Horse Trailer Has a Crack in One Floorboard?? Please Help?

you will need to get the floor replaced. It is not safe to transport your horse with the trailer in this condition. i have seen horses come back from travelling with horrific leg injuries where their legs have gone through the floor whilst the trailer was on the move. you may be able to just get the board replaced..but it depends why it's cracked. if you keep your trailer on grass the boards could be rotten, or it could just be worn and not carrying the load correctly.

1. He won't get in the freakin' horse trailer?

try walking in the trailer first and let him see nothings in the "dark".. try bribbing him with carrots lol or put as much light in the trialer as you can so he can see nothings in the "dark" conner

2. Which truck is best for pulling a horse trailer?

out of the 2 options the F-150 would be best for pulling a horse trailer esp if its a 2 horse but i would not get the toyota tacoma they are really not that good of trucks for hauling you should really go for a F-250 or higher or a Dodge Ram 2500 or 3500 we pulled a 4 horse stock trailer with an F-150 for about 2 years before it finally wore the truck out (shows almost every weekend, trails on the weekends we didnt have shows) so maybe with just a 2 horse it would last longer but idk i would definitely try and get something heavier cause it will just end up costing more in the long run like i said atleast an F-250 that would last you a while

3. It is bad on a horse for it to be on a trailer for 3 days in a box stall?

AAAHH!!!!! No. Even if they are big stalls, this is NOT ideal. More often than not, horses come off of shipping trailers very sick. I would suggest at least trying to find somebody who will stop and let the horses off the trailer. Even just 10-15 minutes of walking is better than sitting on a trailer for three days straight!

4. is there such thing as a one horse trailer?

yes there is such. a friend of mine owns one

5. Cheap horse trailer rental near St. Louis, MO 63146?

Hi, You may want to ask this over in the Pet section under Horses, also ! I used to ship horses, and I can tell you that due to insurance and liability concerns there are just not many places that rent horse trailers anymore. If you are not shipping long distance, many times you can find someone locally who will ship your horse for about as cheap as you could rent a trailer and then truck them your self. Check the feed stores, I know many that I go to have a bulletin "peg" board that list these types of things in the stores. Are there any local 4 h clubs or horse groups or trainers around ? Many times they will know or have someone who does this reasonably

6. another horse trailer? does it look decent and what are surge breaks?

Think about it like this: Would you feel 100% comfortable sticking your horse in that thing? If you have even the slightest doubt, do not buy. It's not worth the risk. I am not a trailer expert, and I would not put my horse in there.

7. Horse trailer help. I found one I want to buy..But can't tell if it's a scammer. Help?

Never deal with anyone over the Internet. If you can not touch it, you should not buy it

8. im having horse trailer issues!?

Really, there are many other factors here. If he is leaving pasture buddies, he may get frantic in the trailer. That is normal. He may whinny and move all around to find them. If he is not a good traveler, start taking him on very short hauls and offer a hay bag up front. Stop in a safe parking lot and let him eat. Take him home and unload him. Fifteen minute segements. To build a simple divider you need someone to weld a divider with two legs the length of your floor space. The legs should be roughly 4 ft tall. On the front leg, you weld a loop or two. On the front of the trailer by the manger you weld more loops. Then you use a drop pin to hold the front in. On the back, you weld on two butt chains with rubber to protect the tail and hair and snap holders on the side of the trailer. The back leg is free standing but held in place by the 2 butt chains. Between the two legs, you have a simple rectangle of pipe. with a support in the middle. You can use square or round pipe. The base of the legs would have some kind of a finished end so they do not eat into your mats or wood, like a flanged end. So the whole thing is open concept. It is light enough to carry and install but keeps him on his side. Let's see if I can do a sketch: I________________ I I I I I I I_______I________ I I I I I I I The center rectangle is only about 16 inches deep. You could assemble most of this with round metal pipe and pipe fittings except for the loops needed to fasten it to the front and side walls. This is actually the type of removable center divider we have in our purchased trailer and I love it. EDIT: The whole drawing got destroyed when I posted it. Picture two boxes side by side with legs extending from the bottoms of the outside ends and you will have it.

