Get the Best LED Integrated Tubes in Toronto

LED Integrated Tubes by LEDmyplace is innovatively manufactured LED tube light that provides a significantly lower operational cost compared to standard LED tubes, with savings reaching up to 90 percent. These are not just replacements for the traditional fluorescent tubes rather create a truly spiritual ambiance that adds to the satisfaction of the consumers. These LED tubes lasting for not less than 50,000 hours and with very little lumen depreciation until the end of the lifespan, you incur almost negligible maintenance cost.Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto On Buy-sellUse The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto OnBuy-sell Use The Best Led Integrated Tube For Indoor Lighting Toronto

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what's the secret of the light emimmiting diode (LED) when it change colorr from red to green.?

There's no secret. There are two separate LEDs in there, red and green. One lens, three leads. Normally it is possible to turn them both on simultaneously and get yellow as well.

Does anyone in Orange County know of someone who can change out the LED lights in a scion tc?

You should check with the members of the SoCal-tC Club. Lots of their members have had their gauges changed by a few different companies. You can also check out LED-MODS.NET. His reviews have been varied, from some very pleased to some not so pleased. He's based in Tustin. Definitely check out the SoCal-tC Club though, and tell 'em we sent ya ;)

Is there in existance, an LED that can have its colour output controlled by varying input frequency.?

Charcind is correct, but it's an interesting question. You might be able to change the colour by feeding the light from the LED into a non-linear optical medium whose properties can be varied electrically, but do not ask me for any technical details

LM317 VS AMS1117 as Constant Current Limiter for LED SMD Boards

If your voltage drop is 15V, and your current is 450 mA, then your linear regulator, no matter whether it's just a transistor, a LM317 or an AMS1117, will have to dissipate 7W.That's an insane amount of power you waste and convert to heat. They will all overheat. So, you are wrong, and all your solutions are inadequate; they are wrong "by the same amount". In fact, you are also misinterpreting what "current limit" is here. But that's been asked multiple times on here...You need a switch-mode power supply here. And you do not want a constant-voltage supply, but a constant-current supply, so design accordingly. Actually, I would argue you would really want three constant current supplies, one for each string, to avoid thermal runaway if any of your LEDs has a lower forward voltage than the others

FAVI RioHD-LED-2 - Replace LED Projector Lamp- (photo) What Is This?

Just pitch that box into the trash. It is worth even less than you paid for it

How do I use LGM540 LED Grow Lights?

Hello How funny were just looking them up the other day and thought who would buy them lights for growing, you must be very rich, anyhow, you will need to keep them LED grow lights pretty close to your plant's, if you've never used hydroponic nor grown plants much, then start with soil growing and do lot's and lot's of goggling, and you will do fine. Good luck.

How about Samsung LED? is it worth to buy it?

For the pic quality, shape, function and technology, Samsung LED is much better than others, but i think it's much expensive. ><

If the green LED is solid on my motherboard...can it still be fried?

Sounds like you are talking about the Power LED, in which case that only stays on as long as your motherboard is getting power from the power supply. The motherboard can be dead and still be getting power, so yes, it's entirely possible that your motherboard is fried. I doubt very seriously the front-panel power header is bad, but I guess it's possible.

Added LED Side Mirrors. Will i need a higher Amp Fuse?

It would not hurt. If you do only put like ones that have an extra 10 amp. But you dOnt really have too. I have 4 LED strips thru out my car and I have not changed any fuses

Will too much current damage LED's?

Yes, too much current will definitely damage them, they will explode. If you have a small local electronics shop, you can ask them. If not and you have an LED to spare, you can use a potentiometer to measure the amperage at which they become damaged (this will likely be quite low, so be careful), and then place larger or smaller resistors accordingly. A 1k resistor should be about the maximum

How do you make at home LED light sticks and how to get the materials?

Explain what you are trying to do a little better. I can not tell if you are making party favors or reading lights. Go to and there's lots of LED projects.


At a local electronics store (there should be one in your area), or buy something at a dollar store that has an LED and just take it apart. There's eBay, too

Fluorescent light or LED lamps ?

LED is the way forward. Plenty of light at very low consumption

can linux be configured to blink an LED (GPIO) on disk activity?

Sure.Disk activity is recorded in real-time in "proc/diskstats". All you need to do is loop every 100 ms, read this file and compare if any of the read or write counters for the USB block device changed. If they changed, blink the LED on the GPIO. See the kernel source file "Documentation/iostats.txt" for information on the "proc/diskstats" format

Does the 2011 Elantra have LED lights like the Korean version?!?

I heard as well that the US spec Elantra will not have LED's. Cost reasons I guess. The top trim Elantra is $22,000. I guess they wanted to keep around that price point

LED light: Help with parts list and assembly order?

Hi, Since you already have an idea of how to work with electronic items, this should be easy for you. Basically you require a some colored LEDs ( Blue and Reds), high current and low voltage supply, few resistors and some wires.

Plasma vs LED... which looks better?

Plasma still is king in my opinion. While LED has made awesome strides I would still go with Plasma. Panasonic Plasma's are just about the best, they look gorgeous and they are a MUCH better bang for your buck

Can i hook a 120v LED to the end of a self regulating heat trace?


