HELP! I Think (know) I Goofed Up My Cooling System!?

Check your thermostat. Boil a pot of water and drop it in. Also check the vehicle with the thermostat out and see if that could be the problem

1. How to clean a gunky cooling system?

What you are thinking to do is fine. I would unhook the lower hose to flush out the stuff....Also I do not think you are suppose to leave the flushing chemical in there for a week...can read the instruction on the bottle.

2. What's wrong with my car's cooling system?

Pos, Failed headgasket. Check oil filer cap for creamy gloop. underneath the cap its self. If it is that you would better get it sorted quick. If your lucky it will not damage cylinder head. it can pit and warp cylinder heads which means they also need to be skimmed and or repaired. Can be costly job, depedning on engine / car and difficulty.

3. why i should keep air out of car cooling system?

The big reason it boils when there is air.The spot where the air is, is getting no cooling so it simply gets so hot that the small amount of moisture that is present boils and has to find its way out.because steam needs a lot more room than water. Therefore it releases the pressure cap and escapes taking along with it some of the coolant and leaving more air pockets.Please in your best interest BLEED it Properly

4. Strange cooling system problem (99 Buick Century Custom)?

99 Buick

5. How to flush cooling system of my car ?

it's just like flushing your toilet except you pull down on the gear shift knob

6. Will "Stop Leak" damage the cooling system?

Cooling System Stop Leak

7. Does bending the tubing in a liquid cooling system effect water flow or temperatures?

Yes it does...the more bend you run your tube, less flow is the result. Try to re-route your tube...try to make a gentler turn if you can. Also, the flow is affect by how clean your system is...make sure you do not have any trapped air bubbles/pockets in any of your component. What kind of pump do you have? and you cooled what CPU that you are trying to cool. Tell me the temp before and after, including idling and full speed temps...I might be able to help you further

8. Antec Sonata III Case Cooling System?

they will artwork jointly properly, although you probable choose a greater appropriate skill supply(a minimum of 600W) to attend to all of that. you may probable overclock the E8400 to 3.6GHz with ease which incorporate your hardware. different than that. ..DDR2-800 is a million/2 the cost of DDR2 1066, so it may desire to be a solid thought to downgrade your reminiscence somewhat after which improve the pictures card to a Geforce GTX 260

9. 2 Video cards or Water Cooling system?

water cooling is mostly for over clocking witch causes the cards to heat up really quickly i do not "think" you can over clock enough to make up for equal a second card. i dont over clock. stock fans mostly will be fine for cooling when not overclocking defiantly go with sli just make sure you mother board supports it or it could be a real let down building one my self skulltrall mo bo gigabyte 250 x2 AND water cooled CPU when i get all the $ together thats not just for gaming tho dont go with a dual cpu unless you want to do more than just game its too costly axt caser are cheeper too compared to eatx

10. what kind of cooling system do volkswagen cars use?

Old VW were air cooled. dont know about the new ones

11. Is AMD Cpu is hotter than INTEL ? If hot then tell me about cooling System?

If compare with AMD previous version, now AMD technology already solve the heating problem, some said AMD is hotter than Intel processor, I tested actually both nearly same. Since I use AMD processor from 1998 until now I wo not face any heat problem cause my PC bluescreen or hang. Some situation can cause your processor temp. become higher, 1. Processor fan no strong enough 2. CPU casing 3. enviroment and etc. If you want get better cooling system, you can go to "cooler master" . (casing, Fan or other cooler system)

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