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Know Any Good Places for a Horse Trailer?
Get a rapport going with different trailer sales people in your area. A good one should understand the major sale it is and therefore not expect you to make a decision with the first visit. I just bought a brand new trailer last summer - and it took me 4 years of budgeting and looking about until I found what suited me. They should be able to tell you how to figure the max weight of trailer and load by use of the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Do not let anyone tell you a wood floor is better or worse than an aluminum floor - they both take the same amount of care and can have the same hazards. Both should be cleaned out and looked at yearly - the horse urine causes rot and oxidation just as readily on wood or aluminum. An Aluminum trailer will weigh less than a steel one. Consider the needs of the horse first - your comfort last. For me, I chose a Cimarron. These trailers are made with square aluminum tubing which is stronger than rectangular - their supports are closer throughout the trailer than other manufacturers. I liked the rubber lining - it came up higher than others so the horses being hauled did not end up with silver butts from rubbing on the wall above the rubber when traveling - they also had larger off-side windows than their competitors. Their door hinges all have grease zirts that allow you to lubricate them to keep them in good shape. For me, the 7.5 foot wide trailer was better than the 7 foot wide - more space for the horse (you would not believe how much just a half foot makes) and the 8 foot wide really is tough to haul as many secondary roads are only required to be 8 ft tall - I hauled Mom's 8 footer thru the Pennsylvania hills during construction - I do not EVER care to do that again. If purchasing a used trailer, inspect it top to bottom - crawl under and look at the floorboards from bottom as well as cleaned out inside - ask to have bedding and mats removed. Look for rust or broken boards - used steel trailers should be lined with plywood for safety to disallow a hoof going through. Look at as much of the wiring as possible - are there any taped joints or cracked coating? Ask about the wheel bearing packing - when was the last time it was done? check the tires, etc. If looking at used ones, the older Featherlites, sundowners and sooners are better built than the newer ones. I would say about the mid 90's these started getting made cheaper or more for the humans than the horses. One that have tapered or bullet fronts are easier on the gas mileage. Also consider whether your horses are used to ramp or step up. I've seen a number of horses used to ramps that will not load - even to the point of injury - into step up trailers. I know a gal with what used to be a real nice steel trailer and ramp. the ramp and it's springs were the first thing to go. Check out tack storage as well - if you get a nice trailer that's not fun to get tack into and out of, you wo not have fun. Check out all the websites - if buying new - use a manufacturer that's NATM certified - most national brands are now. Look at them first for what they show first - is it the nice human comforts or those of the horse? Call the place and ask the manufacturer to tell you what is best about theirs and listen - it all counts even if you are buying used. Also - you can find a GREAT trailer, but purchase it from an awful seller. Sometimes there will be problems, how easy will it be to get it serviced? How does the manufacturer stand behind them? I friend bought a wonderful Featherlite, but it had a problem in the LQ with a leak. They took it back to the place they bought it from. They were not nice to him, fixed the trailer shoddily, then would not stand behind their work. He wrote a letter to Featherlite, they never responded. MONTHS later, they called him after he would gone frantic trying to get the thing fixed wanting to help him - he was done with it and had sold the trailer and told them just how he felt. Within weeks Featherlite pulled their trailers from that dealership as they would had repeated complaints. Likewise, my mother bought a beautiful 4 Star trailer. I leaked and the dealer could not for the life of him find out where it was leaking. Mom had taken it back again and again without success. She finally saw the 4Star rep at Congress. He got in the trailer on that day which happened to be rainy as she drove down the road, saw the problem and got it fixed - it was not fun, but it got fixed. So ask as many people as you can locally what their opinions of their local dealers are. Good luck -1. Can i legally carry a handgun in my car or in a hotel in texas.?First, you have my deepest sympathy for having to work in El Paso... I am not a lawyer, but my interpretation of the law tells me that you can legally have a handgun in your car and hotel room with the conditions spelled out below. The laws cited below make no differentiation between residents and non-residents. Texas law follows what is generally known as "castle doctrine." That is, your "home is your castle" and you are allowed to have a handgun in it and can use it with deadly force if circumstances warrant. Your car and hotel room are, by extension, considered part of your "castle." There are conditions that must be met or it is a violation of Title 10 of the Texas Penal Code: "Sec. 46.02. UNLAWFUL CARRYING WEAPONS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carries on or about his or her person a handgun, illegal knife, or club if the person is not: (1) on the person's own premises or premises under the person's control; or (2) inside of or directly en route to a motor vehicle that is owned by the person or under the person's control. (a-1) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly carries on or about his or her person a handgun in a motor vehicle that is owned by the person or under the person's control at any time in which: (1) the handgun is in plain view; or (2) the person is: (A) engaged in criminal activity, other than a Class C misdemeanor that is a violation of a law or ordinance regulating traffic; (B) prohibited by law from possessing a firearm; or (C) a member of a criminal street gang, as defined by Section 71.01. (a-2) For purposes of this section, "premises" includes real property and a recreational vehicle that is being used as living quarters, regardless of whether that use is temporary or permanent. In this subsection, "recreational vehicle" means a motor vehicle primarily designed as temporary living quarters or a vehicle that contains temporary living quarters and is designed to be towed by a motor vehicle. The term includes a travel trailer, camping trailer, truck camper, motor home, and horse trailer with living quarters." Note that the gun must not be in plain view in the vehicle and you can not be committing any crimes (other than Class C misdemeanors, such as speeding...but go to far over the limit and it wo not be a Class C anymore....) Also note that paragraph (a-2) states that "premises" can be temporary, which would include a hotel room. A final warning: Castle doctrine only applies while you are in your vehicle or premises and when walking directly between them. You should not stop for dinner or other business while carrying the handgun. It would not hurt to review all of