For Small Leds, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will Led Zeppelin go down in history as a metal band?

Probably not, and Jimmy Page himself eschewed the label once upon a time by pointing to the fact that a huge part of their material was acoustic. However, they did play a large role in developing the genre, especially with their early material. Songs like Rock n Roll, Immigrant Song, The Wanton Song are hard rock staples of the 1970s and contain, albeit in a prototypical form, a lot of the elements that came to characterize certain subgenres of heavy metal that emerged in the 1980s.

Furthermore, their more progressive material (Kashmir, Achilles last stand, The Song Remains the Same, In my time of dying) definitely influenced metal bands, given their instrumental prowess, length, and lyrical themes.Zeppelin (much like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Rush, and other bands that rose to prominence in the early to mid 1970s) influenced, and also foreshadowed some of the patterns and structures used by metal bands in the 1980s and 1990s


2. I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

How did you allow yourself to fall in love with her? Why did you spend time with her knowing shes engaged?Coming to the current situation, dont ever try to request/force her to be yours. Shes gonna hate you & cut up all connections with you.Become her best friend. Become trustworthy, well behaved. Support her whenever she needs.Love doesnt always means relation! If you truly love her, become her well wisher. True love is expressed when you can sacrifice for her happiness & well being.It might happen after her break up(if happens), you will get her. So dont spoil your relationship demanding her right now. Her boyfriend might become dangerous for you in that case.You might get any other girl later on, whos going to love you back. Might be perfect fit for you. Even better than the girl youre in love with right now.

Dont get depressed because of your current situation. The best is yet to come. Never loose hope!


3. What little things always make you smile?

Rain (Monsoon is life)Rainbow (Those surprise treats from nature)Pappus aka appooppan thaadi in Malayalam ( one of the best things about growing up in Kerala)Lucky red seeds aka manjaadi in local language (Manjaadi is equivalent to nostalgia)Beach and waves (Who doesn't like beaches?)Roads like these (through dense forest or with trees on either side)Paddy fields in Kerala (so much greenery)Drive/ride in the rain or immediately after the rain (mandatory: windows rolled down)Empty seats in bus/train (esp after a tiring day)Window seat (I always want them be it in car, bus or train)Balloons (instantly brightens the mood)Fairy lights ( I'm obsessed with lights)Pinwheel (again nostalgia)Flowers (There's nothing like having fresh flowers around)Basically a garden (Who doesn't love this sight when you step out of your house?)Books (Aah.. the joy of reading)Ice cream (anytime everytime)Chocolate is lifeCakes (you deserve treats)


4. If you're a woman, how does it feel when a man opens a door for you? Is it a compliment or sexism? And if a man, why do you open doors for women?

I'm a woman. I don't find it a bit sexist when a man holds a door, or opens a door, for me. I do the, or have done, same for him, and will in future at some point again. Often it's a matter of who gets there first, and I've often taken longer steps in order to reach that door handle first, or stepped back, or slowed down, if we get there at the same time and allow them to open and hold it as well. . While it's a matter of civility, I've also had men get up from a seat to open a door for me; I appreciate that respect shown, no matter who we are. I've seen young ones rush ahead to open a door for me, or for somebody else and I appreciate them opening doors for others as much as when they do it for me. It's good to see


5. How can my small online store that sells LED lightbulbs compete against the likes of Amazon?

Focus on things that you can do better than Amazon, namely: personalized service and high levels of customer engagement. You will never beat Amazon's ability to get product from a warehouse into a customer's hands. You will probably never beat their prices. You can, however, know your specific customers better than they do, and do everything in your power to make those customers feel like human beings. Whether this means sending a personalized email to them, making sure you remember their names if they call, or just generally treating them like more than sources of revenue, your core strength is your ability to make a person feel slightly better about a purchase than they would if they just clicked "buy now".EDIT: For an example of this sort of thinking in action, check out Zappos. This was their core value-add and it seems to have worked out for them.How can my small online store of led lightbulbs compete against the likes of amazon?


6. Why does Trump keep blaming things on Obama? It seems a little juvenile to keep blaming things on other people, especially with him being the president.

Because Trump is the candidate, and President, of grievance. He is constantly complaining about how unfair he is being treated. Nothing is ever his fault, he takes no responsibility for anything, so he has to find someone else to blame.

Blaming Obama worked pretty well for a long time, because a lot of people dont know much about the details of what Obama did or didnt do, or even what Trump has done or not done. So it was a story that played well, for awhile. But after he has been in office for 3.5 years, blaming someone who has not been in office for 3.