My LED's are dim, how do I get them brighter?

try a heavier wire..20 gauge isnt really heavy, im not sure how much juice 6 LED's drain but i guess its worth a shot

Dim LED on Xbox 360 Controller?

your controller is modded,the LED of a standard controller can not be blue is only yellow.the third link show you controllers who are similar to standard controller but they are modded

Xbox 360 Controller LED soldering not working?

In my experience if you use too much solder it may get onto other things and completely ruin the circuit that runs electricity to the other lights. Givin how small those LED's are its really easy to use too much solder when replacing them with different lights. Every time ive seen this happen there wasnt a way to repair the damage :( you can try removing some of the excess solder but i dont think its going to help. And btw, ignore that thomas guy. where else are you going to post xbox related repairs other than the "Xbox" section?

LiPo charger MCP73831 does not light an LED with it's STAT pin when done charging

The main problem MAY BE that your STAT LED is connected wrongly. This depends on the IC actually supplied. The 73831 will work as you have shown. The almost functionally identical 73832 will not. Odds are your IC is as specified, but checking would be wise. Dejvid is correct that a lower voltage option of the IC should be used - but the battery would almost certainly charge to the higher voltage if it was a bare battery. After reassessing Dejvid's comments I realised that the battery was probably being protected by an internal overcharge protection circuit. I have just rechecked the battery data sheet and see that they say "with PCM" - ie protection module. This is what has saved your battery. Some Asian sourced batteries which claim to have a PCM fitted do not have one. It seems that yours does ! :-).The -3 version of the IC has min/typical/max Vterminate voltages of 4.317 / 4.35 / 4.383. These voltages are too high for most LiPo batteries and will in many cases cause low cycle lifetimes and in some cases may cause spectacular flaming destruction. The PCM protects against this but should not be relied on. Battery data sheet here Note stated end point voltage of 4.2V. This is standard and should not be exceeded.

Powering LED via AC Signal

Decades ago I implemented an anti-skid brake system for a student car project. I used 74LS123, or 74LS121, monostables as pulse-period (cycle-duration) window detectors.This approach will be much more accurate a detector than bandpass filters. And the logic levels will easily drive LEDs.

I need the ciruit to interface an ADC with a 7 segment LED display for an Analog signal in the range of 0-14V.

u still need to refine your requirements. how many 7 segment LED display do u want? r u going to display the voltage directly i.e 0 to 14 or do u want it to be calibrated and display the pH value directly? you better consider using a PIC16F877A. it has got inbuilt ADC and it can store the values internally and also can drive 7segment displays directly.

what raw material are needed to make LED rope?

Things You will Need: ¼-inch transparent vinyl tubing 3 mm ultra-bright 4-volt LED lights, any color Straight wire Speaker wire Outside cutters Tape measure Black marker Knife Glue gun with glue sticks Small flashlight Click on the source link for full details.

Should I change the incandescent light bulbs throughout my house to LED bulbs?

depends on what you are paying for the LED bulbs - they used to be a lot more expensive than CFL's - would take 15 yrs to break even. prices have come down

can you grow weed under a normal LED lamp?

To use an LED lamp, you would need one specifically designed for plant growth, i.e. one with sufficient intensity in the red (400-500nm) range and the blue (600-700nm) range. These lamps are currently available, and use electricity efficiently, but they are still a newer technology and are quite expensive, with some brands costing as much as $500 per lamp.

LED flashlight different color selections?

The truth is it is just one of the LED colors, so they built it in hardly with vision in mind. That having been said; it provides a sub-dued form of white light, not quite so shocking to your eyes, often used to say; make notes on a clipboard.

I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?

Possibly burned out mother board. That's the precise reason surge protectors are recommended for all electronic equipment. They're not protected against power surges that can burn out sensitive electronic components. Try unplugging it and leaving it off for a couple minutes, this will reset the circuits, if it's still operational. There may be a circuit breaker on the equipment itself that you can reset or factory reset procedure that you can do, if possible. Of course, make sure you actually have power at the outlet. Other than that, time to call the repairman. If it's not too old, you may be able to get repair parts. One good thing, they're probably cheaper now than when you bought it . . . Good Luck.I have a Sony LED TV but yesterday, the voltage went high and low, so the TV did not work. What will happen?.