chapter 46 in Title 10 since it also lists a number of prohibited weapons to carry that you might not expect, such as bowie knives (what about the Alamo?!) or butterfly knives (a switchblade by Texas definition). Also, I've included a link to Texas CHL laws if you are having difficulty sleeping at night.2. what should I look for when buying a horse trailer?Make sure your horses fit in it comfortably. Thoroughbreds and tall horses need extra height; heavy set horses need wider stalls. I personally do not like slant loads. First, my thoroughbreds are too long to fit comfortably in everyone I've ever tried, so if you want one make sure the stall length is adequate. Second, I hate not being able to get to the front stall. Third, if you have a difficult loader they are much harder to load into. Not only do you have to get the horse in the trailer, you have to maneuver him into a particular position, tie him, leave him to walk around the gate, then hope he stays put while you shut the partition on him. Fourth, as with any trailer with moveable partitions, a smaller horse may get himself under the partition, with disastrous results. Just my opinion.3. is there a hybrid truck that i can use to haul a horse trailer?I think so but wait if your truck wo not go up hill you will have the horses to pull ya to the top
Can My 2007 Escalade Tow a 3 Horse, Horse Trailer with 3 Average Weight Horses?
Do you have a tow package? What is its rating? My inclination is that it wo not be able to deal with three horses. I have had Ford F-150s struggle with one large horse1. can my 2007 escalade tow a 3 horse, horse trailer with 3 average weight horses?Even tho it's a big strong looking vehicle, they are not really built to tow that much weight. You would be using a bumper pull which puts more strain on the engine and frame than a goose neck. Your talking an easy 6000 pounds when loaded. Trade it in for a Ford 350. Your average 3 horse trailer weighs 3-4000 pounds2. What type of truck to do you use to pull your horse trailer?Truck-- 2001 F250 7.3L (diesel) crew cab 4x4 shortbox. I bought it with 40K miles, it now has 140K on it. It has cost me alot of repair money lately and still needs front brakes now, but thats waiting. But it has had some turbo issues and oil pump...can not think what the others were. But close to 5K in the last year unfortunately. But read below as to why, I am not nice to this truck lol. Trailer- 16foot steel titan stock/combo, sleeping area up front, 3mule trailer in the back. 2003 trailer Then.... I haul tandem, so the flatbed is a 12 foot snowmobile trailer tilt bed that hauls driving carts behind my horse trailer. Old, no clue the age, I think its a 1987, but not sure. My truck works hard, it does not have an easy life, because in WY theres always a friggin head wind no matter which direction and all 3 outfits get it, so it drags that poor truck. But its a tough truck!!3. Can my Ford F-250 pull a 4-horse trailer?gooseneck will be best if it is a deisal you will have no problem if it is gas it may be pretty hard on it but yes it will pull it4. Where could I buy a ramp for horse trailer? or how to make?You need to go back to the manufacturer or to a professional trailer maker. The ramp weighs quite a bit and will change the way the trailer is balanced and will probably need to adjust the axles or the hitch in order to be safely pulled. We added a ramp to our Sundowner at the dealer. They adjusted the axles to account for the added 300lbs on the back end. It has pneumatic assist to raise it and is specifically designed for this particular trailer. Please do not try to do it yourself. It is more complicated than it appears.5. Is driving a horse trailer with a truck with large tires (not stock, thick threads) ok?Your trailer should be a few degrees above level on the front end when attached. If there's a huge incline at the front of the trailer, you need to buy a dropped hitch so the horse rides level. In either case, be sure you have stabilizer bars attached as well. Those tires are going to hum like crazy on the highway and may make your horse antsy, especially if she's shipping alone. Are you sure it wo not be a better idea to hire a commercial shipper, once you figure in trailer rental, truck rental, and the value of your time PLUS the worry that the truck is not right for the job? And, FYI, I would not pull for that distance in a 1500. Too light, no stopping power. With your question, I wonder if it's worth the worry with your new horse.. ................... But you could be jeopardizing the horse's SAFETY. Have you ever shipped a horse that distance before???6. Can a Ford Explorer tow a Horse Trailer?Ya it can tow it. I would not suggest going over 55 mph though. I have towed with a mid sized toyota and it did well, I just did not go over 55 and was very careful turning7. I need a car that can pull a horse trailer? Tips? Suggestions?a land rover is a great choice as it can call many things8. It is bad on a horse for it to be on a trailer for 3 days in a box stall?That's a hot trip. If it's a closed trailer, it could be a problem. Think dog locked in car on hot day, and then think what is it like for these horses in that large tin box. Ask about ventilation. An opensided or stock trailer is best in the heat; can even make day stops bearable. You do not want them to bake if the driver takes breaks during the day! Make sure he drives in the daytime at the very least, that water is always available, that they are checked frequently, and that they have hay. Make sure the driver knows horses so he can tell if something is wrong. Ask what the emergency plan is. If the truck breaks down, will the horses be stuck in the oven for hours waiting for a tow truck who wo not pull a loaded trailer? (This is true for all the quotes you get!) Will the horse be alone? Some panic if they are alone in the trailer for this long. Does the driver sleep in his truck? If not, who's making sure the horses are ok, not cast, not being monkeyed with, not panicked or colicy? There's lots of stuff to think about, no matter what route you go. I would not do a 3 day trip straight like this UNLESS the driver is a horseman and the trailer extremely well ventilated... and even then I am not sure I would.
What Can I Put on the Floor of My Horse Trailer to Help Preserve the Wood?
