Has LinkedIn Led to Many Sales Leads for You?

Yes, specially for B2B startups. It allows you to connect with your potential buyers, and scout new leads on organisations currently out of reach. A very useful feature is that,once they accept your invitation, you can see their contact details. Big help for cold emailing and calling.Best of luck

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What is the literary novel most misunderstood both by critical and general readers, what led to this misunderstanding, and what can be done to rectify the book's reputation?

Gravity's Rainbow. Although, on the surface, it's about a guy who can predict bombings by getting a boner just before it drops, it's really about loneliness and the difficulty of friendship, but you wouldn't know it unless you read it the proper way, which is by starting at the end and reading, vignette by vignette back to the beginning. It makes perfect sense if you read it backwards


Who on Earth could want to harm Dr. Fauci in this terrible time? Isn't it mind boggling that some sick individuals are issuing threats to him at this time?

There are a bunch of answers here from people who are personally acquainted with Dr Fauci, or have been involved in other matters where he has been involved. The people who are threatening him hate him precisely because he is competent and honest. That's pretty much the reason many of them hated Obama too.


Are there any bands where the front man is not the coolest member of the group?

ACDC are the band that immediately springs to mind. People talk about Bon Scott and the guy who isnt Bon Scott and now The guy who is replacing the guy who wasnt Bon Scott but everyone knows Angus Young. Google any image of the band and you will always see him front and centre in the most prominent position.


According to Wikipedia, William Eaton and 8 U.S. marines led a mixed Greek, Arab, and Turkish mercenary force to victory in the 1805 Battle of Derna as part of the First Barbary War. Why was Eaton provided with such a small detachment of marines?

At that time, marines were not the specialized amphibious assault force that they became, and are today.Marines were a small part of a ships company used to maintain order on the ship, and small actions ashore if needed.There were no Marine regiments.The largest US warships of the era were Constitution class frigates, and 8 might have been the entire marine detachment, or close to it.


Is it possible that there is no such thing as quantum gravity?

Presumably we can set up a Schrodinger cat scenario where we go into a superposition of some huge mass being *here* and being *there* (a million miles away). If gravity is not quantum, then what?So, presumably it must be quantum.There are many variants of this argument. I see no way to escape them. Nobody ever showed me any way to escape them.


How efficient would a solar panel need to be to reliably harvest energy from a full moon?

The amount of power produced from a 20% efficient 200 watt panel is around 20 mw with a full moon even at 100 % efficiency 100mw would be .05 % of day time not worth the effort just wait for the sun to come up even at dawn you will get more power.The moon is often on the other side of the earth.


Prince Charles will likely have a short reign. Should he step aside and allow William to become king in order to give him a long run like Queen Elizabeth II?

Definitely not and why should he. He has been serving an apprenticeship his whole life for the job. Queen Elizabeth didn't want the job so young, prince Phillip certainly did not. I don't think William would thank his dad for stepping aside prematurely either. lets hope Charles inherits his granny and parents longevity. The queen is serving a life sentence and so will Charles


Why did Lee Kuan Yew choose to anger the Malaysian Chinese rather than to turn Singapore into a pure Chinese country?

Do you perhaps want him to anger the millions of Muslim extremists surrounding Singapore with a hatred of ethnic Chinese people like how they do with the Jews?Turn Singapore into a Chinese country and the China worshipping Malaysian Chinese would be happy but in turn this act would lead to more Chinese massacres at the hands of the Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia


When will Theresa May be out as UK PM?

Probably within a year in order to avoid another challenge but I cannot be sure because these are very strange times. The Conservative Party is going to find it very hard to find anyone who can even match Mays abilities let alone anyone who can do better. They may find themselves struggling on with May for longer than they think.


What future do you envisage for occupations like agriculture and farming? Is there a possibility of food grains being synthetically mass produced in factories in future?

Scientists can create a robot, but cant create a human being. Synthetically a foodstuff can be prepared to extinguish the fire of hunger, in the belly and meet the requirement of satisfying taste buds. Natures bouquet of foodstuff that satisfies all human nutritional & esthetic needs taste buds and smell can never be met by a synthetically produced edible stuff.


What will Donald Trump do if Joe Biden wins the presidential election in November and he doesn't?

Get the !@#$ out of Washington. He will enjoy losing more then he enjoys winning. I don't see him losing even though he deserves to retire.Donald Trump will remind Biden that he is the new POTUS before he leaves to Florida.