5 years doesnt work as well. People might accept that Obama left something that needed to be fixed, but why has Trump not fixed it by now?I am not agreeing with his point that things were messed up by Obama, just saying the narrative doesnt work as well the longer he is in office


7. How did a single small Russian Buk SAM take down a giant Boeing 777 airliner?

Because 1) it was not a small shoulder-launched missile but a big thing specifically designed to harm fast aircraft flight high 2) aircraft are not solid lumps of metal (with the exception of the Warthog and less so with some fighters) but relatively fragile things that can tear themselves apart sometimes just because the nose doesnt point the right way and 3) when traveling at transonic speeds, air is hard. _Really_ hard.An airliner is destroyed if it loses as much as a horizontal or vertical stabilizer, possibly a lot less if the damage happens to cause a sudden adverse turning moment or aerodynamic flutter. Thats all it takes to start a cascade of events that results in midair disintegration and loss of all life and something like that was just what happened here also. The plane didnt explode into a million pieces - it was just damaged enough to start a cascade that led to rapid disintegration because it was travelling through the air some 800 km/h at the time


8. What subject in school/university did you not understand until many years later, and what led to your understanding?

I have to be honest and confess I never understood basic concepts of high school math until I reached college. Only when I applied them in programming tasks was that I understood how some functions really worked and what they truly meant. Don't get me wrong, I passed high school with good grades, and I understood the mechanics and the algorithm to reach the result of the problems, but I failed to see their application and felt really frustrated because of that.

Trigonometry, matrices, complex numbers, etc. These all seemed distant and very abstract when I was younger.I grew up insecure and sad because of my obvious limitations. That's why my main research today is to use programming to help students (and adults) to find some happiness by vizualizing the applications of these basic concepts when coding.If I can't write it in code... I didn't fully understand it.


9. Why is communism demonized while capitalism is much more evil in all its aspects?

Capitalism is just a way of defining people trading freely. It is as bad or as good as we, as people, are. There is no hiding between a group of people who you can blame. Do you think poor people should be helped more?? Then start by doing it yourself.That is also why having good moral grounds is very important in capitalism. This creates virtue.However, when you reject the idea that you are responsible for doing good yourself, and delegate that to someone else, capitalism starts looking bad, as fewer people is doing the right thing, and it also creates a vice circle.

Socialism, on the other hand, tends to give absolute power to the state, and ask it to regulate itself. This usually creates machines in which everybody does just their shit, assuming everyone else will be taken care of by a superior entity called state.Call me weird, but I thing Capitalism has the upper hand here.


10. Why is your PM, Jacinda Ardern, so popular? I just finished reading a NYT article this morning, Oct 17. Trump could have learned from her.

Simply Trump isn't capable of learning, any capacity for which, or flexibility and adaptability he possessed, he lost in the early eighties when he expanded into Atlantic City casinos. Plus Trump is practically hardwired to be an authoritarian, he is temperamentally not capable of Jacinda Ardern's style of leadership.But all that aside, if Trump had listened to his more intelligent, and well informed staffers, and had he been able to grasp what a once in a century pandemic was truly going to mean. All he needed to do was step back, and let his government, and its experts work for him. If he had done this simple thing, it's likely that by this point, he would have been a shoe in for reelection. But that was never going to work, Trump isn't capable of listening to others, he has never been able to see the big picture, or think strategically, and he has never been able to step back, none of these things were ever going to happen.


11. Was Ho Chi Minh a good human being?

In my opinion, he is respectable person, neither good nor bad. He is quite similar to George Washington or Gandhi as a father of a nation. He did many great things but at the same time he failed at doing others. For the great things (Im not going to repeat any kind of propaganda here):He reduced illiteracy and relieved the 1945 famine.He did what he could to maintain the countrys sovereignty.He brought equality and election to a previous colonial country.

As for his failures:Ci cch rung t". This is not entirely his fault. However, since he was an elected leader of a nation, he must take responsibility for its negative results. He did.He did not have any knowledge in economics and political science beside those of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao (maybe Sun Yat-sen, as well).His views on ethics are almost unable to be done in practice. People keep encouraging each others but no one actually did


12. Why is it so difficult to get a job as a web programmer after being fired?

The only thing that matters for a web developer to get hired is their ability to do technical interviews How To Succeed In Technical Interviews .I learned this the hard way. I was rejected around 150 times before i get my first job. And the only thing that got me hired was my understanding of what works and what does not work in interviews after going through so many rejections.

This was not enough when i tried to switch my job after 4 years. I was faced with the same setbacks.And at that time i realized that it does not matter how much work experience i had. Still the only thing that matters is my ability to do technical interviews.

Based on my experience i have written few guides. So that no one has to go through the same pain as i once went through.Here are the links: How To Make Great First Impression In InterviewsTired of getting rejected in interviews?Follow this guideGood luck.

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