even if you treat the top side of the boards the bottoms will be left untreated and in actuality will cause you more damage , as the moisture from the road , rain etc will soak up but cant escape if you treat the wood. Make sure you keep your trailer clean and even if using mats you still need to use sawdust or shavings as mats are really slippery when wet. but upon storing for short term clean the trailer, sweep shavings in the middle of the mat, for end of the season, remove all shavings, lift mats if so desired so wood can dry out.1. horse trailer, or no horse trailer?if ur gonna start 2 do comapations them yes2. How much would you pay for my horse trailer?i mean the trailer is almost 20 years old!!!! you might get 700 bucks out of it! it would be good for somebody that has a daughter that barrel races or something small like that. but the person that said a few thousand dollars is not right. I wouldnt give 4000k for a 2010 bumper pull in SC unless it had a tack room. all of our stock trailers are gooseneck and the most expensive one cost 11k because of the options included and the size3. i have a f250 super duty whats the biggest horse trailer i could pull?I do not know what engine you have , or what year of truck , but a 3/4 ton truck like that should handle a 4 horse ok . Remember that is a lot of weight and you need to give yourself plenty of room to stop . and while we are talking stopping , make sure you have good brakes both on your truck and trailer . Have a good mechanic check those out ! Also if you are pulling something like that your truck needs to be in top shape . Be alert and drive the speed limit . Do not ever be in a hurry when pulling a trailer . Take corners slower also . Do not worry about people behind you, they will get over it . I like pulling a gooseneck trailer , they pull much nicer . I also drive a dually . But you will be just fine4. What truck or suv gets the best gas mileage while still being able to tow a two horse trailer?for pulling a loaded 2-horse trailer (approx 3000-4000 pounds) you would be best to get a diesel engine for the extra 3-5 mpg if you are going longer distances. If you are just towing locally, etc, then the added cost of the vehicle and gas expense and maintenance of a diesel would not be worth it. It would cost you much more in the long run. If you had a 4-horse or more situation, then definitely a diesel truck/suv5. Can I use composite wood for a horse trailer floor?No. Spend the money and get wood that you know is going to hold up under 1000 lbs of weight. In the long run you will save money and you wo not risk your horse's feet going through the floor. That's a nasty injury when they can not get out of the hole and get dragged down the road.6. I need how-to tips for self-painting my horse trailer!?First sand it. If the original color was white (link is not working) then you can just sand off the rust and paint). But if its a color then you either have to sand it all off or paint a primer (white duh lol) over the existing color. A machine sander will work. If you use a primer let it dry completely. (I am not sure about the chalk) Then pick a color and get a roller brush and a small brush and paint! You can get a spray gun but its cheaper (and has less directions) just to get a brush. Then I suggest letting that dry and going over it with a gloss. Hope this helped!7. It is bad on a horse for it to be on a trailer for 3 days in a box stall?i think so, but when u bring them out they will have alot of energy
What Is Your Favorite Kind of Horse Trailer?
I am an Exiss lover to the max..I've owned nothing but Exiss's over the years (just purchased a brand new 4 horse slant a month ago)..I've never had any problem with them...they are easy to pull..Made of high quality products that are very durable...They are setup very practically for horse comfort, ease of use, & human comfort. I deal with Bill Hopkins at Lazy H Trailers sales in Sardinia, NY..I drive over four hours to deal with Bill & I would reccommend him & the Exiss brand of trailers to anyone! Good luck with your trailer search!1. Can I use composite wood for a horse trailer floor?may not be strong enough guna say no2. My horse trailer's hydraulic jack goes up when I press on the 'down' switch...?There is an easy solution to your issue... first thing is diagnosis...You have done this... It sounds like the power wire is crossed making the pump to operate in reverse. Without seeing where the connectors are, It is difficult to tell you which wires to swap around. Should you give the model & brand of the unit you have, I could give you precise directions on how to correct this issue. Thanks...3. Ice! Need to get horse to trailer?Salt does not mess with their feet, and the amount of salt in sand is not enough to do any harm. When it rains, it will dissolve anyway. If you can not get anywhere to get kitty litter as others suggested, I would just use the sand; it makes for great footing as well4. Can anyone give me advice about a home repainting job on a horse trailer?You can save a lot of money by doing what you've got it mind but you make up for it in time and work. You are staring a really big project right square in the face. First of all you have to prep the metal. Remove all the rust you can; sandblasting is best, otherwise a disc-sander and wire brush,(wheel). Where ever the old paint is good, just rough it up with sandpaper. Paint whatever rust you can not get off with a "Rust-On" primer. Prime the entire trailer and then paint it with a good spray enamel. Voila' you have a new(looking) trailer. Good luck.5. Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Cherokee pull a 2 horse trailer?The person who answered first is quite right and in addition you need to look at the type of hitch the trailer has. If it is a goose neck trailer then you definitely need a long bed truck. If it is a simple ball hitch then you can use a short bed truck or other towing vehicle. I am not quite sure how much a jeep cherokee can haul but I do not think it can haul two horses in a trailer, maybe one but probably not two6. traveling with my horse in a trailer?You are horse should be fine. Unless he gets nervous and if he tends to kick and move a lot in the trailer, he should not need any leg protection. You could use polo wraps or boots, but its probably not necessary. Hay would be good, but it's not necessary either. 30-40 miles is not too long a ride.7. He won't get in the freakin' horse trailer?It seems mine always know when theres a vet appointment!! if its a trail ride they will load with no problem but if its a vet day iv got to sucker them in with sweet feed! i dont know how they know. They pretty intelligent animals!!8. How do I get my horse to load on a 2 horse trailer?Rather than leading him in by walking ahead of him, stand next to him, keeping your hip next to his shoulder. Walk up the ramp confidently and do not let him fall behind you. It's important that you communicate and project leadership and he's more likely to do understand that he is supposed to follow you. If this does not work, I would use a lunge stick to tap his behind while you stand next to his shoulder. The extra encouragement and direction could help. On the bright side, at least he does not freak out and rear and kick!.
Help Loading My Horse into a Slant Load Horse Trailer?
If you have another horse put that one into a trailer or the same one and the other horse should follow. Stand behind him with ur arms open1. 