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The New Technology of OLED  5g TV Will Be a Turning Year for the Color TV Market in 2020
The New Technology of OLED 5g TV Will Be a Turning Year for the Color TV Market in 2020
As the only truly mass-produced product in the next generation display technology roadmap, OLED is ushering in a "highlight moment" - although the sales growth in 2019 is limited, the joining of Huawei and Xiaomi is shaping a new image of "OLED".The killer mace of Internet brands?Recently, South Korea reported that LG display will supply OLED panels to Huawei, and the two companies are negotiating the supply. It is reported that this will be an emerging "TV" with 5g function.Lenovo thinks that the 5g package of the three traditional telecom operators has been officially launched in China; The fourth 5g license has Zhao Jingchun, chairman of China Radio and television. At the recently held world 5g conference, it was revealed that China Radio and television will promote 5g business for individuals next year. Huawei's smart screen series products will receive a "completely different product form upgrade" in 2020, which is a high probability event.It is also reported that emerging TV manufacturers Vizio and Xiaomi plan to use OLED panels next year to enter the OLED TV market. It is even reported that Xiaomi has signed a supply agreement with LGD for OLED display panels next year.If the radio and television 5g network is commercial, a batch of 5g TVs must be listed before. This is a "great opportunity" for communication enterprises and Internet enterprises to enter the color TV market. Industry experts believe that not only mobile phone companies that have "news" at present, but also other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers may launch 5g TV next year.In this context, OLED products with continuous tight supply of display panels will be particularly popular: just as OLED used to be synonymous with high-end in the mobile phone market. 5g color TV market, this scene may accelerate. In particular, considering that the new capacity of OLED panel supply of LGD in 2020 is concentrated on the 8.5 generation line in Guangzhou, there is no reason for domestic brands not to "get the month first".Therefore, 5g OLED, as the killer mace of the color TV industry in 2020, especially the mobile communication and Internet brands, has a sufficient "value foundation".Reshape the value chain of color TV, new brand new technologyAt present, the pattern of the domestic color TV industry, in addition to Xiaomi's great success in market share and sales scale by relying on low price and high quality, the traditional disk is still not much different from that 10 years ago."Among more than 10 innovative color TV brands, only Xiaomi is still active in the front line!" this is a true portrayal of Internet color TV entrepreneurs in the past few years. In this regard, industry experts believe that this is mainly because the "new brand" has no "substantive technological breakthrough" except "image, price and more dependence on e-commerce"—— The old routine of price war has also brought financial pressure under huge losses.The biggest feature of 5g OLED combination is the "hardware technology" which is very different from the traditional mainstream LCD TV.Wu Zhanghao, vice president of LG display and Minister of TV business, predicts that the sales of OLED TVs in China will reach 300000 400000 units in 2019, and the sales of OLED TVs in China is expected to reach more than 1 million units in 2020 - this product with short supply and growth is a good helper for the new brand to "create unique" technology competition value.On the other hand, 5g TV technology is bound to create a new concept of "cognition" between traditional TV brands and mobile phone and other communication enterprises. As a global leader in 5g technology, Huawei obviously has outstanding advantages in all aspects, especially in the fields of 5g signal processing antenna, chip, codec and so on. Industry insiders believe that the technical core capabilities of 5g TV and Huawei smart screen will be improved across dimensions."The new round of communication brand TV is very different from the previous Internet concept brand: because this round of new brand entry has 5g, OLED, fan aiot ecology and more hard core content."The battle for high-quality resources begins. Should the color TV industry changeFacing the upcoming 5g OLED color TV war in 2020, what is the biggest variable? The answer is the battle for upstream resources.On the one hand, the supply of OLED TV panels is always insufficient, which greatly limits the improvement of OLED market sales. For example, the data show that in the third quarter of this year, Samsung Electronics sold 1.16 million QLD TVs worldwide, a year-on-year increase of 520000 and a month on month increase of about 70000. Similarly, as a high-end TV, LG OLED TV sold 1.06 million units in the first three quarters, an increase of only 1%.On the other hand, the supply of 5g related chips and other products is also in the "initial stage". Unlike 4G new products and system products, high, middle and low-end gears are fully supplied. In 2019, the layout of many mobile phone brands on 5g mobile phones actually received the restriction that the chip is not in place. For example, apple is a typical example.Therefore, in the expectation of tight supply, Huawei Xiaomi seizes the new technology of OLED 5g TV, which has the effect of "dimensionality reduction and attack on traditional brands". Industry experts believe that 2020 will be an extraordinary "turning year" for the color TV market!
How to Judge the Watts of LED Lamp Beads? Differences Between LED Beads and Patches
How to Judge the Watts of LED Lamp Beads? Differences Between LED Beads and Patches
Abstract: LED beads have the advantages of small volume, low power consumption and long service life. They are widely used in the decoration of lamps and lanterns in our life. This paper mainly introduces how to judge the watts of LED beads? The difference between LED beads and patches.Characteristics of LED beads1. Voltage: the LED bulb uses a low-voltage power supply, and the power supply voltage is between 2-4v, which varies according to different products, so it is driven by a higher voltage power supply; Safer power supply, especially suitable for public places;2. Current: the working current is 0-15ma, and the brightness becomes bright with the increase of current3. Efficiency: the energy consumption is 80% less than that of incandescent lamps with the same light efficiency.4. Applicability: it is very small. Each unit led chip is a 3-5mm square, so it can be prepared into devices of various shapes and is suitable for changeable environment.6. Response time: the response time of incandescent lamp is millisecond and that of LED lamp is nanosecond.7. Environmental pollution: no harmful metal mercury.8. Color: changing the current can change color. The LED can easily adjust the energy band structure and band gap of the material through chemical modification to realize multi-color luminescence of