If i had Trumps loot, i would buy a personnel island for my permenant residence guarded by german sheperds. The public wouldn't hear from me again


What are the strongest evidences that suggest the battle of Mahabharata actually happened?

Please read the answers in the below links, I hope it would help.Abhitulya Devnath ( )'s answer to What did the archaeological survey of India say about the Mahabharata?Abhitulya Devnath ( )'s answer to Why does the whole world believe Ramayan & Mahabharat to be mythology, while Muhammed and Jesus are believed to be real?


Is Canada a left-wing version of the United States?

The left/right comparisons do not work. Canadian Liberals are protectionist about Canadian manufacturing, while American conservatives hype Made in America and protectionist policies.This is just one of many examples, as I am sure you will find out from the other answers.Answer: No. Further, Canada isnt any version of the United States.


What are some great free "must-watch" videos for entrepreneurs and startups? Inspirational as well as informative.

Watch Casey Neistat's VLOGs and just absorb the motivation that he puts out every day. Casey is a prime example of how sheer hardwork and consistency is how you build success, along with the willingness to take risks. I recently left my comfy 9-5 day job to pursue my passion in the creative field. Here's a little video were I talk about my motivation behind it


Which country has had the most wars?

India is the oldest civilization on the planet. If you talk about 2000 years history then it might be any European country, but if you talk about 5000 years history then India is the country which faced most wars on the planet. Ancient India was having 35% gold of the total gold on the planet about 2500 years back.


Which team has never won the IPL?

Among the 7 teams which played 10 years of IPL and CSK who have participated in 8 editions, only 3 teams aren't able to cross the finishing line, namely : Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils and Kings 11 Punjab.Teams with most trophies :Mumbai Indians - 3Chennai Super kings, Kolkata Knight Riders - 2Sunrisers Hyderabad Deccan Chargers - 2Rajasthan Royals -1


How is Michel Barnier perceived now the UK is out of the EU?

Barniers masterstroke has been getting the UK out of the door, so that EU27 can negotiate with it as a third country that has no influence at all within the Community.After nearly four years of shadow boxing, the EU27 negotiating team can now take the gloves off.It should be fun to watch.Rejoice!!


Has the UK become the laughingstock of the world? Why or why not?

When Brexit happened we kind of were in some ways.but these days I think everyone is worrying about their own countries due to COVID And its impact. plus the Brexit vote & results happened a long time ago, so Im not sure people are laughing about it anymore. they have probably found something else to laugh about now


Why does everyone want to be an entrepreneur nowadays?

Its easier than ever before (You can compete in a global market with a $100 web site)Corporations showing thru their actions they dont value their employeesBecause of the globalization the powerful whites/westerners are no longer able to suppress the knowledge and unity of people accross the borders.:: the comments were intended for upliftment only. Please use what works for you, and kindly ignore the rest.


What questions (and answers to these questions) led you to become an atheist, or to denounce your belief in religion?

Given that I know that the Bible contains at least some falsehoods such as the Book of Genesis, and at least some selective and biased reporting, such as most of the Jewish history, what assurance do I have that any part of it is true?To which I came up with the answer - None


If Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands today, would Britain be able to expel them by the use of force?

In my honest (and uninformed) opinion:- Argentinean armed forces have no possibility to drive a war against UK forces (or most of any other one). There's no modern Navy at all. No up-to-date war planes. Army is reduced to a minimum.- Argentinean forces would not have even the possibility to land in the islands, due to existing on-site UK troops


What happened to the rest of the Romans after the Roman Empire fell, and why didn't anyone gather the rest of the Romans and try to rebuild?

The rest of the Romans tried to get by as much as they could, which usually meant relying on the local lords, a reliance that grew into feudalism. And for trying to rebuild, many did exactly that. Not only Justinian, but later Emperors too, and even some other kings tried to rebuild the Empire. But none got as close to it as Justinian


How do celebrities go shopping without getting noticed?

Most celebrities who are instantly recognizable dont do their own grocery shopping. They can afford to have someone do it for them.There were a few fortunate exceptions.Harpo Marx (pictured with his wife Susan and children) liked to boast that he could walk into any supermarket out of costume without ever being recognized.


Did Thomas Jefferson have the highest IQ of any president in the United States history?

I want to tell you how welcome you are to the White House. I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.

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