7 Tips for Safe Overnight Camping With Your Horse TrailerLeaves are sprouting, birds are chirping, and your horses are itching to get away from the stables. It's the perfect time to plan a camping trip with your horses! Camping might mean a weekend at a spring horse show or it might be a few days of riding the trails at a gorgeous national park. Regardless of where you go, here are some tips to make sure that your camping experience is safe and enjoyable. Tip #1: Park in the Right Place Camping with your horses can be a lot of fun, but make sure you are parked in a safe location. Photo Credit First things first! Once you reach your camping destination, you are going to want to situate your rig in a safe parking location so that you can use the trailer all weekend. Look for a location on level ground without any hazards like tree limbs or banks that could endanger your horses. Avoid low hanging branches that would rest on the top of the trailer because wet leaves can stain your roof over time. Consider buying a lock for your hitch if you plan to spend all day away from the trailer. Finally, position the electrical hook-ups for your hitch so that the plug is hanging down. This way, rainwater does not collect in the female plug component and cause damage. Tip #2: Know When It's Okay to Unhitch What happens if you arrive at your camping location and need to use the truck separately? It is important that you understand when it is and is not safe to unhitch your trailer if you plan to continue using it while the truck is away. The good news...if you have a gooseneck trailer, you should be able to safely load or unload your horses from an unhitched trailer. This can be handy if you have a large trailer where the horses can use the interior as a stall during a long day of showing. The bad news... If you have a bumper pull trailer, it is not always safe to unhitch your trailer for continued use. Brad Heath, owner and chief designer at Double D Trailers cautioned, "On a bumper pull, it depends on the locations of the axles and empty tongue weight. It's possible to have negative tongue weight so that the front end of the trailer can rise up." For example, if the empty tongue weight on a trailer is only 400 lbs and you put more than 400 lbs on the back end of the trailer, then your trailer has suddenly turned into a see-saw and the front end is going to start rising off of the ground! Learn more about the tongue weight in our Double D Trailers article. Chocking your trailer correctly is an important step to make sure you trailer does not slowly roll away in the middle of your weekend. Make sure you always have at least one wheel chock for your trailer. Two is ideal. Brad personally likes just using standard wheel chocks. He laughed, "We use these at our loading docks with eighteen-wheelers for loading and unloading freights. If it will hold those heavy trucks with forklifts hauling thousands of pounds in and out, it's safe for a horse trailer!" Now this next tip certainly depends on how much your plan to 'rough' it during your trip. Some people consider camping a purely rustic adventure with fire cooked meals, and open air sleeping quarters. Others prefer to have an air-conditioned retreat with running water and refrigerated beverages. If you belong to the first group of adventurous souls, then you can disregard this tip. For the rest of us, here's what you need to know about batteries, tanks, and generators. In a living quarters horse trailer, most of your amenities will function using a 12V battery or your stored propane tanks. This includes the hot water heater, refrigerator, cook top, water pump, and interior lighting. Make sure your battery is charged and your tank is full. You should be good to go. If you plan on using air conditioning and television during your rustic vacation, then you will need to step things up a notch and find an electricity generator. These items require a 110 V electrical source and would quickly drain your on-board battery. A solar panel is another option if your prefer to avoid a noisy generator (assuming you are parked in a sunny spot.) A good generator can be tricky to find. Brad shared, "If using a generator I always recommend RV generators as they are much quieter and fuel efficient than say a 'Briggs and Stratton" from Lowe's or Home Depot." RV generators do cost a lot more, but they are well worth their dollars. Remember that many organized campsites have a noise policy after 9:00 PM, so you would be required to shut down a loud model generator. Brad shared a solution, "One of my favorite portable generators for camping is the Honda EU3000IS Super Quiet. You simply can not go wrong with those!" A final note on tanks for your rig...remember that your sewage tank is not like Mary Poppin's magical bag. It is not endless and will need to be emptied eventually. Do not forget to make a quick stop at the truck stop or RV dump station to empty your tank after a camping trip. Now that we've provided some tips for those of you with super luxurious living quarters horse trailers (Yes, we are jealous!), let's take a look at a cool option for those of you with a more rustic approach to camping. If you are not near a campground bathhouse or a natural creek, you are going to need a way to wash off some of the day's sweat and grime. A 'Cowboy Shower' is a creative option that allows you to shower inside the horse area of your trailer. A Cowboy (or Cowgirl) Shower is situated in the front stall of your horse trailer and can be accessed by an interior door that leads up into the living quarters or changing room area. Oftentimes, this front stall area is used for storage rather than horses so it makes sense to install the ability to shower there. You will have privacy from outsider peepers. Brad shared some of the benefits. "This type of shower is inexpensive to install, and takes up zero amount of valuable space inside the front living quarters. By using less space, you can keep the overall wheelbase of your trailer layout shorter making it easier to tow, have less weight, and be less expensive." Even if you do haul horses in the front stall, many folks will clean out the horse area on arrival so they end up with one large living quarter trailer. They can utilize the horse space for shower, storage, portable toilet, and sleeping. Tip #6: Secure Your Horses for the Overnight Now that we've kicked the horses out of the trailer, used their area for a shower stall, and hooked up our air conditioning, it's time we devote a bit of energy to making sure they are comfortable for the weekend away. Some campgrounds or show grounds may have stalls and barns available for overnight rental. In this case, make sure that your horses are up-to-date on their vaccines and coggins paperwork as this may be a requirement for use. If you decide to tie your horses to the side of the trailer, make sure you watch them carefully. This is not the safest option because horses have a natural instinct to pull back when they are panicked and can cause injury to themselves or others when startled. Be sure to untack your horses, stow their gear and safely secure them for the overnight hours. It is not recommended that you tie them to the trailer all night long. Instead, consider a portable corral or picket line. Photo Credit Some people solve this problem by using bungee ties, but this can be even worse. Once stretched, a broken bungee will spring back to cause serious injury to your horse, the neighboring horse, or a human standing close by. Brad shared, "I would be happy if tying horses to the side of a trailer never happened. Regardless of how many safety features we implement on the tires, fenders, axles, door hinges, latches, and windows, components on a trailer often are not horse safe or horse proof." He suggests some solutions like a High Tie or Tie Right that get the horse further away from the trailer. An even better option would be to pack along portable corral panels. Brad said, "One of our clients installed these on her trailer and I have been impressed with the versatility. It is light weight and telescoping to minimize the amount of space required for carrying." This image shows where the corral panels can be secured to the side of your trailer for transport. A final option would be to picket your horses using ropes and trees. Make sure that you are using 