red, yellow, green, blue and orange. For example, the red LED at low current can turn orange, yellow and finally green with the increase of current.Classification of LED beads1. In line low-power specifications include: straw hat / helmet, round head, concave, oval, square (2 * 3 * 4) bullet head, flat head, (3 / 5 / flat head / bread type) piranha, etc.2. SMD patches are generally divided into (3020 / 3528 / 5050, which are front emitting) / 1016 / 1024, which are side emitting light sources.3. High power LEDs can not be classified into chip series. Their power and current use are different, and their photoelectric parameters are very different. If a single high-power LED light source is not equipped with a heat dissipation base (generally hexagonal aluminum base), its appearance is not much different from that of ordinary patches. The high-power LED light source is circular, and the packaging method is basically the same as that of SMD patches, but it is essentially different from SMD patches in service conditions / environment / effect.Differences between LED beads and led patchesThe LED bulb and the core inside the LED patch are the same. The angle of the bulb can be very small (the light is relatively concentrated and far, but the irradiation range is limited). The general angle of the patch is relatively large. Supplement: the lamp bead has high power and the patch has low power.1. The power of LED beads is different. High power LED lamps generally use 1W high-power LED beads, 1-3W coexistence high-power LED beads and cob high-power. The maximum power of a single LED of high-power lamp bead can be more than 200W. Low power LED lamps generally use SMD lamp beads, mainly including 5050 lamp beads, each 0.2W, 3528 lamp beads, each 0.06w, 3014 lamp beads, each 0.1W, 5630 lamp beads, each 0.5W, 5730 lamp beads, each 0.5W.2. Different costs from the perspective of product cost, the cost of high-power LED beads is higher than that of small power. First, the cost of high-power LED itself is higher. Second, high-power LED should be added with aluminum heat sink, and low-power can meet the requirements as long as ordinary circuit board and natural heat dissipation are used.3. Different LED lamps are used. High power LED is basically used in products with high requirements for light source per unit area, such as LED ceiling lamp, LED projection lamp, LED bulb lamp, street lamp, etc. Low power LED is basically used in products with less patch area, poor heat dissipation and low requirements for light emission per unit area, such as LED ceiling lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, LED panel lamp, LED lamp strip, etc.How to judge the watts of LED lamp beads?Low power (such as 5mm straw hat, 5mm condenser, 3528 package, etc.), about 0.06w.Medium power (such as 8mm straw hat, 10mm straw hat, 5050 encapsulated, etc.) 0.2w-0.5w.High power includes 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W... 100W.Articles related to LED lamp beads:What are the classifications of LED beads? What are the types of LED beadsDetailed description of LED lamp bead parameters and selection skills of LED lamp beadsLed bead model brightness ranking_ How to fix the LED light when it doesn't workDetailed explanation of calculation method of LED bulb resistance
It Is Reported That Apple Plans to Launch MAC Equipped with Mini LED Screen This Year
It Is Reported That Apple Plans to Launch MAC Equipped with Mini LED Screen This Year
According to the supply chain News quoted by DIGITIMES website in Taiwan, China, Apple plans to launch the MacBook Pro with mini LED screen in the second half of this year. The frame is greatly narrowed, with a total of 14 inch and 16 inch versions. Laser Optoelectronics in Taiwan will become the exclusive supplier of mini LED backlight unit, and quanta computer will be responsible for the assembly of notebook.The disclosure is completely consistent with the prediction of Guo mingpeng, a famous analyst before. Previously, he said that the new 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro will be launched in the second half of this year, including: equipped with a brighter Mini LED screen and apple M-series chips; Flat edge design similar to iPhone 12 at the top and bottom; Add more interfaces, including HDMI interface and SD card reader interface; Magnetic MagSafe charging has also returned; Cancel touch bar and use the traditional physical key; With the heat pipe design, the performance is stronger.Mark gurman of Bloomberg also confirmed the details mentioned above, further strengthening the credibility of the DIGITIMES and Guo Mingyu reports.We can also see the changes in the hardware product line from the size changes: in 2019, the 16 inch MacBook Pro will replace the 15 inch MacBook Pro, so the new 14 inch model may replace the current 13 inch MacBook Pro, and the repeated molds have finally been replaced.Last year, apple put M1 chips on three different MAC products: 13 inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and mac mini. In addition to the inherent fit between the light and thin MacBook Air and the low-power chip M1, both macbook pro and mac mini have some thermal redundancy, and the fan doesn't even bother to rotate a few more times.A more powerful Apple chip is imminent. But a good horse with a good saddle, I'm afraid chip updates alone can't mobilize the enthusiasm of old users to change machines. A significant change needs to be made in the overall hardware, and the above disclosure just proves this. I believe that the whole series of MAC products will be replaced this year and next, just like apple transferred from power PC to Intel x64.Apple will launch the iPad pro with mini LED screen next month to test the maturity and reliability of the MacBook Pro, so that Mac users can truly experience the biggest upgrade in six years.Original title: don't buy a MacBook yet! Apple has a big update this year!The source of the article: WeChat official account: ZEALER subscription number, welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
Typical Driving Scheme of High Brightness White LED
Typical Driving Scheme of High Brightness White LED
