Hip-Hop Heads What Are 10 Unsuspecting Albums in Your Collection?

# 1 Rakim Y Ken-Y Masterpiece # 2 SWV It's About Time # 3 Tego Calderon The Underdog/El Subestimado # 4 Next Rated Next # 5 Luny Tunes Mas Flow 2 # 6 Keith Sweat Keith Sweat (Self Titled Album) # 7 TLC CrazySexyCool # 8 Ginuwine Ginuwine...The Bachelor # 9 Ginuwine The Life # 10 Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It

1. How can I find flat/thin boxes to store/display my eraser collection?

stores will sell gift boxes that are flat and thin, some are tin others are cardboard. try in the greeting card section where the gift wrapping is.

2. Debt Collection Agency- OK to give my address?

it is OK to update your address with a legitimate debt collection agency. They will find you anyway, and why would you want to make it hard for both you and them if you want to resolve things. make sure you get the conditions for the settlement on paper.

3. Help! No money, no job, credit card company keeps calling and sending letters about collection.?

just laugh when they call you. That is what I used to do

4. How can I remove a paid collection report from my credit report?

Depends on the Collection Agency that you paid off.You'll need to:Address via written request that they remove the collections account from your Credit Report as you no longer owe them anything,If they fail to 'nicely' correspond to your request, dispute it with the CRA that the item is showing in,Or, at worst, if nothing works, you may have to legally threat them by way of identifying FCRA and FDCPA Violations (Trust me, you'll almost always find a few).No matter what, the mere aspect of a collections account being on your credit report, I can confirm that there is at least 2 violations and punitive damages that they are immediately liable for. There are supporting case laws for this, you can find them easily.Hope that helps.P.S / Never pay a collection account without demanding your terms as part of the pay off. Such terms should be that your information will no longer be sold to any further debt buyers, that the item will come off from your credit report, and that they will accept the payment as the last and final payment. Thanks.

5. What happens when a collection agency fails to collect the money that is owed on behalf of the creditor?

It is a violation for a collection agency to threaten you. If this just happened, and you do not have it on tape, write down the date, time and who it was you spoke with. Write down as much of the conversation as you can - DO NOT embellish, keep it to the facts. The reason for doing this is you will be starting to create a papertrail of the violaitons this company is doing. There are several different things that could happen with this. If this is the first collector to handle the debt they may either return it to the original creditor, sell it, sue you. Send them a dispute letter if you have not already. Send it certified mail return receipt. When you get the green card back, send a letter to the credit bureaus (if they are reporting) and dispute some of the violations that they have listed (I am positive that there are a few violations, there usually is) Create that papertrail, if they should sue, you may have counterclaims. I would not be suggesting these things if most collection agency's would do their collecting in a legal manner. Since most of them do not , learn your rights and use them. I would suggest going to the link I've provided and do some reading. edited to add: After reading Studly's post, I realize I erred in not explaining that in order to tape a conversation, you "need" to become aware of your states taping laws first. (thanks for keeping me on my toes Studly lol)

6. Is debt collection a good job or is it as bad as people say it is?

For most people it's every bit as bad as they say it is. After all, you make your living hounding people to pay their debts. However for a select few, being a debt collector can be a rewarding career. There are two different approaches to being successful as a debt collector. Both require discipline and persistence.One way is to just keep calling people and demanding payment. The idea is to wear them down and force them to make paying off the particular debt you are responsible for a priority, just to get rid of you. The other way is to empathize with the debtor and explain carefully to them that it's in their best interest to get their debts in order. After all, bankruptcy is not a very good solution for most people in debt. It's far better for them to make some kind of arrangement with the people they owe money to. Often, getting out of debt is just a matter of discipline on the part of the debtor combined with abstaining from further reckless spending. It's often possible for a debt collector to coach a debtor to do what is in their best interest and yours

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