1/2-inch diameter cotton rope and know how to do make the correct knots to secure your horses. Here is a helpful article we found on the topic. Our final camping tip is really more of a shopping tip. If you are looking for a living quarters horse trailer to use for camping or weekend show trips, make sure you are looking at gooseneck designs. A trailer with living quarters is defined as one with a bathroom toilet, sleeping surfaces, and cooking facilities. These features are going to increase the total weight of your rig and it's important that you have a towing set-up that can handle the load. If these living quarters are situated in a bumper pull horse trailer, you may not be safe hauling this load on the road. Brad explained, "There are manufacturers building bumper pull trailers with living quarters. There are also a number of owners towing these with inadequate tow vehicles. It is an accident waiting to happen!" Learn more about how to determine if you are hauling a safe load in our Double D Trailers article. Camping with your horses can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot to manage, so make sure you use these tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. Happy trails! Questions: What other camping tips can you share? Do you have any favorite places to visit?2. Horse trailer question, answers appreciated!?It depends on what kind of tires the trailer says it needs. My first trailer (a Shoop) came with car tires brand new, and when I needed new ones I got the same kind. It worked out just fine. They were large tires and a certain designation (maybe "touring"). My second trailer (a Hawk) came new with trailer tires. These tires are actually a bit smaller than the ones that were on the first trailer. So, find out if those are the tires the trailer came with new, and if not, do some research to find out what the recommended tires are for that particular trailer.3. Blanketing a horse in the trailer?I say put a sheet on him. It's a really thin blanket that is mostly used for trailering because it does not make the horse get too hot, but sheilds him from the cold if he sweats and it's cold out
What Questions Do I Ask When Buying a Used Horse Trailer?
Have someone who knows a little about trailers go with you. There are lots of things to check out when buying a used trailer. You need to assess the condition of the tires, make sure the brakes are in good condition, then there are wheel bearings that can go bad. Also, check the floor. Are the boards or flooring material in good condition. If it has mats inside, pull them up and look underneath. Look underneath the trailer and make sure that there are no broken supports. Look at the axles for broken leaf springs or hangers. Make sure that it is equipped with a break-away kit and that all the wiring is in good condition. All of these things are repairable so depending on the price and if you can fix the problems, it should not be too bad. Just remember, this is going to carry your beloved animals around, so be cautious. Good Luck --EDIT-- When buying a trailer (or anything) it is ALWAYS a good idea to bring along someone who is knowledgable and experienced. DO NOT rely on what the sellers tell you or their answers to questions. To some people a sale is more important than safety. I have seen too many good honest people get ripped off by someone who was hard up for money and just said what the buyer wanted to hear to make a sale. Just today I was told by a hay supplier that his vet will verify that FESCUE is GOOD for late term mares, tell me he did not just want to sell me a trailer of hay and didnt care about the outcome...1. how to clean my horse trailer?im not positive.... acid wash... we take ours to the same place that washes the big 18 wheelers.... they do a great job and i think they talk about acid wash... what ever that means.... sounds like it would eat all but the rubbers but i dunno. .. my bf usually takes it. .... and also the green stuff. .. mean green or something its sold in the automotive section.. for grease and gunk ... i know im not much help... cant think of the actual names....blonde moment... .. hope i helped2. Double D or Equispirit Horse Trailer?Equispirit Horse Trailers3. what type of wood should i use for horse trailer ramp?I dont know much about this stuff.....and its probably expensive but hickory is the strongest wood and will last long if thats an option....HOPED I HELPED!!...sorry if that was worthless :p4. im having horse trailer issues!?start with teaching your horse to stand nicely outside the trailer before you start working in the trailer. you want him to stand nicely for extended amounts of time before you start trailering him. you can teach him this by tying him to a strong tree with nothing around to hurt himself on, and only let him have less then one foot of room to throw his head so he can not hurt himself. dont give him hay or oats or anything, you want him t learn that he does not need food to stand. after you work on this put him in the trailer and just tie him up, dont move the trailer or anything, just have him stay tied for a little while. after you are content with his standing skills, let him be for the night, work on the trailering for a few days and just start moving it a short distance. After some time, and practice, he should trailer fine. good luck! :)5. What to look for in a new one horse trailer?No.. that is not big enough. First you have to look at height. 16.1 horse should have at least a 7' ceiling so he wo not pump his had and will be comfortable. 16.1 hand horse is 5'5" at the shoulder. He needs more room for his head. Do not waste your time and money on a one horse. First, you wo not find one, second, having a draft mix, you will need extra room for him so he's not squished into a small area and will want to ride in it. Look at it this way, what are you more comfortable in, a mini cooper or a Cadillac.
Expenses of a Horse Trailer?
In my province there is only only one registration fee, once you get the tags you are set for life (meaning as long as you own that trailer) Insurance will depend on the insurance company and what you value your trailer at when all renovations are done. Of course insurance fees are annual. It might be helpful if you took a day to do some serious calling around for insurance quotes, that is the only way you can find out what you are willing to pay. Yes you can decide to a point on how much you are willing to pay for insurance considering the value of the trailer.1. Is there a way to convert a Solid Side Flatbed - Tandem Axle trailer into a horse trailer?Even if your horses are dead broke to hauling, this is just a trainwreck sorry. I can not imagine anything strong enough to withstand a horse pulling back, kicking etc that would not be welded to the frame. Plus the weight factor for you wanting to install and remove it at your needs would just be incredible. If you wanted to just leave it as a horse trailer, you probably could, but not as a temporary hauler sorry. I definately would not recommend doing this.2. Horse trailer question, answers appreciated!?I just replaced all four tires on my trailer, and had an informative discussion with my tire guy about this very issue! Trailer tires tend to be stiffer and cheaper than car tires. The ride wo not be as smooth for the horse, but the tires will last longer. I opted to go with the trailer tires, even though it was previously equipped with car tires. The guy was right - theres a lot more bounce to the trailer ride. It's not bad, but it's not as forgiving a ride as it was.3. Fixing up a horse trailer?The very first thing I would do is make sure your horse fits in it. I did the same as you, bought a two horse trailer (so I could pull it behind my camper), completely redid it. (sandblasted to get rid of the rust, welded over the open places, new floor, new mats, new chrome, new tires, new paint job. Got it all done and guess what. My 16. 