Give Me a Line to Motor Ckt Diagram for Ceiling Fan?

If you never did this before i would suggest simply checking that there is nothing stuck in it, or that there is no loose screw. If its neither of those, then have a professional check it

1. What is a Evinrude boat motor made of?

The block casting on the later models, going back many years, is aluminum, with a steel sleeve for the cylinder walls. It was an aluminum alloy

2. Rental of Motor home in Canada?

You did not say which part of the country you plan to visit and that will make a difference on finding an RV rental company. Fraserway has locations across the country and is one company I would recommend. I've only dealt with them for sales and service, but they've always been a good company to deal with.

3. price to rebuild vw motor?

I just got done rebuilding the 1600 dual port in my super beetle. I spent just about 600 on machining and parts. But I added a few things, like a full flow oil filtration system and oil temperature sending unit and gauge. If you disassemble the motor yourself, clean it up, have it machined and reassemble it yourself then you will save hundreds. I had to buy new pistons and cylinders, and have the crank reground, as well as have all of the rods sized. If the crank was good, I would guess you could get away with spending 450.

4. How high of a gear ratio can a motor have?

One problem I can see is, that you are using stall torque (at 0 rpm) and no load rotation speed (at 0 Nm). If you want the motor to still turn, it will have lower torque than this, and lower RPM.Also, running the motor at (or close to) stall for long time will probably overheat it (it's gonna draw 85A (that is about 1KW) and dissipate it all as heat). I do not have much experience with this, but for a first version I would guess you can get 50% of the stall torque and 50% of the no load rpm continually (or maybe 40%?). Then you could test it and go for different motor in second iteration

5. what happend when the stator of ac motor is filled with water in the connector block and inside the motor?

Just a big, old-fashioned short circuit

6. P2118 Motor Current Range/Performance

That code refers to the Electronic Throttle Body not receiving power. I recommend checking/replacing the ETCS fuse in the underhood fuse box

7. Transistor circuit to toggle motor on/off not working (Arduino)

The most likely explanation is that the motor needs more current than the transistor wants to deliver. Have you measured the motor current?For that matter, it may be that the motor requires more current than your 9V battery can supply. Have you run the motor directly off the 9V battery?The second most likely is that back EMF from the motor has popped the transistor. Substitute a small incandescent bulb for the motor, and see if you can shed some light on the subject.Put a reverse-biased diode across the motor. I would probably grab a 1N4001 or something similar.

8. L298 Motor Driver spinning motor only one way :/

It looks like you have chosen to use arduino pin numbers that are very similar to the necessary pin numbers on the L298. Nothing wrong with that, you can use whichever arduino pins are convenient. But it seems like it would be an easy mistake (with the given code) just to wire pin N from the arduino to pin N of the L298 under such circumstances. With the L298, you want the analog PWM going into pin 6, and your arduino is producing that at pin 5. So you would want 5 from the arduino going to 6 on the L298, and 6 on the arduino going to 5 on the L298. Arduino pin 7 would still go to L298 pin 7. ORif want to go with the 5-5, 6-6, 7-7 wiring, you could fix it in software, just by changingto

9. Questions about electric scooter motor?

You could see if you could find some wheelchair motors

10. Controlling Dc Motor With Pwm

This setup will almost work. The pin outputs on the MSP430 are not capable of driving a motor directly, this is due to the current limits on the output pins. You will need to place "something" between the pin and the motor. There are many things that can fill the "something", but in all cases they will basically act as a switch. A simple mosfet is probably the easiest to go with, you just need to make sure you get one big enough to power the motor.As far how a PWM change the speed across the motor, what you will be doing is adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM. This is essentially adjusting the On/Off time of the motor. The PWM will be running so fast that you wont actually be able to notice the Ons and Offs unless you look at it on a scope, but the effective voltage across the motor will change which results in a change of speed

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