1 PrefaceDue to the increasingly serious energy crisis in the world, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been highly valued as a high-efficiency light source. White LEDs have been widely used not only in the backlight light sources of mobile phones, PDAs and LCD TVs in consumer electronics, but also in public transport signal signs, industrial communication lighting systems Automobile lamps and lanterns and ordinary industrial and civil lighting with huge consumption will also be widely used. As a light source, the advantages of LED are mainly reflected in three aspects: energy saving, environmental protection, longevity and durability. Firstly, in theory, the energy consumption of LED is only 10% of that of incandescent lamp and 50% of that of fluorescent lamp; In terms of service life, led uses solid light, which is shock-resistant, impact resistant and not easy to break. The expected service life can reach 100000 hours. In terms of environmental protection, since mercury and other easy pollutants are not used in the production process, the waste can be recycled without pollution.A key technology in LED application is to provide power supply or driving circuit suitable for its characteristics. In lighting applications, today's high brightness white LEDs have a working current of 150mA 3a and a conduction voltage drop of 3 5V to provide higher brightness. Due to the increase of power, the efficiency of traditional resistance current limiting, linear regulation and charge pump driving method can not be further improved due to the limitation of principle. PWM switching power DC converter has become the preferred LED driving solution. This paper presents a controller chip for boost LED driving circuit. Considering that led is a typical current type device, the fluctuation of current will affect its luminous efficiency and color, and the current exceeding the rated value will damage its service life and reliability. Therefore, current mode control has obvious advantages in LED driving. Moreover, with the development of PWM control technology, its current control mode has also developed a variety of modes. Compared with the average current control mode with more complex loop design and the hysteresis current control mode with more electromagnetic interference problems, the peak current control mode has simpler loop design and can effectively limit the current.Considering the above factors, the chip adopts the peak current control mode and integrates the slope compensation circuit to make it have a wide voltage working range (3 16V). This paper first gives the modeling and loop compensation design of the whole control system, and then designs the digital dimming function module based on the traditional peak current mode controller module according to the requirements of LED dimming. The third part introduces the control function circuit without sampling resistance in the chip, which directly samples the current through the drain source voltage of the power switch, that is, RDS (on), reduces the loss on the sampling resistance, and can effectively improve the efficiency of the system. Finally, the system structure, layout and test results under various modes of the control chip are given.2 system modeling and loop compensation designThe boost LED driving circuit and control loop diagram are shown in Figure 1. The load LED current is sampled through the resistor RS1 and input to the voltage error amplifier (EA). The output of the error amplifier is output through the compensation network as the reference of the current peak comparator. The resistor RS2 samples the current on the switch S1 and inputs it to the positive end of the comparator. Ramp is the slope compensation current in peak current control. The clock signal CLK determines the switching frequency and the opening of the switch tube. When the current signal is greater than the set threshold, the output of the comparator becomes higher and triggers the logic circuit to turn the switch tube off.Figure 1 control diagram of boost LED driving circuitA small signal model circuit as shown in Fig. 2 can be established. For the boost power stage circuit, two important transfer functions GVD (s) and GID (s) of the original power stage can be obtained by using the state space average method, and the equivalent power stage transfer function AP (s) of the output voltage to the command current signal can be derived according to the model in the figure.Figure 2 small signal model of peak current mode controlWhere FM = 1 / mats, FV = D '2Ts / 2L, Ma is the slope of slope compensation current, l is the filter inductance, TS is the switching cycle, and D is the steady-state duty cycle. Consider the transfer function T (s) of the whole loop;The amplitude phase frequency curve of the loop transfer function before compensation is shown in Fig. 3. The system has two poles (P1, P2), a zero Z in the left half plane (caused by the output capacitance ESR) and a zero Z1 in the right half plane. It should be pointed out here that if there is no introduction of the current feedback control system with slope compensation circuit, the output LCR network determines that the loop system is a system with high Q value, The current feedback greatly reduces the Q value of the system, but the zero point in the right half plane will increase the crossing frequency and make the phase margin worse. The compensation method that can be adopted is to add a compensation network with single zero point and single pole, as shown in Fig. 3, and the expression of GC (s) is,Fig. 3 system open loop frequency response before and after compensationZ2 is used to compensate the pole P1. The pole of the coordinate origin can improve the loop gain of low frequency to reduce the DC steady-state error. P3 offsets the amplitude increase brought by Z1 and suppresses the noise close to the open frequency. The final crossing frequency fc is set at about 1 / 10 of the switching frequency. The simplest compensation method can also use the unipolar compensation network. In order to ensure the phase margin, it will bring disadvantages, that is, the bandwidth of the loop will be smaller and the dynamic response of the system will be slower. The practical boost LED driving circuit is modeled and the simulation results in MATLAB (as shown in Figure 4). From the simulation results, the phase margin of the loop near the crossing frequency is greater than 45 ° under this slope current and compensation network design, and the system is stable, which is basically consistent with the results calculated by the formula.Fig. 4 matlab simulation results
Hurry! What Should I Do If the Solar Lithium Road Lamp Is Not Installed Correctly
Hurry! What Should I Do If the Solar Lithium Road Lamp Is Not Installed Correctly
Solar LED street lamps will be installed incorrectly if they are not paid attention to. Incorrect installation will make it impossible for solar street lamps to be installed normally. What should we do? Can we say that after working hard to install lithium solar street lamps for many hours, we have to install solar street lamps again?The installation of solar street lamps is very simple. If the lamps can not be turned on normally after actual operation according to the operation manual of technical professional manufacturers, the following types of installation may be incorrect.1. There are too many obstructions in the area where solar LED street lamps are installedSolar street lamps are powered by solar power stations. In broad daylight, photovoltaic panels digest and absorb solar energy, and then convert solar energy into electromagnetic energy and store it in lithium batteries. At night, lithium battery provides power supply system for LED lamps to achieve the goal of lighting lamps. Therefore, natural light cannot irradiate the photovoltaic panel or the length of time on the photovoltaic panel determines the high charging efficiency of lithium battery. If there are engineering buildings, flowers, trees, cables and other barriers around the area where lithium solar street lamps are installed, it will endanger all the normal