relying on conscripts at times, it also had a substantial portion of longer-term volunteers. Being in a defensive strategic posture against a numerically superior enemy called for an accurate, high-capacity weapon. If there are only 2 Americans in a foxhole facing 20 charging Soviets, it helps for the Americans to be able to pick off the enemy from a farther distance without having to reload too often. This meant smaller-caliber, more finely made weapons. Although these weapons were a little harder to produce, maintain, and learn to use, the U.S. Army could afford more training and had the industrial ability to produce the weapons in sufficient numbers. Thus part of the reason why the American military does not use the AK-47. It is popular among American civilian shooters, and AK variants are used by many American mercenaries in Iraq.

1. How do I start my own car company like Hyundai?

To follow the example of Hyundai you would need to start out as a steel producing company, then expand into industries that use use the high quality steel you produce. Build just about every kind of machinery from tools to earth movers to ships. Then use the expertise you have acquired from many years of building high quality machinery to get into the automobile business. Pretty simple concept, no?

2. What region is australia in? Human/physical characteristics of this country? What goods come from this country?

Australia is part of Oceania um for human characteristics.. we are regular people.. descendants from europeans.. um we export coal, gold, meat, wool, alumina, iron ore, wheat, machinery and transport equipment.. as well as Uranium i think .. and aussie meat pies..

3. Does a Master's degree related to Turbines/ Turbo Machinery exist?

They do though they are far from few..n1. University College of Engineering UCE, Hydrebad INDIA, offers M.E in Turbo Machines2. KTH, Stockholm offers M.Sc/M.E on Turbomachines & Aerodynamics though i am not sure it is a full time campus course or a distance learning course or an integrated one.3. Cranfield university, UK, i think also offers M. Sc in Thermal Engineering with specialization on Power & Propulsion,Rotating Machines and Gas turbines.Does a Master's degree related to Turbines/ Turbo Machinery exist?

4. Why does it say on CHILDRENS tylenol not to operate heavy machinery?

Those wild and crazy kids

5. We want to have a pool installed. How much clearance does the machinery need?

if there is enough room for a bobcat that should do it

6. how much is it for the machinery to make a electric car?

Your question is a little unclear. Is your project to build an EV or to make a proposal to build a Shop? It also sounds as if you do not have enough shop experience to know what is required. "Making an electric car" can mean many different things. It could be assembling a kit electric car purchased from several different possibilities around the US. It could be trying to convert an already existing ICE vehicle shell to electric drive. It could be trying to make a golf cart or neighborhood electric vehicle sized car. Or it could be trying to design and build an electric car from "scratch" But even this last will probably assemble component parts into a chassis rather than try to build motor controllers, battery management systems motors and the like. An electric car is a complex project. In schools which have a program students from many departments work on the project. Shops with all the necessary metal working machinery will fabricate what is necessary. Art supplies are used for bodywork. Computers are used to source components, follow necessary accounting and for design. Engineering departments, electronics, economics, accounting, design,mechanical shops and perhaps even marketing departments may all be involved. As with any proposal, It may be hard to know which way to dance with the University. Do you propose a large project and risk the entire thing being squashed or do you propose something more modest when you could have asked for more. A way to make such a proposal less costly is to do a cooperative effort with a school that may have an existing shop. Perhaps a community college or an automotive school. As another alternative you might "rent" an existing shop for after hours/weekend work on the electric car. This would get more hands on experience at a lower price while you determine exactly what equipment would be needed. You could find some examples as there are many schools now making electric cars around the US. It sounds very interesting. Best of luck with the project.

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