2 hand, 1500 lb horse barely fit in it. Nearly needed WD40 to get him squeezed in, the butt bar would not latch behind him (he is long bodied), could barely close the back door with him in the stall, and the trailer was to short for him. So after spending about $2500 on all of this work for what would have been a perfect trailer, I put it up for sale without ever getting to haul it, since nothing I rode would fit in it. The one you show in the picture would be hard to add a dressing room to, unless you wanted to wall off one stall, and use that, but then it is not going to very easy to do, since I see you almost having to weld a solid wall in to get this done. I would not reccomend using plywood for a wall, since it is easy for a horse to kick thru it, not to mention plywood being hard to anchor. And then if you ever wanted to sell it, you may have a hard time getting rid of it4. What is the best way to clean an aluminum horse trailer?a mask, protective clothing, a big push broom. 1 part bleach 1 part CLR and the rest warm water5. Water for babies? I live in Golden Valley AZ and the average temp here in summer is 110 - 115?I live in Texas. And no one I know has an air conditioned horse trailer. I open up all the windows possible for air flow. And I try to haul early before it gets super hot when possible. And I try to avoid traffic so as to keep the air moving back there. When I do these things, the horses arrive at their destination with hardly any sweat, so they must be doing OK. Horses usually adapt pretty well to the heat. I think its actually harder on people sometime since they move in and out of air conditioning. Since the horses are out all the time, they get pretty adapted. I do not know anyone who has a mister, but its probably not a bad idea. At my barn, sometimes the horses will play in the water trough and splash themselves with water to cool off. We will also turn the hose on them for a cool down
Does Anyone Have Tips on Refurbishing a Two Horse Trailer?
I was in your situation a few years back. I bought an economical "fixer-upper" trailer and fixed it up. I started with the floor. I ripped out all the old and replaced it. I replaced ALL the tires with appropriately rated tires. Then sanded, primed and painted the inside surfaces (not the floor). We checked all the all needed to be replaced....which was not a big deal when the floor was taken off for replacement. We checked the brakes and replaced needed and adjusted the brakes for safety. Lastly, I painted the outside of the trailer and had a clear-coat protective layer of paint too. I have since sold the trailer and gotten a bigger 4 horse1. Horse trailer loading problems! Please help!?I would say use a dressage whip, but if he's scared of them that wont work.. try using some body language? try to lead him onto the float, and if he stops, do not turn around and look at him, as that gives him reason to be scared, (as we are a natural predator to them, they need to feel certain they wont get hurt.) but instead look at his hind legs, as you want him to move away from there, and use motion like wave your hand behind his rump, but not at it, as this may cause him to back away. Stay at his shoulder and have the rope holding hand pointing into the trailer, while continuously looking and waving. as soon as he takes a step forward stop, pat him, reward him for doing it right, but if he goes backwards/sideways do not stop, or you reward him for the wrong thing. and do not have someone else doing the hand waving, as the person leading him is the one he needs to listen to. Also try teaching him manners on the ground because if you have a fault in your ground work, going on the float is where it will show up. Hope it works out!!2. How should I wire a dressing room in a horse trailer to pull power from a house outlet when plugged up?Dalton i know what you are asking, and yes it can be done, just go to your local diy center let them know what you want to do and they will show you the parts you need, it should not cost to much3. im having horse trailer issues!?tie the horse with trailer ties, that should resolve your issue4. If you were going to purchase a horse trailer, what would you need the sales person to offer?Hi there, well I've never been in the fortunate position of spending lots of money on a trailer, and I do not know any brands over here being a recent immigrant, so can not help with the second part of the question. As to the first part, if you are going for a particular job, then it does not matter what features I would want, it's a matter of what features you have to sell me. If I was looking to employ you, I would want someone who could speak the same language as my customers, and who could make them feel comfortable from the start, by asking questions about them and their horses, and what they do with them. I would want you to be able to match them to a model of trailer, just by chatting to them, without them realizing that they are being quizzed. I would want you to be able to sell all the best points of my trailers, without running down the opposition. As a customer, I want someone who genuinely listens to what I am saying, and does their best to match my needs. I want someone who makes me feel that I am their most important customer yet, and that 100% of their attention is with me while I am with them. I what someone who can discuss the financials without embarrassment, and can listen to what my budget is and try and stay close to it. Hope this helps, and good luck with your new job!5. Can a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Cherokee pull a 2 horse trailer?I believe we can do anything we want to do. My dream is to one day pull a horse trailer with 5 belgian draft horses, and the trailer would be pulled by none other than my flying rocket bicycle! Or a smartcar, or a ferrari, or um a.... a team of ten belgian draft horses, pulling a trailer with five belgian draft horses inside. .. But the trailer would be big. Not cramped. Air conditioned, with an all-you-can eat horse buffet! With my flying rocket bicycle, i would ride to the store, then my myself a fifteen horse trailer. All my belgians would go inside, and live in air -conditioned comfort. I would then bring my fifteen belgians to the moon, towed by my flying rocket bike, and we would land, and then we would watch the cow jump over the moon, followed by the spoon.
It Is Bad on a Horse for It to Be on a Trailer for 3 Days in a Box Stall?