digestion, absorption and application of light energy by the photovoltaic panel, resulting in insufficient power, Unable to meet the lighting requirements at night. There are obstructions around the solar street lamps, and even some photovoltaic panels will be blocked, and the temperature will be raised too fast, resulting in some hot and burning the photovoltaic panels immediately.Solution:When it is impossible to bypass the barrier, the house orientation of the photovoltaic panel can be adjusted to ensure that the photovoltaic panel is facing the direction without any barrier, and the sunlight exposure time shall not be less than 8 hours.2. The house orientation of solar LED road light volt panel is incorrectWe all belong to the map of the northern hemisphere. The photovoltaic panels for installing solar road lamps in China should be installed in the direction of sufficient light, otherwise the photovoltaic panels will not be able to digest and absorb solar energy, so as to reduce the high efficiency of battery charging. Many on-the-spot workers always think that symmetrical installation is appropriate. In fact, it is a common incorrect installation. The orientation of solar panel houses on both sides is relative. One side is appropriate and the other side must be incorrect.Solution:First clarify the orientation of the house, and then the column, China to the south. Overseas needs to look at the map belonging to the northern hemisphere or the eastern hemisphere. Let's say another thing.3. Solar LED road light volt panel is placed in the room for battery chargingSome people will install lithium solar street lamps in buildings or parking sheds to facilitate daily access or parking.Although this area is bright in the daytime, the sunlight exposure level can not meet the power consumption requirements for solar street lamps to maintain all normal lighting lamps. For a long time, it will continue to cause damage to rechargeable batteries.Solution:To ensure sufficient sunlight exposure of photovoltaic panels, the separation installation method of indoor daylighting and outdoor battery charging can be adopted to move the photovoltaic panels outdoors.4. There is another light source beside the solar street lampLight control switch and time control are one of the advantages of lithium solar street lamps. It can operate lights on and off in polar days and nights according to seasonal changes without human factors. However, if there are other light sources on the side, the function of the light control switch will fail, resulting in the failure of solar road street lamps to turn on at night.Solution:If it is impossible to remove the influence of other light sources, the light control switch mode can be set to time control mode.To sum up, some solar street lamps are not installed correctly and can be modified after installation, but some are more complicated. Therefore, before installing lithium solar street lamps, we must pay attention to the relevant common problems, select the right professional manufacturer of solar street lamps, and the professional manufacturer of solar street lamps will provide technical services!!!
Experts Teach You How to Select LED Lighting Driver Chip
Experts Teach You How to Select LED Lighting Driver Chip
LED lighting has been developed by leaps and bounds in the near future. As a green and clean light source, LED has been widely recognized. LED light source has the advantages of long service life, energy saving, simple and convenient application and low cost, so it will be widely used in home lighting. According to the survey and statistics of OSRAM optical semiconductor company in 2008, the global annual shipment of home lighting lamp holders is about 50 billion.The technology of LED light source is becoming more and more mature, and the luminous lumen per watt is growing rapidly, which promotes its decreasing price year by year. Taking 1W LED light source as an example, the price in the spring of 2008 is one-third of that in the spring of 2006, and will drop to one-quarter of that in 2006 in the spring of 2009.The massive market of LED green lamps and the continuous and stable growth demand for several years will be a super tsunami in the consumer electronics market after VCD, DVD, mobile phone and MP3 in the integrated circuit industry!LED lamps are widely recognized for their superior performance of high energy saving, long life and environmental protection.1. LED high energy saving: DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (single tube 0.03 1W), electro-optic power conversion is close to 100%, and the same lighting effect saves more than 80% energy than traditional light sources.2. Led long life: LED light source is called long life lamp. The solid cold light source is encapsulated with epoxy resin, and there is no loose part in the lamp body. There are no disadvantages such as easy burning, thermal deposition and fast light decay of the filament. The service life can reach 50000 to 100000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than that of the traditional light source.3. Led benefits environmental protection: LED is a green light source with better environmental protection benefits. There are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, low heat, no stroboscopic, no radiation, and the waste can be recycled. There is no pollution, no mercury. It is a cold light source and can be safely touched. It is a typical green lighting source.Working characteristics of LED light sourceThe VF voltage of LED light source for lighting is very low, generally 2.75 3.8V, and if is generally 15 1400ma. Therefore, the output voltage of the LED drive IC is vfxn or vfx1, and the if maintains a constant current of 15 1400ma. LED light sources used in LED lamps include low power (if is 15 20mA) and high power (if is greater than 200mA). Low power LED is mostly used to make LED fluorescent lamp, decorative lamp and grid lamp. High power LED is used for home lighting, spotlight, underwater lamp, wall washing lamp, street lamp, tunnel lamp, automobile work lamp, etc. Power LED light source is a device driven by low voltage and high current. Its luminous intensity is determined by the current flowing through the LED. Excessive current will cause LED light attenuation, and too small current will affect the luminous intensity of LED. Therefore, the driving of LED needs to provide constant current power supply to ensure the safety of high-power LED and achieve the ideal luminous intensity. In the field of LED lighting, in order to reflect the characteristics of energy saving and long life of LED lamps, it is very important to correctly select LED Driver IC. Without good matching of driving IC, the advantages of LED lighting cannot be reflected.Requirements of LED lamps for low voltage drive chip1. The nominal input voltage range of the drive chip shall meet DC 8 40V to cover a wide range of application needs. The withstand voltage capacity should be greater than 45V. When the input is AC 12V or 24V, the output voltage of the simple bridge rectifier will fluctuate with the grid voltage, especially when the voltage is high, the output DC voltage will also be high. If the drive IC does not have a wide input voltage range, it will often be broken down when the grid voltage rises, thus burning the LED light source.2. The nominal output current of the drive chip shall be greater than 1.2 1.5A. As an LED light source for lighting, the nominal working current of 1W LED light source is 350mA, and the nominal working current of 3W LED light source is 700mA. The high-power LED light source needs more current, so the driving IC selected for LED lighting lamps must have sufficient current output, and the driving IC must work in the best working area of 70 90% of the full load output when designing the product. The driving IC with full load output current does not dissipate heat smoothly in the narrow space of the lamp, which is easy to lead to fatigue and early failure of the lamp.3. The output current of the driving chip must be kept constant so that the LED can emit light stably and will not flash. When the same batch of driver chips are used under the same conditions, the output current should be as consistent as possible, that is, the discreteness should be small, so as to ensure the effectiveness and order in the production of large-scale automatic production line. For the drive chip with a certain discreteness of output current, it must be selected by grades before leaving the factory or putting into the production line. Adjust the resistance value of the current setting resistance on the PCB board to make the constant current drive board of LED lamps consistent with the luminous brightness of similar LED light sources, so as to maintain the consistency of the final product.4. The package of the driving chip shall be conducive to the rapid heat dissipation of the driving chip die. For example, the bare chip shall be directly bound to the copper plate, and a pin shall be directly extended outside the package, so as to facilitate the rapid heat conduction directly welded on the copper foil of the PCB board (Fig. If a chip similar to 4x4mm needs to pass 300 1000mA current for a long time, it will inevitably generate power consumption and heat generation. Therefore, the physical heat dissipation structure of the chip itself is also very important.5. The anti EMI, noise and high voltage capability of the driver chip is also related to whether the whole LED lamp product can successfully pass CE, UL and other certification. Therefore, when designing the driver chip, it is necessary to select advanced topology structure and high voltage production technology.6. The power consumption of the drive chip shall be less than 0.5W, and the switching frequency shall be greater than 120Hz to avoid power frequency interference and visible flicker.In short, led green lighting promotes the development of driver chip to innovative design. LED lighting is inseparable from the driver chip, so a multifunctional LED light source driver IC is required. If AC power supply below 36V is selected for LED lamps, non isolated power supply can be considered; If 220V and 100V AC power supply is selected, isolated power supply shall be considered. The direct use of AC 100 220V driver chip has higher technical requirements and greater difficulty due to the demanding volume requirements of the application. At present, all countries are trying to develop it. The massive demand market for LED lamps gives all IC design companies a chance to succeed again. If they can make rapid transformation and produce products early, they will have a lot of opportunities to win.
LG Display CEO Promises to Double the Supply of Large-size OLED TV Panels
LG Display CEO Promises to Double the Supply of Large-size OLED TV Panels
On January 10, according to foreign media reports, Jeong Ho Young, CEO of LG display, who took office last September, recently promised that their supply of large-size OLED TV panels will double this year to about 6 million pieces.LG shows that the increase in the supply of OLED TV panels is due to the global oversupply of LCD TV panels and the decline in prices. LG shows that it has continued to lose money in the first three quarters of last year and is expected to achieve a record operating loss of 1 trillion won in 2019.In the three quarter of last year, LG began to adjust the management and business of LG. Zheng Haoyong, who was originally LG chemical CEO, transferred to LG in September last year and became CEO.From the current situation, Zheng Haoyong, the new CEO, hopes to improve the company's financial situation by expanding the production and sales of OLED panels. They have begun to shift their focus from LCD panels to OLED panels. The large-size OLED panels used in TV are one aspect of his hope to expand.Zheng Haoyong promised to double the supply of large-size OLED TV panels from 3.3 million last year to about 6 million this year at a press release before the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Las Vegas.In order to achieve the goal of doubling the supply of OLED TV panels this year, Zheng Haoyong revealed that their generation 8.5 plant in Guangzhou will be fully operational by March this year at the latest.While expanding the supply of OLED TV panels, Zheng Haoyong, who shoulders the important task of reversing LG's display performance, is also expanding the use of OLED panels in other fields. At this press conference, he revealed that they plan to expand the sales of OLED panels in the transportation field and supply OLED panels to automobile manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers. These manufacturers also show interest in adopting OLED panels. Zheng Haoyong also revealed at the press conference that they had begun to supply OLED panels to a global automobile manufacturer in January, and the relevant models may be launched in the second quarter of this year.
During the Electrical Inspection Do They Expect All the Switches and Outlets to Be Installed?
During the Electrical Inspection Do They Expect All the Switches and Outlets to Be Installed?
The first to answers are both correct. That said, it really depends on the individual inspector what they will actually check. The CAN check everything, but a visual inspection and a few 'spot checks' are more common1. Need 3 pronged electrical outlets.?If it is indeed an apartment building there is always the chance it has "pipe and wire" construction. In which case a ground wire could be pulled to that outlet. Not something the landlord is likely to do. To find out, open the box and see if the wires go into a pipe. If there is some space around them and they move when you wiggle them that's pipe. If they are tight to one another and do not move you are out of luck.2. How do we deal with exposed wire? They do have caps on them, but it is suggested we put a "cover" over them.?So you have empty electric boxes that used to have switches and/or outlets in them? By "caps" I assume you are talking about wire nuts? Note it's the black (or sometimes red) wires that are "hot" (and therefore dangerous) the white is neutral and green is ground. Anyways, the first [Homie D's] link in sources is for "single gang" boxes (only