my horse did that for 3 days and she got off fine. she was a bit hyper but no worse for wear1. Tips on loading a horse into a trailer and introducing it to a new enviroment?To get her in the trailer, you need to train her to go in. Put hay in there and get het in there every now and then she will learn2. Is this a good deal on a horse trailer?looks pretty good to me. and the price does seem pretty descent. id say go for it!3. how old you were you when you learned to pull a horse trailer? is 16 to young?I will let you know when I do!4. What is the best way to clean an aluminum horse trailer?If a truckstop is close by that has a truckwash take it there and tell them u want aluminum brightener. they will wash it and stick to the brightener, or u can use aliminum polish with an orbital polisher and do it your self5. trying to buy a horse trailer?Do you have a friend that could help you out with this?6. What is the smallest type of car that can haul a horse trailer w/ horse?I for one would NEVER pull my trailer with a car. Makes me shudder!!!!! I am into your self some grief!! 1/2 ton to one ton trucks(dulley) are the thing out west.... Edit: Mule you are cracking me up again....Rustoleum...too funny...!!7. Do you need to use sawdust or shaving for my horse trailer?? Please answer!!?I use shavings in my trailers. They do sop up alot of urine, and makes cleaning it out of the trailer lots easier8. How much would you pay for my horse trailer?i mean the trailer is almost 20 years old!!!! you might get 700 bucks out of it! it would be good for somebody that has a daughter that barrel races or something small like that. but the person that said a few thousand dollars is not right. I wouldnt give 4000k for a 2010 bumper pull in SC unless it had a tack room. all of our stock trailers are gooseneck and the most expensive one cost 11k because of the options included and the size9. Where could I buy a ramp for horse trailer? or how to make?you can actually buy them at medicare stores like the ones for wheelchairs just get one as wide as possible or like at my barn we have a cement ramp and we back up the trailers to it10. I need a car that can pull a horse trailer? Tips? Suggestions?If you are going to pull a lot, get a diesel. They hold up. Just a little bit, get any pick up truck with the towing capacity to handle the trailer weight. Look in owners manual for tow specs11. How can I prevent rust on the tongue of my horse trailer?Clean it the best you can, and apply lithium grease (white grease). It will not be washed-out by water. Naturally check it from time to time, especially after long tows, and reapply as needed. Lithium grease is available at auto parts stores, available in paste and spray (I prefer the paste).12. How much is my horse trailer worth?its no where near 4 grand. i would only pay MAYBE 2,000 for it13. Buying my first horse trailer - I need tips & advice?First and foremost,,, No rotting in the floor. None at all. Horses can go through a rotten floor. If you find any soft wood at all in the floor then pass. Second check the axles and bearing to see that the bearings have no play and are free turning. Third check the brakes if the trailer has them and you know what you are looking for. As far as your cars.......NO! There is no way a car with an automatic transmission can tow a car without burning up the transmission. Even some trucks with automatic transmissions do not have strong enough transmissions to burn them out. Now some of the larger SUV's are fine but make sure you check the towing capacity of the vehicle not just the bumper (sometimes there is a towing capacity listed on the bumper but that is just for that bumper, check the capacity of the vehicle itself on the inside of the door). I am sorry but you will need at least a large SUV or half ton pickup. Though you can tow with a small pickup with a manual transmission, it is not advisable and you as a first time tower need a full sized truck. In this case it is not the pulling that is dangerous, it is the stopping.
I Need How-to Tips for Self-painting My Horse Trailer!?
First sand it. If the original color was white (link is not working) then you can just sand off the rust and paint). But if its a color then you either have to sand it all off or paint a primer (white duh lol) over the existing color. A machine sander will work. If you use a primer let it dry completely. (I am not sure about the chalk) Then pick a color and get a roller brush and a small brush and paint! You can get a spray gun but its cheaper (and has less directions) just to get a brush. Then I suggest letting that dry and going over it with a gloss. Hope this helped!1. How to keep a horse trailer clean!?Buy a saddle bag, bridle bag, etc. I just bought all that stuff, and it makes such a different. Of course, some of it can get expensive, but it is well worth it. Saddle bags can typically hold the saddle, girth(s), and whip(s)/crop(s). Bridle bags can hold 23 bridles/halters and a few random things at the bottom. Helmet bags fir the helmet. Garment bags hold everything. I use mine for my shirts, coats, and pants. Boot bags can usually handle 1 pair of tall boots. You can hang everything up on a hook, or set it down on the ground without it getting ruined. In the tack room hang up hooks everywhere, and a saddle rack. Hang everything up, and it will be out of the way. You also do not need to bring everything. Bring the tack, clothes if you need to change, brushes, and first aid kit. Hang it up on hooks, and its off the floor. As for the horse's tail, buy a tail bag, braid her tail, and put it in the bag. If the top of her tail gets dirty either get a tail bag with the neoprene top to protect her tail, or use vet wrap, and lightly wrap her dock. Good Luck! (:2. Is this a good price for a horse trailer?That's kind of like asking how much for a Ford? The answer depends on a lot of things like what it is made of, how big it is, what bells and whistles it has, etc3. how old you were you when you learned to pull a horse trailer? is 16 to young?No way you gotta learn sometime! I reccommend practiceing without horses in the trailer.[=4. What is the best 4x4 for reliability and economy I need it you'll a trailer ?Depend on the weight of the trailer. Horse trailer for example or 30ft camper might look at f-250 or comparable Chevy. I would stay away from Dodge. A smaller trailer a F-150 or comparable Chevy. Neither are great on gas, but then again that is not a primary concern when shopping for a truck.5. does anyone know of a horse trailer/RV thing instead of a truck and trailer?Check on ebay. They have all kinds of things. Look under horse trailers. Some of the horse for sale web site have trucks and trailer for sale too6. What do you use to organize your horse trailer?shelves and drawers7. Can my Ford F-250 pull a 4-horse trailer?Keep in mind that you are talking about a 7 year old vehicle V-6 ....if you are only taking these two horses to a show or two 20 miles down the road flat, paved roads no hills, no wet grassy slopes, or mud you can probably get away with it for a few years. If you are carrying hay, tack food for your and or the horse, an extra person for the 2nd horse you are adding to the weight. You are also asking a lot of an older V-6. Remember extreme heat can have a bearing on the trip as well, driving miles in 90 degree weather is not smart either. You have to sit down and talk to a knowledgeable person in the mechanics of hauling, weight, heat, terrain vs your particular truck.8. Which Truck should i get to haul a horse trailer?I would just say a big, heavy duty one. I also like dodges and that is so going to be my first truck! I wonder if they come in purple...
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