one outlet/switch wide.) The second is for "double gang".3. Electricity outlets not working in one room?It sounds like you are over-loading your extension cord load max capacity so its draining your capable power. You should only have one item on extension cord (like Freezer) has to be a heavy type !! The outlet itself may also be burned outed already from carrying such a load. could replace it if it tests out bad as well ...just food for should never extend a heavy duty appliance or big power drain item such as a inflatable pool4. GFCI outlets - can they be repaired? Are they really needed at the end of a circuit?Can GFCI outlets be taken apart and cleaned/fixed or is there something inside that fails permanently?A GFCI protects you by using a circuit board to watch the current flowing out of the hot and coming back into the neutral. If it reaches around 5mA imbalance, the breaker trips. You said yours were submerged in a flood. Just like your cell phone or computer, the flood ruined the circuitry inside. You cannot repair it yourself (assuming anyone can repair it).Replacing them is not terribly expensive, and the newer ones have a self-test mechanism.5. All GFI outlets, inside and out, are receiving no power?Hit the reset button on all the GFI's. You might have a bad outlet6. Power at the breaker not at the outlets, no GFI (that I can find)?There should be a receptacle outside the house next to the door. This one most likely will be your GFCI. Check it, and reset it if you can. If that does not work, time to bite the bullet and get a qualified electrician in to fix it. Hope this helps7. Electrical outlets installation?If the cable can be easily run from where the power is, to the new outlets then maybe a days work and material. If it is a difficult run, like time consuming and the room is full of furniture that must be moved all of a good day and maybe 2. How much depends on the local labor rates. It is not advisable to connect to the light circuit. If the adjoining rooms have outlets and they are not at maximum that might be an alternative, also what about crawl space and attic or ceilings? These are the conditions that only an onsite inspection can analyze.8. Why is it that some of my outlets are grounded and other are not?I am not an electrician but I can tell you this. When an electrician or whoever runs a line, the line usually does one side of the wall in one room and the other side of the wall of the room next to it and then can go anywhere or not. It only makes sense that the wire that runs inside of one wall service both sides of the wall. That way if you turn off a circuit, you still have power on another wall. You need to have your house grounded and it does not pass code without ground wires. The only other thing I can tell you is that if you buy a house from a realtor and they tell you it is up to code and it is not , they can be liable for bringing it up to code. All problems should be listed and given to the buyer. It is not buyer beware unless you go out on your own and buy from an individual. Good luck with it. I found that my house used the ground wire for the hot wire in places and the 220 receptacle just fell out of the wall hot. I tore out walls and ceilings and got it all redone and raised my ceilings in the process. Good luck is all I can say
Overview of Xiamen Tianma 6th Generation Flexible AMOLED Production Line Project
Overview of Xiamen Tianma 6th Generation Flexible AMOLED Production Line Project
Recently, Shenzhen Tianma announced that on August 12, 2019, the company signed the investment cooperation framework agreement for the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line project with Xiamen Torch High tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Xiamen Tianma, a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company plans to designate Xiamen Tianma and the investor designated by Xiamen municipal government to jointly fund the establishment of a joint venture project company, The "6th generation flexible AMOLED production line project" is invested and constructed by the joint venture project company in Xiamen.On December 20, 2019, Xiamen Tianma signed the joint venture agreement on the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line project with the investors designated by Xiamen municipal government, international trade industry, Jinyuan Industry, Xiamen Xingma and Xiangyu Group. The joint venture parties agreed to invest and establish a joint venture project company in Xiamen to build a 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line project that processes 48000 flexible display substrates a month, The total investment is 48 billion yuan.Overview of the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line projectCompany name: Xiamen Tianma Display Technology Co., Ltd. (subject to the approval of the market supervision and administration department)Registered capital: 2.7 million yuanProject Name: 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line projectTotal investment of the project: 48 billion yuan, of which the registered capital is 27 billion yuan; The difference between the total investment of the project and the registered capital of the joint venture project company is RMB 21 billion, and the joint venture project company applies for a loan from the bank.Project construction content: build the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line in Xiamen, with a design capacity of 48000 flexible display substrates per month.Purpose of investment project1. AMOLED flexible display products have broad market prospectsAMOLED flexible display has the advantages of high contrast, fast response, ultra light and thin, low power consumption, flexible and folding display, outstanding product performance, and will continue to expand its application share in the high-end display market. With the development of 5g era, the rise and intelligent transformation of Internet of things and other industries, AMOLED flexible display technology, with its unique technical advantages, will drive a new round of innovation in display applications such as mobile intelligent terminals, with great market potential.2. It conforms to the company's own development strategy and is conducive to improving the company's competitivenessChina's new display industry has entered a critical period of development. Based on the broad market space of the high-end display market, the company needs to actively grasp the strategic opportunity period, optimize the industrial layout, improve the industrial structure and enhance its share in the AMOLED flexible display market. The company has profound experience and accumulation in AMOLED. After the project is put into operation, the company will further integrate the existing resources and quickly replicate the relevant experience of AMOLED production line in this project, which will help the company improve the scale effect on AMOLED products, timely grasp customer needs, maintain competitiveness in the high-end display market, and then enhance the company's comprehensive competitive strength.
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